The Twilight Saga has been a massive part of Hollywood’s success this year, racking up an insane amount of money and worldwide box-office. But while the film’s leads, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, have been celebrated for their acting chops, the films’ biggest accomplishment may be how much they’ve been able to pull in off the back of their franchise.

The actors’ paychecks for their work on the Twilight movies are a rare glimpse into the financial success of a movie franchise, revealing a whopping $2.75 million per episode for the first season of the Twilight Saga. But is that really how much Pattinson and Stewart are worth? Is that what we should expect if we decide to follow them to the bank?

To figure that out, we need to look at the numbers behind the actors’ paychecks and how much the Twilight films have made at the box office. We’ll also take a look at the earnings of other prominent celebrities and see how they measure up to the megastar power duo. So let’s get to it.

What Is an “Episode”?

An “episode” in the context of the Twilight Saga refers to a collection of short films or featurettes that make up the first season of the franchise. The episodes are typically between 10 and 12 minutes long and feature the Twilight leads. Some examples include “Breaking Dawn”: Parts 1 and 2, “Eclipse”: Parts 1 and 2, and “New Moon”: Parts 1 and 2.

While a single installment of the Twilight Saga might make for a decent short film, it’s the combination of these mini-films that form an episode that’s put the series on the map.

What Is the Pay Scale For an Episode Of The Twilight Saga?

If you thought that Pattinson’s and Stewart’s salaries were eye-opening, then you’ll be interested in hearing that the actors’ salaries for the Twilight series aren’t the only interesting figures lurking behind the scenes of the franchise. Each episode of the Twilight Saga is actually a short film with a limited run of theaters, and as a result, the cast and crew of each episode have to worry about getting the run-time down so that they can maximize their profits. This is part of what leads to an interesting pay scale for the Twilight series.

The shorter the film, the more money the crew makes. An episode of the show is between 10 and 12 minutes long, which is half the length of a normal feature. Thus, a shorter run time means the film must be priced higher in order to make the same amount as a feature.

How Much Does “The Twilight Saga” Make At The Box Office?

Though “The Twilight Saga” is a popular phrase used when referring to the three installments of the film franchise, it probably doesn’t reflect the true financial success of the series. For one thing, the films are named after the episodes they’re based on, not the other way around.

The first Twilight film was a huge success when it came out in 2009, grossing nearly $450 million at the box office worldwide. That figure makes it one of the biggest-grossing films of all time based on a novel by a young-adult author. As a result, it’s no wonder that studios are constantly looking for ways to cash in on the franchise.

While most young-adult adaptations at the time were considered a box-office dud, the Twilight series turned out to be so much more. The first sequel, New Moon, opened up to $152 million at the box office around the world in 2010 and then went on to become one of the biggest-grossing films ever. The final installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, took the cake yet again, grossing an incredible $265 million at the box office in 2011.

It’s important to keep in mind that these figures only include ticket sales and don’t account for inflation or revenue from home media sales or streaming. What’s more, the films are becoming more popular with time, with audiences increasing by 27% to 44% from 2010 to 2015.

What Is the Net Worth Of Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart?

We all know that Hollywood is a money-making machine, but even accounting for the huge boost the Twilight movies have given to the actors’ bank accounts, it still isn’t easy to fathom just how much money these two have. According to CelebrityNetWorth, the combined net worth of Pattinson and Stewart is a whopping $160 million.

Pattinson’s fortunes improved substantially following the release of the Twilight films. The London-born A-Lister became a household name after his performances in the movie, and the lucrative world of celebrity endorsements followed. He’s now one of the most in-demand celebrity faces in the world, appearing on the cover of every major magazine and gracing the pages of Vogue and GQ.

Stewart’s earnings also took a noticeable uptick following her turn as Bella Swan in Twilight. The 22-year-old Scottish beauty is now known for her activism as well as her acting, and she’s built an impressive resume over the past few years. She’s currently one of the most admired and bankable actresses in Hollywood, appearing in major franchises like the Hunger Games and X-Men and in smaller films like the upcoming Paddington 2.

It’s not just about the money, though. Both stars have achieved a measure of fame and success that few actors can even dream of. Seeing that both of their net worths are steadily increasing, it’s clear that the money is coming from somewhere interesting.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Episode Of The Twilight Saga?

Even the biggest celebrities and Hollywood power couples aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. The production costs for the first season of Twilight were a modest $12 million. That’s not bad for a TV series that doesn’t even exist yet!

Like many productions, the financing for the first season of Twilight came from a mixture of public and private sources. The majority of the film’s budget was covered by Twilights studio, Summit Entertainment, while the rest came from donations and the back-end financing provided by the channel. What’s more, several of the films’ key locations were actually built for free or for a reduced cost by local residents and businesses.

How Much Has The Twilight Franchise Earned In Total?

Summit Entertainment and Twilights studio have calculated that the Twilight series has earned a total of $3.8 billion in box-office revenue and $8 million in merchandising income. That puts the total financial gain from the series at a respectable $11.8 billion. Not bad for a couple of years’ work.

It’s important to put that figure in perspective. While it’s not a huge amount of money, it’s a lot more than a typical big-budget film would’ve made in its first two years. And since we’re talking about Hollywood, $11.8 billion is a seriously big number. It would be the equivalent of almost 78% of the entire Hollywood yearly-budget.

On the other hand, the $11.8 billion figure doesn’t tell the whole story. As previously mentioned, the films in the Twilight series are based on short stories by Stephenie Meyer, and much like the films themselves, the books aren’t easy reading. The first book was published in 1998 and the last in 2012. During that time, the stories have been a source of inspiration for adults and young-adults around the world.

Thus, it’s fair to assume that the books haven’t become irrelevant despite the films’ massive success. In fact, in 2015 alone, the Twilight series has sold 130 million copies and been translated into 37 languages.

So while a movie might make money in the short term, the true financial success of a series like Twilight can be measured in the long term. Even now, 11 years after the first film in the series, it still attracts a sizable audience, proving that not all series lose their appeal after just one or two outings.