You may have noticed the unusual ending credits for Remember Me. Rather than fading away after featuring a lengthy list of credits, the final moments of the film go something like this:

1) A piano plays some beautiful, soft music as a series of romantic images play onscreen. You then see a long shot of Robert Pattinson walking down a street. It’s a beautiful moment. The music plays for way longer than what’s required to show the end credits.

2) Then there’s a cut to black. The piano continues to play, but you can’t see the keyboard or the fingers moving. (If this seems like a strange and obscure detail, it is. For whatever reason, music plays during this sequence, but no one is actually there to hear it.)

3) The piano slowly fades away, and you’re left with a silhouette of Robert Pattinson, framed by some flowers.

This is a scene that has seemingly become synonymous with Remember Me—and for good reason! It’s a romantic moment that will hold a special place in the hearts of fans of the acclaimed movie. But did you know that it wasn’t included in the final cut of the film? And furthermore, does anyone else find it strange and jarring that the film’s most iconic moment is partially hidden from view? Let’s talk about how this scene was constructed and what it means for the future of the film.

Was It Always Going To Be There?

One of the things to love about Remember Me is how it continually surprises you with its twists and turns. No one saw that ending credits scene coming. In fact, many people didn’t even know it existed—including the production crew. When the scene was first tested, it was played for laughs and then abruptly cut off. The reaction of everyone involved was a mixture of shock and amusement. A number of them didn’t even realize what they were watching was supposed to be a romantic moment.

And yet, there it was, a hidden track that no one knew about and no one expected. At least, not this early in the game. This is the sort of thing that happens when you’re making a low-budget indie film, and you have to find a way to squeeze everything in rather than renting special effects or opting for an elaborate soundtrack. So, as frustrating as it was to put in the extra work, the crew were secretly pleased that their efforts paid off and that they were able to keep something new and exciting to the end.

Why Is It Cut?

Even though the ending credits were always going to be there, the moment itself wasn’t. For whatever reason, when Remember Me was first tested, there was music in the background, but the shot itself was devoid of any romantic significance. That is, until the very end. For some reason, the moment just didn’t read the same way without the music playing in the background, so the production crew decided to swap it out for something more conventional—at least, in terms of the romantic comedy genre.

The decision was made to take the scene in a different direction. It wasn’t that the production crew wanted to make the scene less emotional; they just wanted to find a way to make it work better with the music and the overall aesthetic of the film. So rather than play a love theme from the beginning, they opted for something more conventional. A romantic comedy may not sound like the usual choice for a scene with such a weighty theme, but it was the right call. More films should be like this.

What Does It Mean?

Even though the scene was originally meant to be private and special, it isn’t anymore. With the internet and social media, everything is out there for the world to see. And so this scene, which originally had a special place within the film, has now found its way to the forefront. Whenever anyone sees Remember Me, they’re going to be reminded of this scene, whether the director wanted it or not. This may not seem like a bad thing, but consider this: No matter what, the scene is still going to be associated with a romantic comedy, which may not reflect the true atmosphere and themes of Remember Me. This could lead to confusion—and perhaps even disappointment—on the part of future viewers, depending on what they expect. Even if this is something the creator and director intended, it’s still an issue that needs to be resolved.

Romantic Comedies?

Based on the reviews, it seems like many people expected Remember Me to be a romantic comedy. And while there are plenty of funny moments in the film, it’s definitely not what you’d call a light comedy. (Light comedies usually have a lot of physical comedy and quick wit; Remember Me is more about the intense emotions that the characters experience as a result of the pandora’s box that is Love.)

It’s not that the creators and director of Remember Me didn’t want to make a romantic comedy. In fact, they specifically chose that genre because it’s something they felt they could tackle head-on and be really creative with. They wanted to make something different, something more meaningful. And at least, for now, it seems like they’ve succeeded, and not just in terms of the ending credits scene. A romantic comedy may have worked for the scene, but it severely limits what the film is trying to be. Future viewers who are not familiar with this scene may not understand what they’re looking at, which could result in major lost sales and a lawsuit from the film’s studio. (As an Indie Game, it would be nearly impossible to find a distributor)

What About All The Music?

Now that we’ve established that this isn’t actually a romantic comedy, it’s time to address one of Remember Me’s biggest draws: the music. It’s amazing! The songwriters and musicians who worked on the score deserve some praise; they did an incredible job, especially in light of the film’s low budget. (Not a fan of the music? You certainly aren’t alone—many people feel the same way. Fortunately for you, we have a solution.)

If you’re in the mood for a really sweet, romantic moment that isn’t cheesy at all, then you should definitely watch Remember Me. It’s a wonderful interpretation of the novel, and even the most jaded moviegoer will have a hard time not being moved by it. It may not be for everyone, but for those looking for a movie that has a special place in its heart, then this is for you. (1)

Music can help tell a story, give it an atmosphere, and even heighten the drama. While there are no lyrics, the music builds tension and emotion in a way that words couldn’t hope to achieve. And it’s not just the music in Remember Me that does this, it’s the way it is used throughout the film. Whether it’s in a nightclub or a crowded street or even in a dimly lit bedroom, the music helps put the characters and their story in a different light each time it plays. It is a subtle but important touch that makes the whole story come to life.

Private Screening

If you’re a fan of Remember Me, then you’ll no doubt notice that there is an unusual amount of behind-the-scenes activity. At least, there was. (Not to worry—there was no unusual activity in the editing room. We checked. But the story behind the story is that this was a truly private screening. No one from the public saw it; in fact, it’s probably still not completely finished. So if you’re one of the select few who saw it, then prepare to have your mind changed.)

The film was given a limited release, opening in select theaters and online platforms before going into wide release. And while it made a decent amount of money, it wasn’t enough for the directors or the writer. So they decided to do a private screening for selected friends and family, something they couldn’t afford when doing the typical rounds of screenings. (It also helped that the film was adapted from a bestselling novel; many people wanted to see how the story played out.)

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid being captivated by the emotional drama of Remember Me, then it’s time for you to buckle down and watch the credits. They’re beautiful, they’re emotional, and they’re definitely worth it. Not only that, but by taking a few extra moments to appreciate what went into the movie, you might find that the rest of the film has also stuck with you more. (2)