“The way a man treats a woman is the way he treats his life.” – Robert Pattinson

The pair have been long rumored to be an item, and now they’re finally admitting it. On Thursday, Robert Pattinson and Scorsese’s collaboration, Rumors, was premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The movie is a dark and gritty crime drama that sees Pattinson play the part of an aspiring film producer who teams up with a gangster played by Robert De Niro to bring a project to life.

While the actor has long been vocal about his admiration for Martin Scorsese, this seems to be the first time he’s admitted to being romantically interested in a woman. As far as we know, Pattinson is still officially single. But with the release of Rumors just around the corner, perhaps he’s preparing to make some changes in that department. (We’ll update this article with more information as it becomes available.)

The Making of Rumors: An Inside Look

The making of Rumors was actually pretty epic. The movie was shot in New York City over the course of 35 days and was co-produced by Martin Scorsese and the Weinstein Company. It was a dream come true for the Irish director John Crowley, who previously worked with Scorsese on The Wolf of Wall Street. “Every day was different but equally amazing,” Crowley told the New York Times. “The fact that I got the opportunity to work with such an iconic director like Martin Scorsese was surreal. I feel very fortunate.”

While Rumors focuses on the professional relationship between De Niro’s Nicky and Pattinson’s Max, the pair’s personal life plays a huge role in the narrative. The drama starts with Max being released from prison and confronting his former drug lord partner, played by De Niro, about the terms of his parole. We then follow him as he attempts to rebuild his life while treading cautiously around his dangerous ex-partner. Rumors is definitely not your typical Hollywood movie, and that’s why fans of Martin Scorsese and Robert Pattinson should be especially excited about this film. (We can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. For the record, here’s a photo of Martin Scorsese and Robert Pattinson holding hands while filming in Italy.)

Why Are People Still Interested In The Love Life Of Robert Pattinson?

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Last year, Robert Pattinson was one of the most beloved actors of 2018. After years of playing supporting roles in big-budget films, the actor finally got his big break when he was cast as the lead in Woody Allen’s latest movie, Wonderstruck. Many fans were ecstatic about this finally being the opportunity for Pattinson to show off his dramatic skills and prove to the world that he’s more than just a pretty face.

The movie itself received mixed reviews from critics, but it wasn’t long before Pattinson became one of the hottest topics of the summer. The actor was suddenly appearing on magazine covers across the globe, and it seemed as if everyone wanted to know about his romantic life. What was the status of his relationship with Twilight/Game of Thrones star Bella? What about his friendship with Taylor Swift? Had he finally found happiness? Was he dating anyone?

The attention he received made the 28-year-old actor realize just how much of a public figure he had become. “I guess people have a lot of interest in my personal life,” he said in a 2018 interview. “It’s flattering, but I don’t really read too much into it. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s maybe because I’m not really that private a person.”

The year before that, Pattinson released his first book, Popular, where he detailed the many ways in which he maintains his social media presence. The book contains sections from his blog, where he candidly discusses his opinions on a variety of subjects, including film. (In one section, he compares dating Taylor Swift to “dating J.Crew.”) He even writes about his love for Martin Scorsese and why he admires his work so much. (“The way a man treats a woman is the way he treats his life,” Pattinson writes. “And there’s something about the way Martin treats his female characters, with such a profound respect, that rubs off on you.”)

So yeah, it’s probably no surprise that people are curious about the romantic life of Robert Pattinson. Not only has he been able to find fame and fortune by playing supporting roles in big-budget films, but he’s also managed to carve out a niche for himself in the public eye. Thanks to the work he’s done in promoting mental health awareness and supporting LGBT causes, he’s developed a very loyal fanbase.

A Star Is Born: Is This the Next Step For Pattinson?

The success of A Star Is Born, the remake of the classic 1937 film, undoubtedly put a spotlight on the 24th-century romance between singer and director George (played by Bradley Cooper) and his wife, actress and singer Janet (played by Lady Gaga). The movie explores the complicated and sometimes tumultuous relationship between two ambitious and hungry individuals who are determined to make it big in Hollywood. But as the pair fight for recognition and fame, they’re forced to grapple with the hidden costs of their pursuit.

George’s journey to the top isn’t easy. He had to overcome his lack of talent and trust issues in order to become successful, and it’s only when he finally finds himself that he’s able to fully commit to his new relationship with Janet. The movie is packed with emotion, as George comes to terms with his past and learns to let go of his careerist ambitions in favor of a more family-friendly lifestyle. (He even offers to trade places with Max so that he can be closer to her.)

The movie was a worldwide sensation, and it seemed as if people everywhere were talking about it. One of the most popular topics of discussion was whether or not Bradley Cooper’s character had finally found happiness. (The answer is a resounding yes.) It seems that George has finally found the woman he’s destined to be with, and fans of the film are ecstatic that he’s able to put his cheating and dallianceing days behind him.

Rumors: An Update

While we await the arrival of Rumors in theaters, it’s important to keep in mind that this is still, technically, a work in progress. The movie is scheduled to be released on September 15, and as of now, no edits have been made to satisfy movie fans. While most of the footage is in the final cut, there are some scenes that are still undergoing post-production. The Weinstein Company has asked fans to be patient, as they want to make sure that everything is just right before the movie’s premiere.

Rumors is a beautiful and unique film that deserves to be shown in theaters, and hopefully, fans will finally get the chance to see it this coming fall. In the meantime, check out this exclusive trailer, which contains a few clips that weren’t in the theatrical cut.