You would have to go back a very long way for there to be a time when people didn’t know who Robert Pattinson was. Since the early 2000s, the Scottish-born hunk has been in everything from commercials to music videos to blockbuster movies. Now, he’s poised to make the leap to mainstream American culture, in a big way. There’s only one problem: people aren’t taking him seriously as a romantic actor.

Pattinson’s Lack Of Experience

Pattinson’s biggest selling point is undoubtedly his good looks. With blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s described by some as the “boy next door” or even the “American dream.” But the 29-year-old actor is more than attractive; he’s also experienced, having dated famous women like Kate Bosworth and more recently, Suki Waterhouse. But, aside from his occasional off-screen relationship with Waterhouse, Pattinson has never been in a committed, long-term relationship, which makes him something of a novelty as an actor. And it seems that, to some, he hasn’t even managed to impress as a romantic yet. (We’ll get to the reason behind this phenomenon in a bit.)

Pattinson’s Iconic Look

While he may not yet have the raw talent to match his good looks, it seems that Pattinson is developing a reputation for being a hard worker who will never stop learning. This is evident in the way he has embraced multiple genres and tried on different roles, developing a distinct look that has become synonymous with his characterizations. Some of the most iconic images of him are as a vampire from the Twilight saga, a rebellious teenager in Tricky Business and a dashing young lord in Vanity Fair.

Why Is He Not Taken Seriously As A Romantic Actor?

Aside from his relative inexperience and the fact that he hasn’t hit puberty yet, there’s another reason why Pattinson is not being taken seriously as a romantic actor. And it has to do with his former relationships. It was previously reported that, during the making of Twilight, Pattinson dated Bosworth, who played his on-screen love interest, Bella. Since then, it’s been established that he has had a rather tumultuous love life, which includes a one-year hiatus from dating following the end of his relationship with Waterhouse. So, if you’re wondering why he isn’t taken seriously as a romantic actor yet, it’s probably because there are just too many examples of him not living up to the hype.

Many Rejections And Bit Parts

In other words, people have found reason to laugh at him or dismiss him as a joke. Some of the films that featured Pattinson include The Holiday, where he plays a funny, pathetic boyfriend, Risky Business, where he plays a sleazy entrepreneur, and The House of Gucci, where he plays a famous fashion designer’s nephew.

The Future Looks Bright

Pattinson has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and it seems that, as the saying goes, the door has officially been opened for him. With roles in numerous upcoming movies, it won’t be long before he’s making his mark on American culture, not to mention the numerous celebrities he’s already dated, influenced or impassioned by his charm.

So, can you take Robert Pattinson seriously as a romantic actor? It’s high time for him to begin living up to his potential, especially since the stigma that surrounds Millennials and their supposed inability to settle down has long been dispelled. It seems like everyone these days wants to be a part of a couple, creating many opportunities for actors looking for that perfect role.