There’s something about watching celebrities act that makes it perfect TV. Whether it’s an awards show or a concert, you’re bound to see them prance around and perform some truly memorable feats. We often come away from these events with that feeling that anything is possible. We just have to decide to make it happen. That’s definitely what happened when I saw Robin Dumpys’ latest video. He decided he’d do something about his weight, and in the process, broke all the rules. So here are seven amazing celebrity GIFs that prove once again that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Dumpy Does Tai Chi

In case you missed it, Robin Dumpys’ latest Instagram post showed off a routine he calls Tai Chi. It’s a series of coordinated movements that clear your mind and help you relax. He includes an easy-to-follow set of moves that anyone can do. Even if you’ve never tried meditation or tai chi, you can still adopt this fascinating routine. If you want to be like Robin Dumpys, break all the rules and be different. Do what makes you happy and wait for the rewards to come pouring in. We couldn’t agree more.

Cutting Edge Tech

Robin Dumpys is a big guy. Like, really big. But he’s also incredibly technologically savvy. That makes sense given his love for gadgets and innovation. In fact, he recently launched his own podcast, The Robin Dumpys Show, which showcases his interests and love for cutting edge technology. The host of the show regularly interviews top scientists, tech insiders, and other fascinating personalities. There’s a wide array of topics covered, from advancements in robotics to augmented reality. If you’re a fan of tech and have a general curiosity about the world of science and invention, this is a podcast you should definitely listen to.

Dumpy’s New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re searching for celebrity New Year’s resolutions, you’ve come to the right place. Robin Dumpys didn’t just set himself a goal to lose weight, he established several other goals he’d like to achieve in the year 2018. They include releasing his debut album, creating videos on a more frequent basis, and using social media more effectively. While it’s easy to criticize, it’s also important to acknowledge the good that comes from these kinds of efforts. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to make us realize how great we can be. It’s like when Michael Jordan declared that he would never play baseball again. Sure, he ended up changing his mind, but only after his body began to defy his will. That’s what we need sometimes.

Dumpy’s Love For Animals

In addition to being a big guy with a heart of gold, Robin Dumpys is also an extremely compassionate individual. It wasn’t just enough for him to lose weight and achieve his other New Year’s resolutions. He took it upon himself to rescue several homeless animals. In the process, he broke all the rules, went above and beyond what was asked of him, and put his own health in danger. But it was all worth it. The animals he saved will forever be grateful, and so will we.

It doesn’t matter what you want for yourself. Whether you’ve decided to lose weight, find a new job, or just want to have some fun, you’ve come to the right place. These seven GIFs will help you realize that anything is possible. Set your mind to it and be relentless, and you’ll get there sooner than you know it.