The dating world is a cruel one. Whether it’s the Instagram algorithm or a sick sense of humor, there’s always someone out there to break your heart. But that’s not limited to the screen. The same goes for your love life. You just have to know how to look after your heart and who to trust.

When it comes to relationships, people love to throw around terms like ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’. But instead of being carried away by superstition, let’s use this opportunity to take a look at the fascinating history between Robert Pattinson and Emily Blunt.

The two actors first met on the set of 2015’s highly anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road. At the time, Pattinson was already dating Kristen Stewart and they were both promoting the film. But his time with Stewart was coming to an end and he was looking for a new challenge. The 37-year-old was eventually cast in the role of John Connor in the upcoming sequel to 2005’s seminal cult science fiction epic, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Winter Soldier. The role also marked his directorial debut.

While working on the film, Pattinson and Blunt would occasionally share a kiss on-screen. But their relationship was mostly kept under wraps. The British actress had previously dated her co-star from London Lies Down, which was released in December 2016.

Pattinson and Blunt first confirmed their relationship in a chat with E! in April 2017 and since then, they’ve been extremely busy making headlines around the world. The two have spent most of their time in the spotlight promoting the new film, which is set for release in December.

Key Dates in the History of the Relationship

The two first confirmed their relationship in a chat with E! in April 2017 and have since been busy promoting The Commuter. The film was one of the festival highlights of the year and took home the Silver Lion for best European film at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. In September, the pair attended the Toronto International Film Festival and were interviewed by Barbara Walters for her annual summit. She asked if they planned to get married and they both declined to comment. On October 6, 2017, the A Team filmmaker was spotted in Paris with Blunt’s father, John, who is a retired colonel. Around this time, they both started dressing in more elegant and refined attire and were even rumored to have held a wedding ceremony in Italy. But neither of them commented on the speculation either.

At the end of October, Emily shared her excitement about the upcoming premiere of her latest film, The Shape of Water, with her fans. While she was in London to promote the film, she was interviewed by Variety and talked about her upcoming wedding to the Twilight actor. “There are lots of preparations,” the actress said. “I’m making sure I look fabulous on the big day. And my dress is being made by a designer I’ve been admiring for a long time. It will be a beautiful, private affair. We’re keeping details private but it will be a wonderful celebration.”

How Their Relationship Developed

The year 2017 was a breakout one for Robert Pattinson. A few months after the E! interview, he walked the red carpet for the premiere of his latest film, Twenties, in London. He then traveled to Italy to shoot a brief but romantic comedy with Woody Allen. In June, Pattinson was seen celebrating his 38th birthday with a black-tie affair with Emily Blunt at London’s famous Dorchester Hotel.

While the exact date of their wedding is yet to be announced, the couple have been busy coordinating their plans. In August, they were spotted on a romantic trip to Venice with friends. And in September, Emily was in London promoting her new film while also coordinating with the press to keep abreast of all the breaking news. Most recently, she attended the Toronto International Film Festival, where she was interviewed by Barbara Walters for her annual summit. During the chat with Barbara, the actress confirmed that she and her husband are planning a wedding in Italy.

Signature moves

While most people will remember the steamy scenes between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight films, it was actually the action sequences that caught the attention of audiences and critics alike. The same goes for the films of Robert Pattinson. After Twilight, his biggest commercial success was 2013’s The Walking Dead. The zombie series turned film is now the biggest of all time, earning over $400 million worldwide. Since then, he’s appeared in a number of other successful films, most recently 2017’s The Lost City. But it’s been his work in the trenches that has made him a leading man to be reckoned with. From 2011’s Water to 2015’s High Life, Pattinson has risen to the challenge of playing larger-than-life characters with equal skill.

The Many Loves of Robert Pattinson

Let’s be honest, deep down, we all want to be loved. And what is love but a feeling, or a series of feelings, that you attribute to another, or others? It’s an emotional response to another’s presence, actions, or ideas. So we want to feel that we’ve found someone who gets us, who understands us, and who will be there for us when we need them. This is the essence of love. To be able to feel this way about another person is the ultimate accomplishment when you’re looking for love in your life.

Whether you’re deluding yourself or hoping for true love, there’s always someone out there for you. Just remember that no one is perfect and that you’ll have to work hard to make sure that you find your match. But if you keep a positive and open mind, the stars will surely align.