For as long as there have been Instagrammers, there have been fans. For celebrities, social media platforms have provided an opportunity to both engage with and recognise their fans. While it can be a tool for marketing, it can just as easily be used to connect with people who share your love for a particular film, TV show, or music.

For Hollywood superstar, Robert Pattinson, his Instagram is a place where he can share his latest images with his fans as well as provide an insight into the making of his upcoming film, The Lost City. The Instagram account is a stunning display of both Pattinson’s handsome looks and successful career, as well as an intriguing glimpse into The Lost City itself.

A Legendary Actor Steps Into The Spotlight

Pattinson has built up a considerable discography over the years which includes not only film, but also theatre and music. However, it is his performances in film that have truly earned him his legendary status. Since breaking out as the mysterious loner, Edward Cullen in Twilight, Pattinson has starred in acclaimed films such as Requiem for a Dream, The Kids Are Alright, The Rover, Sicario, and most recently, The Lost City. The Lost City is due for release in 2018 and will be the actor’s first leading role in five years. It is the first in a trilogy of films based on J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit which also includes The Two Towers and The Battle of Five Armies. Pattinson admitted that he has been working hard on his acting skills since completing Twilight on a mission to become more professional.

“There is a distinct difference between being an actor and being an entertainer. You can be an actor and not be an entertainer. It’s not like you have to be a joker or a clown. It’s not even about how you carry yourself. It’s all about the work you put in and the process of becoming a better actor.”

Pattinson was born in London to a British father and French mother. He grew up in Chelsea and attended the prestigious Chelsea Catholic School. After graduating from university with a law degree, Pattinson got his first break as an actor when he was cast in Twilight. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, the film also includes cameos from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The role helped to launch Pattinson’s career as an actor. He followed this up with a string of high-profile films, winning several award nominations along the way. The most recent addition to his repertoire is The Lighthouse, based on the 1923 novel by James Norris. The film, which also stars Pattinson, Vera Farmiga, and Chris O’Dowd, picked up four Golden Globe nominations at the beginning of this year.

An Eye-Catching Display Of Talent

Pattinson’s Instagram is a stunning example of both his acting prowess and the attention to detail that went into the film’s look. The 27-year-old has over 500,000 followers on the social media platform and he uses the opportunity to highlight some of his film’s incredible sets and costumes. The Lost City is set in the jungles of South America and we see Pattinson wearing elegant attire as he walks through the humid landscapes. Occasionally, the actor will also slip into more casual attire as he journeys from one location to another. It is an opportunity for viewers to see a variety of looks from a famous face and get an insight into how he constructs his characters’ looks throughout the film.

“If I wear this outfit, it feels like I’m in Italy. You feel like you want to eat the cake and have some wine with it. It’s very classic yet extravagant at the same time, and it’s something I can call my own.”

Pattinson’s Italian designer shirt is printed with golden marmorated tiles and is completed with a white collar and cuffs. The cut of the shirt is a modern take on a classic Italian look. His pants are inspired by the designs used by the Italian postal service and feature pinstripes in an otherwise solid black colourway. The jacket he wears is black with an elegant design on the back. The overall look is completed with Italian sports shoes. This is not the only Italian touch in the outfit, either: the backpack he wears is designed by the studio Prada and is completed with an ivory button. On another picture, he wears a white shirt and black tie with a black suit and Italian heels.

Pattinson enjoys travelling and has visited many of the places featured in his film. In a snap shot from Dubai, we see the actor with his arm around the waist of a brunette in a glamorous display of confidence. A few months later, we see the same actor but this time with an Asian woman on his arm. In the image, he wears a striking yellow outfit, which he described as British British Colonial designer Hardy Amies. The outfit is complete with a printed shirt, tie, and pocket square. The overall look is made possible by the styling of Vivienne Zhang. The Instagrammers’ luxury lifestyle is summed up in this image, where Pattinson wears a gold lamé shirt, printed with white flowers. His shoes are made by the Italian brand Salvatori.

An Opportunity To Engage With His Fans

Pattinson is more than just a movie star, he is also a talented musician and painter. His love of art and design can be seen in the stylish posters and album covers he creates for his music and painting. However, it is the opportunity to engage with his fans on social media that Pattinson values the most. He has used Instagram to showcase his artwork and his costumes for films and often invites his fans to follow him on the platform so they can keep up to date with the latest news and images from the set of The Lost City.

Pattinson also uses the site to interact with fans and answer questions about the film. One such picture shows the actor with his hand on his hip as he poses with a fan who asks about the making of the movie. “It’s amazing how much people care about something they barely knew existed. I love being part of that.”

Pattinson has always been a committed vegan, even going so far as to avoid using any animal products in his film’s sets. He revealed that the decision was made easier after seeing the suffering of animals on a film set. In 2019, he will be filming the next two Hobbit films in New Zealand and invited his fans to follow him on his journey to work with Kiwi wildlife.

“I wanted to be able to bring [veganism] more into my daily life and into my films; I think that’s why I’ve chosen to do these two Hobbit films. It’s a great opportunity to bring more vegan options into the restaurants and cafes in New Zealand.”

An Insight Into The Making Of The Lost City

Behind every great film there is a great story. It’s the same with The Lost City. The film sees Pattinson play Simon, a disgraced journalist who is kidnapped along with his colleagues by a military faction and taken to an elaborate underground facility where the soldiers attempt to use his knowledge to unlock a secret password that will give them access to a portal that will lead them to a legendary lost city of gold. The faction that kidnaps Pattinson is called the Omertan Corporation, named after the city’s founder, Dr. Omer Tan. We see the doctor in the flesh later in the film as he attempts to break Simon by any means necessary.

The Lost City is the culmination of nearly a decade of work for director Marc Forster. In the lead-up to the film, the Oscar-winning director spoke about the experience of making the movie:

“I started working on it in 2006, and it’s been a long road. We’ve been through so much to get to this point. There were a lot of false starts; there were a lot of times when we didn’t know where we were going or what we were going to do. And it was literally years of working on it, of getting it right. And finally it feels like it’s there, and it’s done. I feel really happy and satisfied that we got to this point, and I hope you do, too.”