Robert Pattinson and Robert Eggers are arguably Hollywood’s most glamorous couple. The pair have been linked romantically since 2015 and have since welcomed a baby boy into the world.

The ‘Twilight’ heartthrob and his director have both gone on record discussing their love story and how they plan to raise their family. Here, we rank their top moments of romantic candor.

Their Biggest Surprise Is Still Happening

When announcing his engagement to Eggers, Pattinson admitted that he and his wife, Suki, had not expected things to work out so well. “I think the biggest surprise is still happening. We had no idea that our entire lives would turn into this. We’ve fallen in love with each other’s company,” he said in August 2018.

The couple had previously dated for several years before tying the knot in 2014. They were even photographed together previously in a romantic embrace.

Eggers revealed in a separate interview that he knew when he met Pattinson that he and his wife would have a major impact on the actor’s life. “I knew from the start that this was more than a professional relationship. We’ve become very good friends and I feel very protective of him,” Eggers said.

‘Twilight’ Hasn’t Affected Their Personal Life

Pattinson and Eggers’ careers have taken off in tandem over the last few years, with the latter directing several of the ‘Twilight’ actor’s films including ‘Venom’ and ‘Twilight Saga: The Complete Saga.’

While Eggers helmed the first two films in the ‘Twilight’ series, Pattinson has gone on record saying that he did not read the books that the films are based on. “I didn’t read the books when they came out. I didn’t want to spoil myself. I didn’t want to know what was going to happen,” the actor said.

The ‘Twilight’ franchise turned Pattinson and Eggers into superstitious movie stars. In the ‘Twilight’ universe, weddings are frequently followed by horror scenes, with the groom almost invariably getting killed. While this may be a contributing factor to why the pair have kept their wedding details a secret, it has not prevented their fans from speculating.

Pattinson revealed in October 2018 that he and Eggers had decided to keep their son’s name a secret for the time being, even though he has now proposed to the director. “I love being cryptic. It’s always been a part of my personality. I will tell you that we have decided not to name our son yet. We might change our mind,” he said.

They Feel An Instinctive Bond

When it comes to dating, Eggers and Pattinson both agree that they feel an instinctive bond with each other that is hard to put into words. “Suki and I connected on a deep level from the start. After the movie, we would sit down and have a long conversation. I would read out loud to her from my phone. I would say things like, ‘This is what I think,’ and she would say, ‘This is what I think,’ and we would talk about it until 3 a.m. It was like we were reading each other’s minds,” Pattinson said in August 2018.

The pair feel such an instant connection because they are both perfectionists who are driven by a strong desire to do things right. According to Eggers, this quality makes them the “ultimate couple.” “I think that what makes us different is that we are both very meticulous. I always feel like I have to check everything. I have to make sure that the car is safe, that the house is clean, that the children are safe. I’m an overthinker and a worrywart,” he said.

They Fear They Are Obsessed

Pattinson and Eggers have both spoken out against being labeled as “obsessed” with one another, insisting that they are just friends who enjoy spending time together. “We’re both very much into art and we both love talking about it. If I’m expressing an opinion about something, that’s usually a conversation starter. But that’s all it is,” said Eggers.

Pattinson also took issue with people who believed that his romantic involvement with Eggers was a mistake, saying, “I’d rather people thought that I was brave and had my eyes open rather than that this was a mistake and I was being foolish.”

They Love Going On Holiday

Pattinson and Eggers’ first holiday together was to Italy, where they had rented a villa in the small town of Portofino. The two spent a lot of time outdoors, swimming in the pool or sitting on a terrace, drinking wine and talking. Their next destination was Australia, where Pattinson filmed ‘The Water Child,’ a coming-of-age story set in the ‘Twilight’ universe. The actor enjoyed working with local cast and crew, and the tour guide who took him around haunted Hanging Rock didn’t hurt either.

Since then, the pair have gone on holiday to Majorca, Ibiza and Turkey with their son. While Eggers admitted that this was not solely a romantic interlude, it was certainly a way to spend a winter holiday. “There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous man putting a baby in his mother’s arms,” he said. So it seems that romance has not disappeared from the big-cat-and-small-bear’s life, even if it is something they keep secret for the most part.