Robert Pattinson, often considered the most talented actor to emerge from the Twilight series, has always been a bit of a health nut. The British Actor is famous for his rigorous workout regime, which he frequently posts about on social media.

But recently, Pattinson has taken working out to the next level. The 54-year-old recently told Men’s Health that he’s stopped going to the gym altogether. Why? He’s trying to change how he eats to achieve better health.

Here’s what you need to know.

He Started Out With A Clear Purpose In Mind

Pattinson has always been driven by a clear purpose in mind, which he credits to his parents. The actor’s father, Peter, was a personal trainer who helped build Bob’s incredible physique. It was all for show, of course. Peter wanted to be sure his son would be taken seriously as an actor, which he eventually became.

In an interview years ago with GQ Magazine, Pattinson credited his incredible height, which he measures in inches, to his dad’s training. “My father always used to say that height is 90% muscle and nutrition. The rest is luck,” he said.

But even before he launched his acting career, Pattinson was already a keen amateur boxer, turning professional when he was just 22 years old. One of his first jobs was as a bouncer, protecting people in clubs from anyone who might want to cause harm. He also did some modeling and had a few minor acting roles before Twilight came along.

His Workout Routine Changed In 2017

In the lead-up to his latest acting campaign, Pattinson changed the way he worked out. For years, he’d focused on weightlifting and running, alternating between the two on his schedule. But toward the end of last year, he decided to try something new. He started researching intermittent fasting, which he attributed to his desire to change his eating habits and avoid eating disorders.

“When you don’t eat for a really long time, your body produces ketones, which is like a fast fuel. I tried it out and it changed my life,” Pattinson said. “So I decided to give it a go. It’s different from dieting, because it’s not about restricting calories. It’s about rewiring your brain to say no to treats and yes to healthy eating.”

Even with his newfound interest in intermittent fasting, however, weightlifting still accounts for the bulk of his workout routine. He still goes to the gym several times per week and works out with his trainer, Matt Beck. But this year, instead of focusing on weightlifting, Pattinson said he’s tried to spread his workouts around to all major muscle groups, using both kettlebells and barbells. This has led to more variety in his routine. It also means he’s had to be flexible with his schedule, which he’s enjoying.

He’s Not Taking This Shortsighted Approach Because He Needs To

Pattinson said he’s not taking this approach due to a need to shed some weight. The actor, who is currently single and spends most of his time in Malibu, California, where he owns a house, said he’s happy with his body and doesn’t see himself as any particular weight. While he doesn’t mind the occasional day off from working out, he understands that it’s better to exercise regularly than to rely on chance encounters with thin women to fulfill his needs.

Pattinson’s mother, Kate, also has some strong words of advice for men who might be struggling with their weight. “If a man comes home and says he’s unhappy with his body, I want him to say that to my face,” Kate said. “And then I want him to do something about it. Because bodies can be changed, they can be improved, and there are so many different ways to fit into a beautiful dress.”

While it’s important to have confidence in your own skin, there’s also no denying that the times we live in can give people like Pattinson good reason to be nervous about their bodies. There are so many pressures these days. From getting the perfect Instagram post to fitting into that perfect dress, it can be hard not to feel bad about your body in some way. That’s why it’s important not to let society’s expectations get in the way of you finding joy in your own company and with your own body.

Is Robert Pattinson losing his mind? Maybe, but we’d never know it from his acting. The British actor is certainly putting his thoughts into action, and it’s not hard to understand why. With so many people in this world struggling with depression and anxiety, it’s good to see the positive influence that a healthy body can have. Plus, let’s be honest — how many of us would still be here if we didn’t look good in a bikini?