If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies, you’ve probably noticed that Stephenie Meyer’s writing partner, Robert Pattison, has been wearing the same shirt for the past two movies. In Midnight Sun, he wore it untucked with the collar unbuttoned, and in Breaking Dawn, he wore a tight black T-shirt with an oversized sweater vest, which had a hood. Now that the cold weather is here, it’s time for another style transformation.

Pattinson’s wardrobe changes were so drastic that fans have taken to the internet to compare and contrast the new look with the one worn in the previous movie. We’ve compiled a list of the best and the worst styles that he’s worn throughout the four Twilight movies.

The Best

There are plenty of wardrobe moments that stand out as memorable, and it’s easy to see why. In Twilight, Pattinson wears a variety of classic looks, including:

  • A simple black T-shirt with long sleeves
  • A black sweater with rolled up sleeves
  • An oversized blazer
  • A long-sleeved white dress shirt

The second movie builds on these staples, wearing a color palette of dark blue, burgundy, or black and adding a touch of yellow with a sweater vest, tie, and pocket square in the form of a flower. In Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer adds another layer, layering a red dress over a black t-shirt and sweater vest. While the Twilight franchise has been criticized for its excessive use of pastel colors, Pattinson has been spotted wearing a range of bold, vibrant hues that perfectly match the sunny weather of his Colorado home, including:

  • A mustard yellow dress
  • A white dress with navy blue accents
  • A floral print dress
  • A red dress with white polka dots
  • A hunter green dress
  • A peach dress

The Worst

While Pattinson’s style has improved from Twilight to Breaking Dawn—he’s actually had a complete makeover for the role—there are a few wardrobe choices that leave something to be desired. In Twilight, Meyer’s writing partner wears a variety of ill-fitting sweater and blazer sets, which are poorly coordinated and don’t flow well together. In Breaking Dawn, the main character’s outfits are an extension of his character arc, and it’s clear that the actor hasn’t read the script to prepare for this role:

  • A light green sweater vest worn with dark green pants
  • A purple and white striped sweater worn with a pair of black pants
  • A mustard yellow dress worn with white pants
  • A black dress with a white lace collar worn with dark brown pants
  • A mustard yellow dress worn with white pants
  • A white dress with a red floral print worn with burgundy pants
  • A burgundy dress with white pants
  • A pale blue and white checked dress worn with brown pants
  • A white dress with a red floral print worn with white pants
  • A yellow dress with white pants
  • A yellow dress with white boots and white pants
  • A mustard yellow dress worn with brown pants
  • A mustard yellow dress worn with red pants

Overall, What Do You Think?

The best parts of the Twilight series are its strong female characters and its nostalgic evocations of the 1970s. While Pattinson’s style has improved since the first installment, the actor hasn’t quite found his footing as an adult male yet. That being said, he’s done an amazing job portraying a swaggering young man who’s confident, capable, and unapologetic about his good looks. If you agree, be sure to check out his latest films, Goodbye Christopher Robin and The Commuter, which are now available on Home Media.