We all know that Hollywood is a crazy place, but did you know that the industry standard for actors is so different from the rest of the world? Many actors earn a great deal of money, some even make a lot, but the majority of them need to supplement their income with gigs on the side to make ends meet. For example, the top grossing actor of all time, Orson Welles, made less than $1 million in his lifetime despite having a cult following and being very prolific. This is largely because in his time, a movie typically cost around $100,000 to make, and then it would usually take around a year to release.

However, the cost of movie making has dramatically decreased over the years. Thanks to innovations like VFX, which help studios bring their films to life, as well as 3D cameras that capture incredible quality and allow filmmakers to experiment with different genres and story lines.

This innovation has enabled rising stars to gain a following and become influential figures in the industry. Many famous actors, such as Robert Pattinson, have opted to forgo the standard paychecks and signed on to appear in smaller, independent films because they can often be the starting point for their careers.

Here are some interesting facts about Robert Pattinson’s salary as an actor:

How Much Does He Earn?

Like many other A-list actors, such as Adam Levine and Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Pattinson has a large social media following, which enables him to capitalize on his celebrity and earn extra cash from sponsored content and product endorsements.

Back in 2015, the ‘Twilight’ actor released a statement explaining that he doesn’t accept acting offers because he “doesn’t want to become a brand.” The statement went on to say that he would rather spend his time working on creative projects that don’t have a monetary reward attached to them.

It seems like he’s keeping his promise. Since then, he has starred in several indie films, including ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Bandersnatch’ and ‘Eve’, and has even directed a short film. As a result, he now earns a lot less than he did as a Hollywood star. In 2019, his net worth was estimated at around $60 million.

His Income Source

Despite his reduced earnings, Robert Pattinson has still been able to afford a lavish lifestyle. This is largely because he counts several of the world’s most prominent luxury brands among his clients. It seems like he’s been keeping up with his promise and spending his time working on creative projects that don’t have a monetary reward attached to them. As a result, he now has a large social media following and can often be found engaging with his fans on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

How Does He Spend His Time?

According to his Instagram, Robert Pattinson spends a lot of his time traveling the world and taking time off to be with his family. As a celebrity, it’s likely that he has plenty of opportunity to do this. The ‘Twilight’ star has also been spotted at many prestigious galleries and museums across the globe, which is a passion of his. Perhaps this is why he hasn’t felt the need to cash in on his celebrity and instead chooses to spend his time pursuing his other interests.

One of his recent Instagram posts proudly shows off an expensive bike he owns. This bike was designed by his friend and fellow ‘Twilight’ star, Taylor Lautner. It seems like he is keeping up with his promise and spending his time working on creative projects that don’t have a monetary reward attached to them. As a result, his income has taken a hit, but his lifestyle has not.

How Has Technology Changed The Industry?

For much of Hollywood history, actors were usually hired to read a script and then act out the parts. However, with today’s technology, this model has changed forever. These days, the majority of Hollywood stars are either attached to a star agency or work with managers and agents who help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood. For instance, the top grossing actor of all time, Tom Hanks, had a rough patch early in his acting career, but he eventually established himself as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men. He earned a reputation for starring in character-driven projects, which enabled him to land several iconic roles, such as that of Mr. Rogers in the film ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ and a fictionalized version of himself in the film ‘Wildlife.’

Since then, technology has continued to evolve, which has enabled Hanks to continue his acting career into his 70s. Similarly, Denzel Washington has also maintained a high profile in Hollywood despite his advanced age and lengthy career. He continues to act and direct, but much of his income now comes from producing and starring in films.

The Cost of Making a Film Has Dramatically Decreased

The costs of making a film used to be quite high. In addition to paying for a top-notch cast and crew, you would also need to pay for all the extravagant sets and costumes. Then, you would need to take into account the cost of marketing and releasing the movie in theaters. However, thanks to several technological innovations, such as VFX, which were first utilized in the movie ‘The Lord of The Rings’, theaters no longer play such an important role in the process. Thanks to the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the role of the movie theater in the creative process has decreased. In other words, movies can now be made with very little to no attention to marketing and theatrical release.

The Rising Cost of Living In Hollywood

While the cost of making a film has decreased, the cost of living in Hollywood has continued to increase. As more and more people follow the footsteps of the Hollywood elite and decide to become actors, the competition for roles has increased, which has driven up the price of acting classes and acting coaches. Plus, as noted by The New York Times, “the industry’s popularity has led to a housing crisis, with several high-profile celebrities complaining about not being able to find a place to live in Los Angeles.” This has forced many Hollywood stars to look for cheaper places to live and to work. Some even choose to commute from San Francisco or New York City, where the cost of living is much lower than in Los Angeles.

Where Does He Visit Most?

If you follow Robert Pattinson’s social media accounts, you will discover that he frequents several continents, particularly Europe and Australasia. This is largely because he seems to genuinely enjoy spending time in the places where he travels. He also owns a home in London, where he can often be found relaxing in the city’s numerous parks. According to his Twitter account, he has more than 300,000 followers, many of whom seem to enjoy his unique charm. It seems like he is keeping up with his promise and spending his time working on creative projects that don’t have a monetary reward attached to them. Although he has had trouble making a living wage in Hollywood, he has still been able to afford a lavish lifestyle.