Why Would Robert Pattinson Move To Italy?

At the age of 24, Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars. His charming good looks, easygoing nature, and charming accent have made him one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. A self-confessed mad fan of the classics, his ideal holiday involves wandering the streets of Tuscany in search of Puckett’s Toothbrush, the most coveted vintage item in the county of Florence.

After earning over $100,000,000 from the box office in 2017 alone, it’s no secret that Pattinson’s star is on the rise. Now he’s taking the next logical step in his evolution from global phenomenon to international superstar: moving to Italy!

Pattinson has purchased a mansion with sweeping views of the Tuscan countryside and promised his Instagram followers that he will be sharing more details about his exciting move to Italy soon. For now, here’s what we know about the former Beverly Hills resident-turned-Italien.

His Fashion Evolution

Although he’s always been confident in his looks, Pattinson’s fashion choices have always reflected his eclectic tastes. His early days were filled with punk aesthetics and rebellious attitude, which saw him sport bright orange hair and black clothing. This was later replaced by classic chic and a fondness for floral prints. He’s rarely been conventional in his dress code and often favours bold and colourful looks (hence the abundance of zingy hues and quirky prints in his wardrobe).

Since becoming a father, he’s adopted a more mature and responsible attitude in his dress choices but has still kept the same sense of style. Whether dressed in a suit or a T-shirt, it’s clear that the British actor is a man of classic good looks.

Where Will He Stay?

Rumour has it that Pattinson will be staying in hotels when he visits Italy. While in Florence, he will be staying at the Grand Hotel dell’Unione, and in Siena, he has chosen the Hotel Petronio. The Hollywood star’s itinerary also includes a visit to the Museo delle Serre in Siena, a walk along the city’s historic stone bridges, and a cruise along the majestic Tuscan coast. Stay tuned for more details on the actor’s upcoming plans.

Will He Follow In Johnny Depp’s Steps?

Despite the differences in their personal styles, there are clear parallels between Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson. Both men are fond of vintage items, have an affinity for the Italian culture, and enjoy a good glass of wine. While Depp is often characterised as a fashion plate, Pattinson has long been considered a “lazy dresser”, partly thanks to his fondness for loungewear and his well-publicised sleepwalking antics (he has been known to get up in the middle of the night and wander around the house in his socks).

Whether you compare the styles of the two men or not, it’s fair to say that Pattinson is following in Depp’s footsteps, and he’s been doing a lot to ensure that people know that he’s the heir apparent to the quirky actor’s throne. The 24-year-old has appeared in a string of films directed by the great Marcello Fondato, including 2018’s Private Lessons, which was part of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival’s Competition. In the film, Pattinson plays a male ballet teacher who struggles to maintain control over his class during a gala performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although the actor has appeared in other films that didn’t make it to the festival, this was his big break after years of being typecast as the pretty boy in horror movies. The former Twilight star has also been keeping busy with a number of high-profile gigs, including an appearance in Quentin Tarantulin’s In My Blood and a role in Luc Besson’s upcoming Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, a large-scale Hollywood epic set for release in 2020. In the meantime, we’ll see more of Pattinson in Woody Allen’s upcoming cafe-society drama Café Society, which also stars Rachel McAdams and Dame Judy Dench. In the film, he plays the boyfriend of Adams’s character. The pair are set to star in a major fashion film, which is expected to be in the style of Vogue, although no specific release date has been set.

Pattinson’s fashion evolution has seen him gradually move away from his early punk and gothic aesthetics and into classicism. It seems that the star is following in the footsteps of some of Europe’s most stylish men, including the late King George VI, whose elegant outfits and luxurious lifestyle inspired the young star to take-up the garb sported by the great men of Italian fashion.

How Will He Keep Fit?

As we’ve established, Pattinson is following in Depp’s footsteps and is looking to keep fit. The actor has always been known for his work-outs and his rockstar physique. He is often photographed prowling the streets of London in search of his next workout, and he has even launched a range of workout gear that he wears while working out.

The British actor has also been seen in a number of films that were set in Italy, so he clearly enjoys spending time in the country and wants to keep fit while he’s there. Whether he decides to keep up with the locals and join their popular gym, or enlists the help of some high-end Italian culinary delights, we’re sure that Pattinson will find a way to stay fit.

Will He Eat Italian?

One of the reasons why we’ve been talking about Pattinson’s move to Italy so much is that the actor is looking to embrace his Italian heritage and culture. He has already visited several places in Italy, including Venice and Milan, and has been carrying out his own little research project, learning about the food and customs of the region. Like many other celebrities who have adopted Italian culture, including Angelina Jolie, he is set to star in an upcoming film, Une année au bouturin, which is set in Turin and follows a romance between an Italian and an English woman. He will be playing the Italian boyfriend of the actress Helen Mirren’s character.

In addition to this project, he has also been buying vintage clothes and furniture, including an ornate Louis XV armchair, which he saw in a store window in Venice and decided to buy. He has also been seen wearing pieces of Italian fashion, including a tie-waist dress that he wore at the MET Gala and a printed wool suit. The actor is clearly enjoying himself and seems to be having a ball with his new adopted country.

He’s The Next Big Thing.

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that Robert Pattinson is one of the most interesting and versatile stars in Hollywood. He seems to be fully embracing his new found fame and is showing no signs of slowing down, instead choosing to follow in the footsteps of some of Europe’s most stylish men and find inspiration in their fashions. We doubt that we’ll see this charming British eccentric go back to being a one-hit wonder any time soon.