The past week has seen Hollywood history made – and not just because Hollywood was closed for Business days on Monday. We’re talking about the monumental occasion, which is now being referred to as “Breakup Monday.” On Monday, April 14, Robert Pattinson, the enigmatic 27-year-old British actor who plays a pivotal role in the upcoming Divergent film series, ended a three-year relationship with Hollywood socialite and actress Robyn Lively. The breakup, which was apparently acrimonious, was caused by conflicting schedules and has since led to frenzied speculation about the couple’s future as a couple and as individuals.

While it’s fair to say that Lively’s career has taken a hit since their split, there have been positive developments for the actress since the beginning of this year. Lively started the year by playing a small role in the big-budget superhero film, Deadpool, which was released on January 12. Since then, she’s been working non-stop in order to make up for lost time. Her most recent role, which is also her first leading role in a feature film, was in the Lifetime TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale. The actress also filmed a cameo in the upcoming third season of Game of Thrones and will next be seen in the lead role of the Netflix series, Gilded Age, which premieres later this year. Additionally, Lively has three upcoming projects she’s promoting: the sci-fi thriller, Extinction, the period piece, A Most Wanted Man, and the crime drama, The Black Book.

Meanwhile, Pattinson has mostly been staying off-screen since the beginning of the year. The actor, who won a Saturn Award for his performance in the 2014 film, The King’s Speech, had a small part in the highly anticipated Deadpool, which was a commercial hit, but most of his time has been occupied by his new hobby – ballroom dancing. The ballroom dancing, which is very popular in the UK, has given him a new found social life and has allowed him to meet members of the royalty and nobility. He also took a trip to the Middle East where he was seen in public sporting a new, love-struck look. But mostly, he’s just been keeping low-profile, which is fitting for the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood.

Pattinson’s Career Topped Off

Though the 27-year-old has been in the public eye for a while now, it wasn’t until this year that his career really started to flourish. In February, his performance in the critically acclaimed drama, The King’s Speech, won him his first ever Academy Award nomination. A month later, he received another Academy Award nomination for his role in the blockbuster film, The Legend of Tarzan. Most recently, he won the Best Actor Golden Globe for his performance in the comedy, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. And that’s not all – he also won a BAFTA Award, an SAG Award, and the London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor for the same role. In total, he has seven career Oscar nominations and four wins; he will most likely be competing for his fifth Academy Award this year.

Pattinson’s recent success has naturally led to increased speculation about his personal life. Though he has mostly been staying out of the spotlight, the handsome actor has previously spoken about his fame and how it has changed his life. Most notably, in 2018, he opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about his newfound fame. At the time, Pattinson was promoting The Legend of Tarzan and spoke about the impact his career has had on him. “I’d never really thought about it before, but it’s kind of amazing how much my life has changed in such a short space of time. I just kind of went from being relatively unknown to getting these nominations and winning awards and being on the covers of magazines,” he said. “It’s crazy. It’s really strange. I never really thought it would be like this. I’m just really grateful to be able to share this moment with my family and friends. We’re all really proud. This is a celebration.”

A Possible Match Made In Hollywood Heaven

While it’s clear that Pattinson’s career is on an upward trend, Lively, too, has had an eventful year. The 26-year-old former child actress, who once played Barbarella in a major motion picture, began the year with a small role in the critically acclaimed indie film, First They Killed My Father, which came out in February. Since then, she’s mostly been working in TV. Her roles have included guest spots on shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale, The Affair, and The Good Wife. She also played a supporting role in the indie comedy, Dead Poets Society, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and went on to screen at several other international film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival. In total, Lively has two feature films – First They Killed My Father and Dead Poets Society – released this year, as well as a number of TV appearances to her name. She’s been busy working non-stop, which is likely why she hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone in such a long time.

In recent years, Lively has developed a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. She’s previously been linked to actors Colin Farrell and Tom Hardy, not to mention musician and designer Andrew Weatherall. However, despite her numerous opportunities, Lively has so far managed to keep her personal life private; she was previously linked to a celebrity chef, but no word whether that led to anything serious.

A Brief Rise To Stardom

While it’s apparent that Hollywood has largely been good to Lively, it wasn’t always the case. The actress rose to fame after starring as the eponymous fairy godmother in the 2011 film, Cinderella. However, before that, she had a turbulent childhood that saw her live with her drug-addict mother, who abandoned her and her older sister for a brief, yet brutal, stint in the UK tabloid media. After her mother’s death, Lively became the spokesperson for the British anti-drugs charity, Kids Live, which works to educate young people about the dangers of drug use. She has also been working with A.C.O.D., a U.K. drug prevention foundation, since she was 15 years old.

Given her troubled past, it’s not too surprising that Lively hasn’t rushed into a relationship. She’s instead taken a slow and steady approach to finding the right person to settle down with. It wasn’t until August 2018 that she began dating English wine merchant, Tim Taylor. They were first linked in 2016, while Lively was starring in the TV series, Broadchurch. She continued to keep quiet about her personal life in the years following her parents’ deaths, but she made her first public appearance as a couple in January 2019, during the BAFTA Craft Beer Festival.

Since then, the brunette beauty has been making headlines for all the right reasons. Her latest projects include the sci-fi thriller, Extinction, which she co-stars in with Oscar winner, Matt Damon, as well as the period piece, A Most Wanted Man, opposite Tom Hardy. Plus, she has a role in the crime drama series, The Black Book, which is set to premiere in 2020.

Whether they end up together or not, it’s clear that Pattinson and Lively are destined to be together. Even in the unlikely event that they don’t get back together, this year has been a pretty good one for both of them. With their combined star power and glamour, it’s safe to say that Hollywood won’t be seeing a lot of dull thuds in the near future.