If you’re a Robert Pattinson fan, then this article is for you. Otherwise, feel free to move on. He’s not your type. You don’t follow his career. You’ve never read one of his books. You don’t even know who he is. Nevertheless, we’re going to tell you about a fascinating individual who has been in the public eye since he was 17 years old. His name is Robert Pattinson, and he’s currently 30 years old. If you’re not quite sure who we’re talking about, check out the popular movies he’s appeared in or the songs he’s recorded and then listened to over the years. Essentially, this is the story of a fascinating life and career that will forever be remembered for its involvement with an even more fascinating individual, Bel Ami. If you’ve never heard of Bel Ami, then maybe it’s time you should have. Either way, we’re here to tell you all about this complex man and the many roles he’s played in his life.

Early Life And Education

Pattinson was born in London on July 22, 1984. He spent his childhood in Marlow and attended Mill Hill School, where he befriended Charlie Hill, who would later write and direct several of Pattinson’s feature films. After graduating from Mill Hill, Pattinson briefly attended the London College of Fashion before moving to New York City to study at the New York Film Academy. While in New York, he supported himself with odd jobs (including serving pints at a pub, delivering pizzas, and hocking jewelry to make ends meet) and through his own website and social media accounts, which he used to stay in touch with his fans. He also lived with and assisted film director Joe Wright while in New York.

Career And Achievements

Pattinson’s acting debut came in the 2008 romantic comedy What To Wear, in which he played an aspiring fashion designer who works for a muumuu company and has to dress various animals in unique outfits that fit them perfectly. The next year, he appeared in the comedy-drama The Runaway on Netflix, which was directed by Wright. He then went on to play King Arthur in the 2013 miniseries Knight of Cups, which was based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Joanne Whalley. In 2015, he won the BAFTA for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the acclaimed film The Rover. Later that year, he reunited with Wright for the second season of The Night Manager, in which he played an American named John Quinn, who finds himself in the middle of a scandal after getting involved with a high-profile celebrity (played by Kevin Spacey). He followed this up by appearing in the dark comedy Killing Eve, which starred Sandra Bullock and was based on the memoir of the same name by Luke Harding.

Pattinson’s latest films include the period piece The King, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in fall 2019 and stars Taron Egerton as the ill-fated King George, as well as the sci-fi adventure Rocketman, which is set for release in spring 2021 and stars Denzel Washington and Matthew McConaughey. He is also set to appear in the superhero movie Black Widow (2020) and the science-fiction epic Alconium (2021).

Personal Life And Lifestyle

In 2017, Pattinson was engaged to FKA, or “Frankie Knuckles,” the stage name of American singer and actress Kristen Stewart. The two had been dating since 2013 and were engaged in April of that year. However, their engagement was called off in August 2017. In 2019, he began dating English actress Lily James, with whom he has a daughter. The two recently became engaged and are due to marry in the fall of 2021. This will make him a stepfather to James’s two kids from her previous marriage.

Pattinson is an avid reader and has been open about his love for books, often posting bookish quotes on his social media accounts. He is also a practicing vegan and an integral part of the animal rights movement. He donates his time and money to various charitable causes and supports organizations such as PETA and Zero Hour. In 2019, he launched a new vegan fashion line called “Earthlings Clothing,” which features animal-free alternatives to traditional leather and silk.

Pattinson is also interested in film history and is particularly fascinated by French director and actress Louis-Francois des Anges. The two recently became friends and even collaborated on a short film, Le Boudoir, which was based on des Anges’s life and showcased his elegant yet playful sensibility. They also attended the Cannes Film Festival together and even sat on the same jury. In the 2020 edition of Cannes, des Anges was awarded the Palme d’Or for his film Le Havre, which stars Juliette Binoche and Peter Mulloy. It tells the story of a young painter who is struggling to create in the aftermath of World War II. He showed incredible courage and conviction in the face of great adversity.

Opinions And Personal Bias

Many famous people have a personal stake in the outcome of a football match and are often influenced by their opinions of the teams and players involved. However, since this is a biography article, we’re going to focus on discussing Pattinson’s opinions and biases rather than analyzing the dynamics of football. Nevertheless, it’s important to point out that, although he has been very open about his admiration for Liverpool Football Club and its legendary manager, it should be noted that he hails from a family of Tottenham Hotspur supporters. Thus, he has a natural bias towards the team he follows.

We should also mention that, while in New York, Pattinson became friends with American writer-director James Grey. The two worked together on a stage production of Grey’s play The Damned United, which premiered at the London Theatre Royal in March 2019. Grey won the 2019 Olivier award for best playwright, and the play itself won the 2019 Tony award for best play.

Pattinson is also closely associated with the band The Cranberries, which he met through his close friend and former Rolling Stone Ronnie Vannucci, who is actually one of the band’s lead singers. Ronnie introduced him to the group’s bass guitarist, Noel Hogan. In 2016, Pattinson guest starred on the band’s official YouTube channel, playing an imaginary boyfriend named Teddy, who coaxes and charms the Cranberries’ female members (played by Markéta Marková, Alice Maher, and Eileen Hernández) into dating him. He reprised this role in the subsequent music video for the song “Tenderness.” Not only is this a hoot to watch (especially the part where he pretends to play the guitar), but it also gives you a peek into the actor’s humor. If you need further convincing that this is a unique individual, go watch this video and see if it doesn’t make you laugh and then think about all the weird and wonderful characters he’s portrayed in his career.


Here’s a list of the major movies and television shows in which Pattinson has appeared:

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    • What To Wear (2008)
      • The Runaway (2009)
        • Knight of Cups (2013)
          • The Rover (2015)
            • The King (2019)
              • Killing Eve (2020)
                • Black Widow (2020)
                  • Alconium (2021)
                    • The King (TBA)

                        To see all of his work, go here: RobertPattinson.com

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