What do you get when you mix a Hollywood heartthrob with a Japanese fashion icon? You get a marriage proposal that quickly solidified into a ring purchase, of course!

Robert Pattinson, the English actor best known for his role as ‘Bond’ James Bond in the movie series of the same name, is set to wed the stunning Korean actress FKA (First Lady of Korea) Choi Hee-soon on May 19, according to multiple media reports.

The couple began dating in March 2019 and decided to get engaged during a trip to Hawaii, where they were shooting the film adaptation of ‘The Descendants’ by Kaui Dennis. During production, they reportedly exchanged vows and ring purchases were made in front of friends and family members.

The couple has chosen to keep their wedding date a secret, but will no doubt be tying the knot in spectacular style.

Robert’s Big Surprise

While many of us were focused on the pandemic and its ramifications when it was first announced that Robert would wed Choi Hee-soon, the news that the actor had proposed to his future wife blew us away. No one saw it coming. Not even Robert!

In an interview with Time Out, Robert admitted that the engagement was a complete surprise and he had no idea that she felt the same way about him. In order to make it more impressive, he reportedly did not propose to her during one of Hollywood’s most recognizable awards shows – the Academy Awards – but instead proposed on a hike through the Scottish countryside. The hike turned into a marathon, and Robert was able to finish the proposal because of her sudden faintness (she was allergic to mint).

Even after they were engaged, Robert was blown away by his fiancee’s family. According to him, they are “some of the kindest, warmest, most generous people I have ever met.”

Choi Hee-soon’s Fantastic Fashion Icon Career

Choi Hee-soon is not your typical wedding guest. The Korean-born fashion model was named ‘Model of the Year’ by Sports Illustrated in 2014 and became a successful independent designer in her own right.

Most recently, she was featured in the Netflix series ‘TikTok: The Movie’ where she showed off her incredible fashion skills and helped the main character, Rebecca, choose her dress. In the show, she also wears designer Christian Dior and carries a Louis Vuitton handbag, showing off her luxurious lifestyle off-screen as well.

The Designer Who Inspired Rebecca

If you have watched the latest season of ‘TikTok: The Movie’ then you may remember seeing actress Rebecca Soler dressed in a beautiful red gown. The designer behind the dress is Charlotte Olympia and it was entirely inspired by one of the characters in the show, Christian Dior. The fictional character Rebecca’s love for Dior is what led to the creation of the red dress, which was worn by Soler at the Emmys, among other awards shows. She wore the dress several times before the end of the season and it quickly became her signature look. We can only assume that having this dress has boosted her already impressive fashion career. It is not unusual for an actress to wear the same designer dress several times before the end of the season, as the designer often lends them out for press events or red carpet events – something that Charlotte Olympia is very likely doing right now.

The Biggest Media Event Of 2019

It’s no secret that celebrities have used social media to announce their engagement and marriage since its inception. Back in the early 2000s, the likes of Paris Hilton and Mark Zuckerberg were regularly using the platforms to share their love stories and showcase their engagement and wedding rings. Now, we’re seeing the practice make a comeback as celebrities use Twitter to promote their upcoming weddings and reveal the special day in glorious fashion.

The Kardashian-Jenner family have arguably spearheaded the trend and have continued to set the bar high with their social media influencer campaigns. Last year, they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their wedding with a fashion event that was named, ‘Kardashian Wedding Week,’ where the couples’ various designers showcased their wedding cakes and gowns for the cameras. The week was dedicated to Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress, which was designed by the famous designer Marchesa. The wedding dress was a bold take on the bride’s famous red-carpet look, but it was ultimately an outstanding design that stood out among the other wedding dresses on show. Similarly, the gown that Kylie Jenner wore at her wedding was designed by the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton and it was inspired by the iconic designer’s iconic ‘Autumn Leaves’ colorway.

It seems that the Kardashians’ monumental weddings are part of a trend that is here to stay. According to Google Ngram viewer, interest in celebrity weddings has increased by 138% between 2018 and 2019. So it would seem that while the world was captivated by the effects of the pandemic in early 2020, people were still tuning in to see who had tied the knot the previous year. As Kim Kardashian put it, “Weddings are so much fun because you get to see all of your friends and family. But it’s also really special because it’s such a unique moment in a couple’s life.”

It is clear that she and her fellow celebs have not only made weddings popular, but have also helped to elevate them to an art form. While many of us were preoccupied with the pandemic in early 2020, the entertainment industry carried on as normal and celebrities continued to set the social scene with their lavish weddings.

A Wedding To Remember

The last year has seen some incredible weddings. From the extravagance of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding to the charm of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, to the modernity of Katie Holmes and Andrew Denton, weddings in 2020 have shown us a side of fashion we have not seen in a while. It seems that all of the attention that the pandemic has drawn away from us is being directed towards our loved ones as people gear up for weddings – and it’s made for some gorgeous photos!

What will 2021 bring us in terms of weddings? We’ll have to wait and see. However, one thing is for sure: weddings will continue to be a prominent part of the glam world for the foreseeable future.