Robert Pattinson is arguably the most popular male celebrity athlete of 2018 so far, due to his appearance in the recent movie ‘Fallen’.

The actor graced the silver screen in what was in effect an all-American coming-of-age story, playing the role of James, a high school football star who finds himself at a crossroads in life. In one scene, James’ shirtless, muscular body is on full display as he runs across a football field. The camera immediately follows his every move, lingering on his ripped, six-pack abs as he sprints toward the camera, mid-breath.

This scene served as the director’s trademark for the movie – showcasing Pattinson’s incredible physique, tantalizing viewers with an eyeful of his well-defined pecs and six-pack abs.

Aside from his impressive athletic ability, James is also defined by the charisma beaming from his eyes as he delivers one-liners with ease. This quality alone makes him a memorable character who transcends the screen, earning him a spot on many ‘Best Actor’ lists.

Through his acting career, Pattinson has worked hard to cultivate an image befitting of a Hollywood A-lister – utilizing a variety of performance-enhancing strategies, from diet to exercise. While some may question the ethics of such methods, it is clear that the 29-year-old actor has not given up on perfection, and neither should you.

Robert Pattinson’s Workout Routine

An avid student of human behavior and psychology, Pattinson has developed his own unique workout routine, designed to enhance his body’s natural ability and to give him the defined physiques of an A-list star. He has spoken about the connection he feels to his character and the ways in which he measures his success as an actor:

“James’ journey is something that I think about a lot,” he told Sports Illustrated. “I’ve always been really nervous about my body image, and as an athlete you’re always competing against yourself.”

Pattinson first established himself as “one of the best sports stars in the world” by winning the Golden Globe for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role’ in 2016 for his portrayal of Peter Pan in ‘Pan’. He went on to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that same year.

His body of work includes major Hollywood blockbusters such as the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy, the ‘Twilight’ series, and ‘Welcome to Marwen’, in which he plays a supporting role as a diver who must save a village from a deadly jellyfish sting. In 2018, Pattinson will appear alongside Emma Watson in the action-adventure ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’, based on the legend of King Arthur.

An admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger – with whom he has worked out in the past – Pattinson has implemented the Governor’s training regimen into his routine. He also credits Dave Herzog, his trainer at the California-based Sports Spectrum, with helping him perfect his body for acting. Herzog coaches some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Chris Evans, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Liam Neeson. Additionally, Herzog co-wrote a book with Johnson called ‘Maximum Strength: Build MASSIVE Muscles With These Simple Tips.’

Pattinson’s workout sessions center around the use of weights and high-intensity training. He begins his day with a full cardio workout, finishing with a weightlifting session that lasts for approximately an hour. After his workout, he rests for fifteen to twenty minutes before continuing with his day, which typically ends with lunch.

Even within this workout regime, Pattinson still finds time for relaxation. He credits his wife, Lisi, with helping him maintain perspective – advising him to take every day as it comes and to make the most of his health and well-being. “I need to make sure that I’m still having fun and that I’m not getting too serious about my health,” he told People. “I have a very important job, and I don’t want to let myself get too distracted by it.”

Why Do You Need to Build Muscles In Order to Be an Actor?

While many will argue that a large portion of an actor’s job is simply to look the part, the role of “muscle man” goes beyond simply crafting a ripped body. An actor’s ability to convey feelings and thoughts through his or her body language is as important as the ability to act out a part, as is the ability to portray a number of different characters within a single film. Actors must be able to embody all these qualities while under considerable stress and pressure – a tall order for anyone, but especially for those who have yet to master the art.

As an actor in full-production on a feature film or TV show, you will be required to attend various acting classes, workshops, and improv troupes, among other things. All of this will help you improve your craft and expose you to different ways of acting and performing. Additionally, you will be expected to study the characters you play in depth, committing them to memory so that you can portray them with ease. All of this requires a great deal of practice, which is why building muscles is an important part of your routine.

How Does Muscularity Impact Your Performance As An Actor?

The key role of an actor is to bring character to life on the big screen or on TV. To do this, you will need a body that can embody the qualities of your character. An actor’s physique affects their performance in several ways.

Firstly, your level of muscularity will impact your stamina and ability to perform under pressure. There are various stunt performers in Hollywood who have built remarkable careers on their physique alone, due in large part to the extensive filming requirements of major motion pictures and TV shows. However, even those actors who are not involved in stunt work face significant downtime between takes due to the extensive amount of cardio needed to keep their bodies in top condition. This is one reason why most Hollywood stars opt for frequent workouts and healthy eating habits.

Secondly, your character’s emotional state will dictate the amount of muscles you need to display. If you are portraying a sad character, you will need to shed some tears and show more sensitivity – something that can be difficult if you are not used to expressing emotions in this manner. On the other hand, if you are playing a joyful or angry character, you will need to display more of these emotions through your muscles – something that can be challenging to do if you do not possess the required amount of happiness in your reserve. This is why it is essential to find a workout routine that works with your schedule, and makes it possible to reach your full potential as an actor – something that can only happen if you ensure that your body is in good condition.

Robert Pattinson’s Diet Routine

Aside from working out, Pattinson’s diet is another area of focus within his routine. The actor credits his parents for raising him to value health and wellness, which is why he strictly follows a plant-based diet. He avoids consuming any animal products, opting instead for organic produce and vegan foods.

Pattinson follows a mostly plant-based diet, with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits. He tries to avoid foods with added sugar, as he is aware of how much it can affect his energetic levels and mental alertness. Additionally, he tries to keep his diet as varied as possible, opting for foods that will give him the nutrients and energy he needs to perform – such as avocado or eggs.

One thing that is important to note about this diet is that it is very low on the glycemic index – meaning that it causes minimum damage to your blood sugar levels. Glycemic index levels below 20 are considered healthier than those above 30, as studies have shown that low GI diets are associated with reduced risks of some chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, research has shown that low-glycemic diets can lead to increased life expectancy.

Are You Ready To Build Muscles And Get Famous?

Pattinson’s meteoric rise to fame due to ‘Fallen’ has undoubtedly inspired many young men and women to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in sports or entertainment. Indeed, many have already begun to build their own bodies and work out to attain the same level of athletic excellence as the British actor. Some are even going beyond his recommendations and incorporating his workout routine into their daily regimes.

By following the methods discussed within this article, you too can become the gym-going, eating machine that Hollywood so desperately needs – and you may even get to experience some of the perks that come with being associated with such a high-profile individual.