While promoting his upcoming movie, Pattinson opened up about his salary in Batman and how he got the part in the first place. The actor was first revealed to be making $20,000 per week for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman, before taxes.

Now that the movie has wrapped up production, it’s time to reflect on Pattinson’s incredible salary for the role. Let’s dive into the numbers and see exactly how much money he made for Batman vs. Batman.

The Basics

The basic information about Robert Pattinson’s salary for Batman vs. Batman came from the actor himself. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pattinson opened up about his experience working on the movie, saying, “It’s been an incredible amount of fun. I’ve made a lot of money, and I’m really happy about that.”

He continued, “Even when we wrapped, I was still getting paid. I’d be like, ‘That was great, thanks! How much do I get paid?'” And the answer was always, “Oh, just keep holding out for more.” So you see, it never stops. It’s been an amazing run, and I’m really grateful to the fans for all the support they gave me along the way. It kept me going.”


Pattinson has become quite the Renaissance man over the years, having starred in several critically acclaimed films and earning accolades for his acting. The versatile performer has also found time to dabble in music, styling fashion, and even architecture. However, none of these are what brought him fame and fortune.

It was his portrayal of the wealthy playboy, Bruce Wayne, that propelled him to superstardom. Batman vs. Batman marks the fifth collaboration between the onscreen team of director Matt Reeves and actor Pattinson. The previous four movies also starred Christian Bale, with whom Pattinson shares an undeniable chemistry.

The Million Dollar Home

It wouldn’t be a true reflection of his humility if we didn’t note that Robert Pattinson is one of the most impressive individuals we’ve ever met. The accomplished actor owns a $1 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, California. As if that wasn’t enough, he also owns an $8.8 million dollar estate in the French countryside. So essentially, when you add all the renovation costs for both homes, it comes to about $11.8 million.

The luxurious properties are the product of Pattinson’s successful career and lucrative endorsements. He has a very significant fanbase that follows his every move and financial success. In 2017, Forbes ranked him as the 93rd most powerful person in sports, and 12th most influential celebrity alongside other prominent figures such as LeBron James and Serena Williams. He is also consistently in the top five of Forbes’ highest paid celebs list.

The Future

As great as 2016 was for Robert Pattinson, it was also a terrible year for the actor. Not only did he have to endure the tragedy of his split from long-term girlfriend Kristen Stewart, but he lost a beloved pet rabbit to kidney failure. Despite all this, Pattinson emerged a stronger person and determined to make the most of his newfound freedom.

The future looks incredibly promising for the actor. He’s found love again with 24-year-old French actress and musician La La Land co-starlet Florence Hoath. The pair began dating in early 2018, and although they’re trying to keep the details under wraps, it’s evident that their relationship is built on a strong foundation.

The only thing that could possibly dampen Pattinson’s spirits is if they can’t make their relationship work and he has to go through another major breakup. As long as his fans keep supporting him and his career is going well, Robert Pattinson and his significant other will be just fine.