The last few years have been pretty eventful for Robert Pattinson; the actor married his longtime partner, Emily Brown, in a beautiful ceremony in France on May 20th 2019 and their daughter, River, was born on December 2nd 2019. Since then, the 39-year-old has been busy raising his family and spending quality time with his loved ones. He has also been very open about his decision to become a father and how much it means to him. While there is no denying that he is very much a committed father, there have also been rumors swirling that Pattinson has made some questionable choices during the last few years that have hurt or damaged some of his relatives.

Since Brown is the daughter of Michael Brown, a wealthy businessman who owns the fashion company JOVANI, it’s been reported that some of the actor’s relatives have been upset about his decision to marry a commoner. In fact, one of his uncles even went as far as to say that Pattinson was “choosing his own family over his own flesh and blood.” Naturally, these remarks were picked up by the media and made the rounds, prompting Pattinson to issue an apology. But who are these people, and what do they have to say about the actor? Let’s take a closer look:

Who is Emily Brown?

Emily Brown is the long-awaited bride of Robert Pattinson. The couple first met in 2009 when they were both filming the movie, Water for Sale, in Malta. After working together on film sets for a few years, they decided to pursue a relationship seriously and got married in May 2019. As previously mentioned, Brown is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, who has owned a fashion company for over 50 years; JOVANI. She grew up in London and went to the prestigious Notting Hill High School and Oxford University, where she studied economics and business management. While at Oxford, she reportedly became friends with Princess Beatrice of Windsor.

Brown and Pattinson are both very private individuals who rarely give press interviews. However, in October 2019, just a few days after their wedding, the couple graced the covers of several British fashion magazines, including Vogue and Elle.

What is Michael Brown’s Opinion of Robert Pattinson?

Well, he doesn’t seem to have an opinion about the actor at all. At least, not one that he’s shared with the world. In fact, Michael Brown rarely speaks about his famous nephew and instead focuses on the positive. In an interview with The Telegraph in 2018, Brown remarked, “I don’t really know much about his private life. I know he’s very private and he chooses his own friends and he’s very protective of them. When I see him, he just seems like a normal guy to me. He’s a normal husband and father. He doesn’t seem like someone who would ever do anything bad. So, I don’t know why this all came about.”

While Michael Brown may not share his famous nephew’s professional woes, he did offer some insight into why the rumors started in the first place. In the same interview with The Telegraph, Brown revealed that while he was growing up, there was always drama surrounding his family. He explained:

“I think it was just because we were famous,” he said. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that you can never please everyone. People will always have an opinion, no matter how much you do for them. I just hope that in due course, people will see the good that Robert has done and not the bad.”

Have Other Relatives Given Press Interviews?

Yes, other members of Robert Pattinson’s family have given interviews to the media, but none of them are exactly happy about his decision to wed a commoner. One of his aunts, Patricia, reportedly called him a “pawn” in an interview with the Daily Mail in March 2020. She also said that she has “never accepted” his decision to marry Brown and questioned whether or not her nephew “is capable of true love.”

However, other family members have come out in support of the couple. One of his cousins, Sophy Hogg, who is the former editor-in-chief of the London Sunday Times, has been quoted as saying, “I think it’s adorable and so romantic. I wish them every happiness.” And his uncle, Tim Brown, who is also the founder and chairman of the Financial Times, hailed the couple’s union in a statement: “I am immensely proud of my sister and her husband Robert. They have chosen to pursue a course that is the very embodiment of happiness and optimism. I look forward to watching them raise a family and continue to make a positive difference in the world.”

Have Any Bad Relatives Behaved Badly?

Not that we know of, but some of Robert Pattinson’s acquaintances have reportedly behaved badly towards him. The rumors about him began to circulate after he allegedly bullied his way into getting a private wedding and ignored his peers’ invitations. In fact, he reportedly attended the wedding of George, one of his uncles, who asked the tabloid newspaper, The Sun, to leave the church after just a few minutes because he did not want the paparazzi to ruin the ceremony. And in March 2020, it was reported that an acquaintance of Pattinson’s physically assaulted him at a private party in Paris a few months back.

While he has always kept a low profile in the public eye, it would seem that some people might not always be grateful for all that he does for them. But then, what would we know, right?

Still, it’s important to remember that these are just rumors. We don’t have any concrete proof that any of these bad behaviors actually happened. But, if they did, it would seem that Pattinson’s private life is anyone’s guess. And that’s kind of the problem. Nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes. This is especially odd because he has always been so open about his love for Emily and their desire to start a family. So, it would appear that he wants to share his life with the world, yet he’s keeping many of the details secret. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence…

But maybe this is just what he needs to do to protect himself. Maybe he’s feeling a little bit nervous about a fresh start in a new city. Or perhaps he just doesn’t want to deal with any unnecessary drama. Whatever the reason may be, it’s not like anyone can force him to be open if he doesn’t want to be. Ultimately, it’s his life and his decision to share or keep private as he sees fit. So, he will always be respected as long as he does what makes him happy and continues to work hard at what he loves. And that’s the important thing.