You’re about to go on a journey to the UK. There will be lots to think about—from how you’re going to get around once you’re there to whether you’ll need an introducer to speak with foreigners—but if you want to make sure that your trip is as hassle-free as possible, you need to think about what you need to remember. Here’s a handy list of things to bear in mind:


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular foreign travel destinations in the world. If you’re travelling there on a business trip or vacation, you’ll no doubt want to make the most of it. To ensure that your trip is as seamless as possible, make sure to obtain all the necessary visas. There are different kinds of visa required for different lengths of stay, and you should contact the British embassy or consulate in your home country for advice before your departure.


The pound sterling is one of the world’s most popular currencies, so wisening up on how to buy and spend money abroad will go a long way. When traveling to the United Kingdom, you’ll no doubt want to spend your money on hotels, meals, and travel experiences—not souvenirs, transport, or entry fees. Withdrawing money from cash machines and paying with cash is also very easy, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get used to spending money in a different way. Of course, you’ll want to budget for spending money on items that aren’t as easy to come by—like visa costs and travel insurance. If you stay within your budget, you’re less likely to break the bank, and that’s what you want.


If you’re entering or leaving the country by plane, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with customs regulations. Flights to and from the UK are highly regulated and have extensive documentation and check-in requirements—so it’s worth knowing what to expect. Once you’re in the country, you’ll be required to clear customs and immigration, so make sure you know what all the paperwork is for. It might be simplest to find a local contact in the country to help out, or ask a friend or family member who lives overseas for advice.


Infectious diseases are a common cause of death among foreign travel destinations, particularly in developing countries. While the risk of getting sick is mainly determined by your own behavior—like whether or not you eat contaminated food or drink contaminated water—there are a number of infections that you can contract simply by being in the vicinity of an infected person. Make sure to take precautions against mosquito bites, ensure that you’re eating well, and wear protective clothing such as long sleeves, long pants, and shoes when outdoors. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a healthy and safe trip.


Accommodation is one of the main expenses when traveling. Hotels can get very pricey, so when you’re looking for somewhere to stay, it’s worth considering what type of accommodation you’ll need. If you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll be sharing a kitchen and bathrooms with other travelers. If you’re looking for an alternative, consider renting a private room in a shared house or getting a camper-van or caravan for the duration of your stay. If you’re looking for 5-star luxury on the cheap, check out the thousands of hotels and B&Bs that are available on Airbnb—the online marketplace for accommodations. You can often find incredible value, especially if you’re willing to search for and use booking websites like,, or

Traveling to the United Kingdom from the US is made easier by the fact that Sterling is widely accepted everywhere. For whatever reason, you may find that things are not quite as easy on the other side of the pond, so be sure to make the necessary preparations before you go.