Walking into a movie theater to watch the newest Harry Potter movie is like falling into a storybook. There, in the middle of the theater, in all his glory sits Harry Potter, surrounded by a swarm of eager fans. At the same time, you realize the magic of the movies – putting a real-life Harry Potter in the palm of your hands, whether you’re an adult or a child!

The world’s most famous wizard is back, and this time he’s younger and more sophisticated, more experienced and a little bit dangerous. Harry Potter’s adventure is only just beginning, and we, his loyal fans, won’t rest until his story comes to its thrilling conclusion. So settle in and get ready to experience the magic of Harry Potter – again!

The Many Hues Of Harry Potter

It’s no secret that the Harry Potter series is a visual feast, filled with rich colors that pop against the bright, shiny background scenes. From the intricate Gryffindor Common Room to the elegant smoking area that is Hagrid’s Dementor-ridden castle, the vivid hues paint an unforgettable picture for the reader.

The magic of Harry Potter isn’t just the fantasy world that the stories create. It’s the colors, the vibrancy, and the detailed environments that transport us to another place and time, where childhood fears become harmless adventures and love is more powerful than death.

What’s New For The Fifth Movie (2016)

While movies based on the Harry Potter books are always special, the fifth installment is particularly significant, as it marks the first time that the story has focused on Harry’s contemporaries. Thus, it brings with it some fascinating changes and additions to the saga.

The previous four movies have portrayed life in the Harry Potter world as a rather bleak affair. Work-hard, play-hard, enjoy-hard – it’s been a routine that the fans have grown accustomed to, as the series has followed Harry on an amazing journey, one that has seen him grow from a timid child into a charismatic young man. Yet, at the end of the day, it’s still just a job, with a boss who doesn’t like you, a lack of friends, and an uncertain future. Don’t get me wrong – there are still hardships to be faced, particularly in the beginning, when Harry is forced to live with his aunt and uncle following the tragic death of his parents in a car accident. Still, for the most part, this has been a tale of triumph and escapades, with Harry learning to use his phenomenal talent to navigate the ups and downs of life.

That is until now. The fifth installment introduces an element of uncertainty, where Harry’s future and career aren’t exactly mapped out for him, not to mention the looming threat of Lord Voldemort, a.k.a. Harry Potter’s arch-rival and nemesis, who is determined to steal Harry’s magical powers and kill him. To keep him safe, Dumbledore – Harry’s guardian and headmaster of Hogwarts – recruits an unlikely group of supporting students to help protect Harry from the clutches of Lord Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters. Together, this makeshift pack of Potter-wannabes must face their share of thrilling adventures as they journey to discover their true potential.

The Best And The Worst Of Harry Potter

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching the many editions of Harry Potter is that no matter how spectacular they are, the films never truly do justice to the source material. Even the recently released “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” which has the benefit of being built upon the unfinished ideas of its author, J.K. Rowling, isn’t able to pull off the wondrous magic of the books (or the amazing costumes that the actresses are forced to wear).

Each installment of the Harry Potter series has been met with critical acclaim, especially the first two, which are often cited as two of the greatest movie franchises of all time. While there are many standout scenes and moments, it’s hard to pick out just one or two and call them the best of the series. This is mostly because, in typical Potter fashion, no matter how good a movie is, it eventually gets surpassed by the latest installment. The saga continues to evolve, grow, and change with each new addition to the story.

So, while we continue to wait for the end of this monumental saga, here are some of the best and worst aspects of the series, along with why they are exceptional or horrendous, as the case may be.

Best: The Evolution Of Harry Potter

If you’ve been following along thus far, you’ll know that the Harry Potter series is one of the most important and influential works in modern fiction. Since its inception in 2001, the books and films have been celebrated for their ability to enchant and enthrall both children and adults alike, not to mention the phenomenal success that J.K. Rowling has enjoyed since the series’ inception, having sold millions of copies of her books across the world. The fact that Rowling was able to sustain such success for so long without the aid of a traditional publishing house (she initially self-published, before securing the help of small presses) is a testament to both her talents and vision as a writer. She wanted to create a world where magic wasn’t considered vulgar, but rather something that every single person – no matter what their station in life – could enjoy and benefit from. In an effort to continue that legacy, she handed the keys to the series to her trusted, longtime literary agent, Peter Straub, who has since seen to it that all of Rowling’s stories are published and maintained in perpetuity.

Worst: A Little Too Pretty

Despite all the praise that Harry Potter has received over the years, it’s still not quite clear whether or not the series will ever be able to live up to the lofty standards set by its author. This is mainly because, as is the case with most beloved fantasy sagas, there is always one character that eventually ruins it for everyone else – in this case, it’s Ron Weasley, pictured here with his lovely wife, Hermione. Together, they represent everything that is comic relief and heartstring-tugging in equal measure. In the same vein as a certain Scary Spice and her famous quotes, it’s often said that Ron is why we love the Harry Potter series. Even diehard Rowling fans have admitted that they couldn’t finish reading the novels without feeling frustrated or disappointed by his antics. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he causes trouble for the protagonist, and he always seems to get himself and those around him into trouble. This is in part because he’s incredibly naive and impulsive, which causes him to believe that there are magical creatures hiding behind every bush and under every bed. He is also always the first to give up his magical powers, no matter how important the situation might be. In the words of one fan, quoted here, “I find Ron an amazing character. I wish that all the female characters were as fascinating as Hermione and Ginny. I find Ron’s story very entertaining, and at times, I laugh out loud. I like how he is not afraid to show his emotions. He is not an alpha male, and that makes him easier to relate to.” Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Ron may be the heart and soul of the Harry Potter series, but he’s also its weak spot. Without his friendship with Harry, the other characters would be much less interesting. And that, in turn, would make us less interested in reading or seeing the series. If you were to remove Ron from the story, it would lose half of its luster. The same goes for any other character, to a greater or lesser degree. They are all important to the story, but none of them can tell it like Ron does.

Best: The Characters

Anyone who has ever read a single one of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels knows exactly what an important part they play in defining not only the character of Harry Potter himself, but also that of the entire Hogwarts student body. Apart from the fact that they’re among the most recognizable and celebrated fictional characters of all time, Rowling’s creations have touched the hearts of millions of readers and viewers, primarily because they reflect the traits and characteristics of real-life young people. In an effort to continue that legacy, Rowling has not only written countless ‘descriptions’ of her characters, but she has also given them all ‘voice’s’ through the use of audiobooks, where she reads all of their lines – a truly unique and fascinating feat, considering that many of the characters are quite young, having been written almost entirely by Rowling, in both cases, with the aid of a pen name.