Since breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs has been quiet on the social media front, keeping largely to herself while going on the occasional hike. For those interested in her, Twigs has been very open about her experiences in the months following the split.

In November, she took to Twitter to confirm that she and Pattinson had indeed broken up, writing, “I just want to confirm that I am no longer in a relationship with Robert Pattinson. We have decided to take a break. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to make any further comments at this point.”

In December, she released a statement about the split, explaining that they had been going through a rough patch and that “it was the best thing for all parties involved.” She also revealed that there had been some “tension” between herself and Pattinson, but that they were “trying to work through it.”

Despite their difficult past, Twigs clearly still has a soft spot for the “Twilight” actor, as she tweeted a photo of themselves in March alongside the caption, “Still dreaming about @robertpattinson ❤️❤️❤️.”

Since the end of the year, Twigs has been relatively quiet, but that hasn’t stopped people from talking, speculating, and even gossiping about her ex. In early January, a photo of Twigs skiing went viral, with many users accusing her of faking her injuries to get attention (she later clarified that the photo was indeed a fake hurt picture).

Over the past few months, there have also been multiple reports of Twigs, Pattinson, and their assistants being at loggerheads: some even claiming that Twigs had been locked out of her own apartment. Whatever the truth might be, these incidents only serve to fuel rumors that the exes are still very much together despite their public breakup.

Most Popular On-Screen Couple

Perhaps inevitably, given her history with the “Twilight” actor, Twigs has been compared to Bella Swan, the female lead in the movie series. In an interview with Vogue in January 2018, she revealed that she had been “immersed in” the “Twilight” phenomenon since she was a kid, and that she had even considered becoming an actress at one point. She also said that the comparison to Bella was “kind of crazy,” but that she had “always wanted to be liked” and that she saw herself as a “companion” to Bella rather than her replacement.

Bella and Edward Cullen are arguably the most popular on-screen couple of all time, appearing together in five films and continuing their adventures in “The Twilight Saga: Twilight,” “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” Bella and Edward’s story is one of love and heartbreak, but it’s also one of perseverance and hope, two themes that Twigs has often echoed.

While many fans still see themselves as part of the “Twilight” community, the hype surrounding Disney’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story” may have propelled it to become the top-grossing movie of all time, even beating out “Avatar” and “Titanic.” The fantasy adventure brought together a ensemble cast, including Tom Hardy, Adam Driver, and Michael Kelly, all of whom have strong scenes with Emily Blunt’s wisecracking scavenger girl, Qi’ra, who competes with Rose for the affection of the Han Solo-like Luke Skywalker (with whom she shares a passionate kiss in the film’s finale).

Whether you love her or hate her, it’s hard to argue that Twigs hasn’t become a bit of a cultural icon in the years since she first started gaining notoriety as a member of Tinieblasts, the hip-hop group founded by Jay Z and produced the song “Sober” (in which she raps, “Crazy ‘cause I’m addicted to money / I wanna be famous, I wanna be rich”).

Although Twigs maintains that she is not trying to be famous, she nevertheless became the object of an unexpected social media movement called #waterforthenephants, inspired by a powerful image that she posted to Instagram in June 2017. In the photo, Twigs is seen atop a pile of dusty, golden elephant skulls, holding a jade ring that appears to have been taken from a Chinese artifact, surrounded by large, empty whiskey bottles and an assortment of psychedelic plants and flowers.

The scene, which was likely inspired by Richard Bach’s 1991 novel, “Illusions of Grandeur,” had Twigs looking like a psychedelic fashion pioneer, rejecting the more traditional trappings of female beauty in favor of bizarre and brilliant ensembles. The hashtags #waterforthenephants and #alternativefashion revolutionized the way people viewed Instagrammers, making it a more fashionable platform than TikTok, where many “alternative fashion” influencers make their living. While some saw the choice of plants and bottles as a sign that Twigs was pushing against society’s grain, others saw it as a reflection of her hippie dippie roots, enjoying the fresh air while also staying true to herself.

A Love Letter To The “Twilight” Fans

It was only a matter of time before the comparisons to “Twilight” began to pour in, and not just because of her similarity in name (if you’re sensing a theme here, it’s likely because Twigs frequently raps about her feelings for Edward Cullen in the songs she writes and records).

In March 2018, the musician posted a photo to Instagram with the quote, “I wrote you a love letter & you didn’t even sign it. What does that say about us? #twilight #edwardcullen,” along with a photo of a handwritten letter. In the letter, which appears to be addressed to the “Twilight” fans, she professed her undying love for the fictional vampire and promised to devote herself to making their dream of a real-life “Twilight” partnership come true. She revealed that she had been “dumbstruck” upon learning that Edward had cheated on Bella, and that it was this act that had ultimately led to their separation. She admitted that the news had nearly destroyed her, but that she had found the strength to move on because she knew that Edward would always be a part of her life. She concluded her letter by writing, “I love you all more than you’ll ever know. Don’t ever forget that.”

The letter struck a chord with fans, many of whom had been waiting for someone to speak on behalf of the “Twilight” community. It was an important acknowledgment that not all members of the “Twilight” fan base were evil; in fact, it seemed that many were struggling with the same grief and uncertainty that Twigs had experienced. Some, however, were less than pleased with how the letter ended, with one commenter writing, “You need to stop trying to be all things to all people, you will never be accepted.” While others pointed out that it was “really good” that she had finally come to her senses and realized that Edward was a mistake.

An Important Message To The “Fancy” Fashion Community

Twigs may be best known for her fashion choices, but she has also used her platforms to spread important messages about social justice and equality. In an interview with Vogue, she talked about how she had been inspired by the Black Power movement and the “flower crowns” which were worn by women in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a sign of solidarity and identity. She said that in the future, she hoped to see women “taking back what is rightfully theirs” and that she was particularly drawn to the idea of dressing “like a queen,” a sentiment that many of her followers have echoed in the aftermath of her letter to “Twilight” fans.

In March 2018, Twigs was one of 200+ artists who participated in the “Hands Off” clothing line, designed by Dami Im and Carine Adler for women to “make peace” during International Women’s Month. Since then, she has continued to make statements about social justice through her fashion, with several high-profile designers and models taking up the initiative and donating their time and effort to the cause. These include Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren.