When one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities tweets about politics, it usually ends up on the front page of social media.

But yesterday (August 16), it was actually Robert Pattinson who was featured on the trending topics list on Twitter for his response to President Donald Trump’s recent tweet about the actor’s costar, Kristen Stewart.

The tweet in question was in response to Trump’s claim that he could get the actor’s “price reduced” if he met with North Korea’s (DPRK) dictator Kim Jong-un. In response, Pattinson simply tweeted: “No, you can’t.”

The tweet was liked more than 12,000 times and retweeted over 6,000 times as of the time of writing. It also inspired several memes, such as this one:

pattinson meme

Stewart responded to Pattinson’s tweet by simply replying “Lol.”

The Twittersphere quickly picked up on the fact that Stewart and Pattinson seem to be taking a break from their professional relationship, which became clear when the Breakup Girl and the Twilight actor were spotted in public for the first time since their high-profile split in May.

The Cost of Traveling to North Korea

While it’s not unusual for famous couples to go on a break from their public schedules to focus on their personal life, the reasons why Stewart and Pattinson decided to take a hiatus from their professional partnership are a bit more complicated.

The couple broke up in May and since then, Stewart has been very vocal about not wanting to be near her ex-boyfriend. In fact, in June, Stewart filed for divorce from Pattinson, citing irreconcilable differences.

Last month (July), rumors began to spread that Stewart and Pattinson might be getting back together. That same week, Stewart was photographed with her ex-boyfriend in New York City.

But it seems like things are not going according to plan. On Friday (August 16), Stewart’s representative confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the actress is in fact taking a break from her reunion with Pattinson. So what is making this difficult for her?

The cost of traveling to North Korea is one of the major concerns. When asked about whether she would consider visiting her boyfriend in the DPRK, Stewart told Entertainment Tonight:

“It’s very expensive to go there, and the airport’s bureaucracy is ridiculous. I’d never been to an airport where the process of getting your passport stamped was as slow as the process of getting your bags checked. Never.”

As a result of these concerns, it is highly unlikely that Stewart will set foot in the DPRK. According to a report from the Global Trade Alert, a U.S. law firm that monitors trade policy and tariffs, traveling to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang is currently effectively prohibited.

The Growing Pains of a Celebrity Breakup

Aside from the logistics of traveling to North Korea, Stewart has another major reason for avoiding public appearances with her ex-boyfriend: the gossip media. The actress has been the subject of a number of tabloid stories since her May breakup from Pattinson, and even before that, she was linked to musicians, businesspeople, and even a prince. Now that she’s single, it seems like the rumors will only continue.

In June, it was reported that Stewart and comedian Ricky Gervais were planning to wed. But the couple never actually got hitched.

In July, it was reported that Stewart and film producer Armand Morin were dating. The couple spent most of their time apart working on Stewart’s next film. In September, it was reported that Stewart had split from Morin.

In October, it was reported that Stewart had begun dating musician Tom Kibbler. The pair remained an item for several months until Kibbler broke things off in March.

The Growing Importance of Social Media

It’s clear that these stories don’t bother Stewart. Not only does she seem to thrive on the attention, but social media has also played an important part in her romantic and professional relationships. It was through social media that she met and eventually started dating Pattinson in the first place.

Then, during the height of their romance, Stewart and Pattinson were interviewed by Elle for its June 2015 issue where the actress expressed her gratitude for the platform.

“Twitter has been an important tool in my recovery process, since I’ve rarely been in the same place at the same time as my family and friends. It has also given me the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. At a time like this, I can’t imagine not being available to my fans on social media,” Stewart told Elle. “If that were to stop, I’d be scared to go anywhere, or do anything.”

Will Stewart and Pattinson Ever Get Back Together?

With all the speculation about the fate of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship, it’s nearly become a reality show. But perhaps it’s best not to get your hopes up. Even though the couple has gone through a lot, they clearly still love each other. In fact, they’ve been known to show it.

Earlier this month (August), Stewart and Pattinson were photographed together in New York City. The two looked happy and affectionate. But given their history, that photo could have just been a PR stunt.

So while it seems like Stewart and Pattinson are finally taking a break from their turbulent relationship, who knows what the future holds.

But one thing is clear: regardless of whether they ever get back together or not, their on-and-off-again romance has already become one of the most well-documented breakups in Hollywood history.