It’s a big year for Rob Pattinson. The 23-year-old Hollywood heartthrob and actor is set to make a big splash in 2019 – not only will he be seen in his first major film role since becoming a man, but he will also be starring in a major perfume advertising campaign. The latter is undoubtedly because of his infamous ex-girlfriend and queen bee, Kristen Stewart. The iconic Hollywood couple broke up over a year ago but since then, Rob has seemingly devoted himself to her cause. Indeed, as we’ve established, the singer-songwriter has gone above and beyond in his efforts to keep the spark alive between them. We’ve even seen him post touching messages of endearment on Instagram. If all this has piqued your interest, then you might want to check out our guide, which examines the various factors that impact a celebrity’s career, including the direction of their personal life and public image.

Does Rob’s Personal Life Help or Hinder His Career?

Whether you love them or hate them, celebrity break-ups are as public as celebrity romances. The former couple’s breakup was front-page news and their personal lives were dissected across the media spectrum. Many people will have an opinion on whether or not Rob’s personal life has helped or hindered his career. While it’s impossible to quantify the exact impact that this had on his profile, it’s clear that his fans and detractors alike have taken notice. In the months following their split, Rob’s Instagram account saw a 75% decline in its audience. For what it’s worth, the account currently boasts 16.9 million followers.

With his career on the rise and his personal life now in the spotlight, it’s clear that Rob is well and truly bucking the trend with regards to his former relationship. It will be interesting to see if this translates into more movie roles in the future.

Will the Kristen-Rob Breakup Be a Good Thing for Their Career?

Before we delve into the various ways in which the Kristen-Rob breakup might impact Rob’s career, let’s consider the positive effects of this new era. If we compare Rob’s current status to that of his former self before the news of their split, it’s clear that he’s achieved a level of success beyond his wildest dreams. With several high-profile gigs on his resume, Rob is undoubtedly set for a big year. Not only does his new public image promise to be a breath of fresh air after years of tabloids scrutinizing his every move, but it also seems that he has finally learned to embrace his celebrity. After years of being defined by his bad boy image, Rob is finally stepping out of his comfort zone – and it seems that he is enjoying himself immensely.

While we’re excited for Rob, it’s important not to overlook the darker side of this new celebrity status. As the old adage goes, fame comes with a price. After years of being the subject of tabloid speculation and scrutiny, Rob will no doubt face an ugly backlash from their fans. Having said that, he must remember that in a world where fame is wealth, the tables have turned and now he is the subject of public opinion rather than the other way around.

One of the side effects of this fame is that Rob will be under more pressure than ever to deliver. With so many people watching his every move, he will no doubt be tempted into making more rash decisions. As a result, it’s imperative that he exercises extreme caution, especially as he ascends to the greatest heights of fame. While we’re excited about the changes that this new celebrity status heralds, it’s also important to remember that fame comes with severe consequences that we must all consider.

Does Rob’s Romantic History Help or Hinder His Career?

Another aspect of Rob’s life that might have an effect on his career is his romantic history. As we’ve established, he has had a complex, somewhat tumultuous relationship with the Hollywood community. However, although his previous relationships have undoubtedly harmed his career in one way or another (mostly due to the way that he was constantly hounded for publicity by his then-girlfriend Taylor Swift – more on her later), it’s also clear that he has found love again. With his new relationship set for a passionate engagement, it’s clear that Rob has found the inspiration to heal his broken heart and complete his transition from bad boy to lovably sweet. In fact, since dating his new girlfriend, Rose McGowan, we’ve seen a noticeable change in his personal life, which has promised to translate into more positive headlines in the future.

While we’re happy to see Rob find happiness and success in 2019, it’s also important to remember that his romantic history isn’t exactly a shining example of virtue. After all, he had a habit of popping the question young and often. Despite this, he has managed to remain somewhat of a catch – particularly among the Hollywood set. While this might imply that he has somehow learned from his mistakes, it’s also clear that he has simply developed better strategic dating skills. This isn’t to say that Rose doesn’t deserve better than Rob – she undoubtedly does – but before you write them off as romantically mismatched, it might be wise to give them a chance to work things out. Who knows – maybe Rose will be the one to make him commit.

Has Rob Starred In A Major Film Role Since The Kristen-Rob Breakup?

In addition to his dramatic turn this year, Rob has also starred in several films since the Kristen-Rob breakup. While it’s true that he did play a small role in the upcoming Aquaman movie, it wasn’t a major part and it was somewhat of an ensemble cast. Still, it’s been over a year since Rob played a central role in a film. Before we consider the implications of this, let’s recall that he hasn’t always been cast as the bad boy in major films. In fact, since turning 23, Rob has played a variety of characters – a dark knight, a romantic lead, even a superhero. While it’s undeniable that his image has changed dramatically since the breakup (and we are happy that he has finally embraced being famous), it’s important to keep in mind that he has played some pretty significant roles in several high-profile films. This might mean that there is still room for him to transition into more romantic leads or leading men – as long as he remains true to himself and lets the parts speak for themselves, we’ll keep reading.

What Is Rob’s Latest Project?

Another factor that might impact Rob’s career in one way or the other is his most recent project. On February 21, 2019, the actor launched his own fragrance, Onyx. If you’re unfamiliar, Onyx is named after the onyx lapel pin that Rob wears, which incidentally also doubles as his logo. Onyx is described as a’mystery scent’ and like all good perfumes, its creator, Robert Pattinson, did his homework before putting pen to paper. He read books from Henri Delamontagne, MD, who is a world-class fragrance expert and also the creator of ten great fragrances. According to Henri, the trick to making a great perfume isn’t creating something new – it’s reinventing what previously existed.

To that end, Henri and his team of perfumers took a unique route. Rather than creating a fresh composition, they decided to reinterpret an existing fragrance. To make the process easier, Henri utilized his database of over 150 fragrances and found a match – the fragrance Marquise de Laval. In French, Marquise de Laval means ‘lady of the valley’ and it was first sprayed in 1896. Although Marquise de Laval is almost 100 years old, it still causes fans flock to their tastes – particularly those who love the artistry of Gucci.

With Marquise de Laval as a starting point, the perfume team wanted to create a new version of this very famous fragrance. So, they crossed art with technology and injected a sense of modernity and taste – two of the most important components of Onyx. Indeed, in addition to imbuing the senses, technology plays an important role in helping fans find their way around the fragrance – enabled by the use of graphics, animations, and video content.