If you’re a fan of the Twilight films, you’ll no doubt be aware that the world of celebrities and fandom are two very different things. The stories that surround the Twilight films are filled with drama and intrigue, giving fanfiction authors a whole new way to entertain themselves. While the franchise has declined in popular culture over the years, with its biggest hits being surpassed by the juggernauts that came after them, it still maintains a devoted following that is as passionate as ever.

If you’re a fan of the Twilight films and you follow the antics of the fandom closely, you’ll know that the most interesting stories usually surround the franchise’s leading man, Robert Pattinson. While the films themselves never got off the ground as highly as the makers of the Twilight series wanted, Pattinson’s acting career has reached new heights of popularity and success since his appearance in the films. Perhaps fittingly, given how unusual and unpredictable his career has been, Pattinson is the ideal subject for an article on Celebrities and Fandom. Let’s take a look. 

Robert Pattinson’s Mysterious Career

As we’ve established, the Twilight films never really took off in terms of mainstream popularity, but the fandom that grew up around them enjoyed the films immensely. The stark contrast between the films’ box office performance and its fan base’s adoration is a stark reminder of the entertainment value that this series offered. Inevitably, as with any successful franchise or brand, the fascination surrounding its leading man grew, and he became the butt of various jokes and memes on social media. The following collection of memes and jabs at Pattinson is proof of how much the fandom enjoyed its central role in Twilight’s mythology:

Meme: The Ultimate Bachelor

Robert Pattinson Meme

You can’t talk about the Twilight films or their fandom without talking about Meme, the central character from the upcoming film Upgrade. In this case, the meme takes the shape of a giant yellow rabbit, named Cecil, who is the spitting image of Meme from the series. While the memes and jokes about Meme may seem harmless, they can often take a malicious turn, as shown in the following clip from the The Handmaid’s Tale, when a character mistakes Meme’s voice for that of the Red Queen: