Few actors have stolen the hearts of audiences quite like Robert Pattinson. Since his breakout role in the 2005 film “Love Story”,
the British actor has seemingly been in every film that has come out, with each one becoming a fan-favorite as soon as it was released. He’s currently
in post-production on his latest movie “Belgian Beer”,” and it’s safe to say that it will live up to the hype. With an eclectic
filmography that spans from horror flicks to romantic comedies, it’s hard to decide which Robert Pattinson film is his best. Here, we rank
his filmography from worst to first, taking into consideration critical reception, financial success, and the fan-response to each

20. The Rover

This is, quite possibly, the worst movie that Robert Pattinson has ever made. The film, which was released in 2015, and was co-starring
Leonardo DiCaprio, Chadwick Boseman, and Mark Ruffalo, was critically panned, and has the unfortunate distinction of being the
Pattinson film that was worst-reviewed. On the internet, it’s known as the “Karate Kid remake”, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking
for a laugh, go watch the original Karate Kid instead.

19. The Librarian

It’s shocking how bad this movie is. Almost every other entry on this list has gotten a 50/50 chance at least, but “The Librarian” is a complete flop. While
it’s not terrible, there are just so many things wrong with it. First off, if you’re gonna remake something, at least try to improve on the original. While
there are some nice touches here and there, it’s mostly a rip-off. That being said, even the most ardent of Pattinson fans might have a hard time
looking past the multiple mistakes made by the actor in this poorly written, directed, and acted film. Most people have never even heard of
“The Librarian”, and it’s the kind of obscurity that usually leads to a quick death for a movie these days. The odds of this one living in
archive mode are pretty high indeed.

18. Water for Elephants

Another movie that was heavily hyped and has lived up to the hype. This 2013 remake of the classic 80s love story “Water for Elephants” stars
Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. The film follows a young girl named Estelle who, at the beginning of the film, loses her
father. Her uncle, the town drunk, and her mother have just moved in with her. Her uncle rapes her, which is why she ends up living with
a pack of wolves. One of the wolves falls in love with her and they have to elope. The rest of the wolves form a surrogate family for her,
and she grows up to be big and strong. She falls in love with the local sheriff, and they eventually elope as well. This is the kind of
movie where critics slam you for not being able to take a subtlety and say nothing about the acting, and the script is full of clichés. Still,
most people enjoy it for what it is: a combination of romance and comedy. It’s one of the few PG-13 rated movies where viewers don’t have to worry
about being offended. It’s also quite possibly the best thing that Reese Witherspoon has ever done. It’s clear that she’s having fun playing
a slightly dysfunctional girl who gets a second chance at life.

17. The Great Gatsby

Another entry on this list that was heavily hyped, and it didn’t disappoint. The gorgeous Tilda Swinton stars as the
legendary Daisy Buchanan, a woman who lives in excess and loves to dress in colorful costumes. She does this to attract men, but
ultimately, she just wants someone to love her. Swinton has the extraordinary ability to make you believe that she’s still
this fragile girl, whose heart is just as susceptible to loss as it was when she was a teenager. It’s tragic how deeply she cares for
these boys who leave her in the dust, despite the fact that they play an important role in her life. The critics pan this one
as well, giving it a 10/10 rating on Amazon, with one reviewer writing: “If you’re looking for something that’s
classically beautiful and masterful, you won’t find it here. Yet, if you want to see an example of how a romance drama from today can look,
feel, and play, you’ll find that as well.” It’s an important film, and a timeless classic. But, for a while, at least, it was considered
low-rent compared to the rest of this list. Now, it’s one of the most beloved films of all time.

16. The Light Between Oceans

Another movie that was heavily hyped and was met with critical acclaim. After an absence of four years, Peter Weir returns with another
classic historical romance. This time, though, he’s set in World War II, and he tells the story of a lighthouse keeper who falls in love
with another man’s wife. It’s the kind of story that will tug at your heartstrings. But it’s not as though Weir needed any sort of incentive to
make such a touching film, as he’s one of the most talented documentary filmmakers working today. Unfortunately, this is one of the few times
that the hype didn’t live up to the expectations. While the film is technically flawless, it fails to match the emotional impact that
weir’s previous historical romances had on viewers. It’s still very well-acted, with the standout performance coming from Octave
Millet, one of the most respected French actors of the 20th century. He plays the part of the husband, with Charlotte Gainsbourg as
his wife. Due to their undeniable talent, they were able to pull off a remarkably convincing portrayal of a married couple in love.
Unfortunately, it’s not enough to save this one from the bottom of this list.

15. The Way Back

This is the kind of movie where you expect to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson hanging out, drinking wine, and watching
basketball games. The two worked together on this one in 2016, and it shows. This time, they play two estranged brothers who reconnect
after years of being apart, and find that their relationship is tested by the demands of their family and their past. Based on the
novel “A Family Man” by Peter Hoeg, the film is essentially a buddy cop movie, where they team up to save the world from harm.
DiCaprio is perfect as always, and he really shines in this role. As expected, he and Pattinson share a ton of on-screen chemistry. But it’s
a smaller role for Pattinson, who gets to show a softer side as he tries to make amends with his family and reconcile with his
ex-fiancee. It’s a very emotional comeback for Pattinson, and it’s clear that he’s still searching for the right tone and pace for
his acting. It seems like he wants to avoid doing another large ensemble piece like “The King’s Speech”, but still wants to keep
working. Ideally, he wants to become more prevalent in smaller, character-driven films like this one. For now, though, it’s clear that
he’s still trying to figure out what kind of roles he wants to play, and this is certainly one of the most promising looks into
Pattinson’s career to date.

14. The Beach

This is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen
something like this, where the setting is as beautiful as the scenery is intriguing. We’re introduced to a mysterious, wealthy woman
(Marina), who invites four men to her lavish yacht for a getaway. For some reason, she insists that they must keep their
underwear on during the entire trip, which makes it pretty clear that this is a classy affair and not your usual yacht party. Once the
yacht arrives at its destination, the rules are relaxed, and the men are free to come and go as they please. But something is still off
about this woman. It’s not just the fact that she has an entire refrigerator full of champagne, which is going to be tapped
even before the day is over. There’s also an undercurrent of danger that the men sense and try to investigate. It’s another one of those
rare films where the entire atmosphere is just intoxicating enough that you don’t really want to leave the cinema.