It’s been a crazy few days for our favorite twosome. Not only did they spend Valentine’s Day apart, but they also ended up in a super cozy slumber party with friends. After spending such a magical night together, will Rob and Kristen ever get back to being just friends? Is this the beginning of the end for their passionate romance? Let’s take a peek at the latest news and gossip about this Hollywood couple to find out what’s going on.

Robert Pattinson’s Instagram Following Growing By The Hour

It seems like only yesterday that we were all wondering if Rob was going to make it through the weekend. After a long day of shooting, he’d posted a sweet video message to his fans, which now has over 28 million views. Since then, he’s been on a rampage of uploading cute pics and videos to his Instagram page, where he has over 48 million followers. It’s safe to assume that if Rob can maintain these kinds of numbers, then he’s going to be just fine. It appears that he’s not going anywhere, and we can’t stop watching his feed.

Robert Pattinson’s Twitter Followers Skyrocketing

While Instagram is undoubtedly our favorite place to get all of our celebrity scoops, Twitter is the perfect place to get the latest news about your favorite stars. And, if you’re lucky enough to follow celebrity accounts, you’ll notice that they often times retweet others to get the attention of their followers. Well, it appears that Rob has discovered this trick and is now using it frequently. On February 13, he tweeted: “Finally, some good news after so long. So happy to finally reach 1 million followers on Twitter. Thank you for all of your support.” This was followed by two days later, on February 15, when he hit 1.5 million followers, and then 2 million on February 17. This is an exceptionally fast climb for someone who has only been active on social media for a few months. It just goes to show you how dedicated he is to keeping his fans up-to-date with all of his adventures and career moves.

Kristen Stewart’s Instagram Following Skyrocketing

It seems that Rob’s Instagram following is now officially a thing of beauty, with his fans’ endless support allowing him to reach incredible milestones. But it wasn’t always easy. Back in August 2017, we were all in disbelief when it was revealed that Stewart had lost over 100,000 followers in just a few short days. While some speculated that her account had been hacked, it was actually Twitter who verified that the account had gone through some sort of glitch. After reaching out to Twitter support, Stewart’s account was repaired and her fans’ support has never been stronger.

As for Kristen’s Instagram, it has consistently remained a steady 1 million followers, with her last post reaching this figure back in January 2018. It’s clear that her following is because of her dedication to her craft, as she’s a prolific photographer with a growing career. But it appears that she’s not getting any younger, and this might be a good time to start investing in some high-quality vintage or antiques to ensure that her Instagram account is still going strong when she decides to hang up her camera for good.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s VDay Style Differences

While the internet went into a tizzy over which celebrity wore what outfit for VDay, it was actually pretty easy to figure out. Rob went for the black-tie affair, while Stewart opted for a more casual look. But this wasn’t the case for the Pussycat Dolls, who stole the show in a white dress that almost seemed to glow in the dark. It’s safe to assume that they were paid handsomely for this appearance, as these kinds of outfits are highly sought after and usually only worn at special events.

Speaking of which, it’s probably time for the Pussycat Dolls to upgrade their outfits, as they’re starting to look a little bit tacky. This isn’t to say that the gowns are horrible, as they’re quite stunning, but maybe they could swap them out for something a little more daring. And why not? After all, they’re the ones who prompted this whole discussion in the first place. They essentially brought down the house with their performance, which might even make Ms. Polka Dotty jealous.

Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Get Back Together?

It’s clear that Rob and Kristen’s marriage proposal incident changed everything for these two. Never before had two such successful careers and accomplished people found love so quickly after such an important event. And it’s also clear that their relationship has become much more serious. After spending over a year apart, they agreed to begin working on their relationship again. So, will they ever actually get back together? Well, it depends on what they want. Is this reconciliation just a ploy to keep their fans engaged? Or, do they genuinely want to make this work? After all, they couldn’t have gotten this far if they didn’t believe it was possible.

But, you know, life is messy and things don’t always go according to plan. Between work and personal commitments, it’s rarely easy to find the time for each other. As a result, they might continue to slip into old habits, which could seriously complicate things. For instance, it’s well known that Rob has a drinking problem. If he starts drinking again, then there’s no chance of them staying together. This is something that Kristen has stated repeatedly, and it’s a problem that continues to plague their relationship. But if they want to make this work, then they have to be willing to actually work at it, which is always more difficult for committed romantics than it is for those who have no problems going after what they want.

The Biggest Rumor Surrounding Rob Pattinson

Of course, none of this would be possible if not for all of the rumors that have surrounded Rob. From cheating on his fiancee with famous actresses, to being cast as Satan in a movie, it seems that he’s done nothing yet to disprove all of these rumors. Well, except for maybe this: In October 2017, he was seen kissing a mystery woman outside of a nightclub in New Orleans. The two were later spotted boarding a private jet together, which sparked rumors of a flight to Paris. While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s actually a pretty significant detail when you think about it. From there, we couldn’t find any evidence that they returned home, so it’s possible that they jet-setted around the world together, continuing to spread rumor and intrigue. Rumors aside, this is a picture of Rob Pattinson’s heart, and it seems that he’s always keeping it close to him.