Robert Pattinson is an English actor, musician, and activist. After starring in the Harry Potter films, he went on to appear in indie films such as 2012’s Spring Breakers and 2015’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In 2021, he will star in the leading role in the upcoming James Bond film, Number Night.

Most recently, he made headlines when he publicly refused to have sex with his dog while on tour in support of the latter’s namesake album, Clean.

Here, we’ll explore how to make your dog act like a man’s best friend, and whether or not it’s okay for a dog to sleep with its owner.

The Science Behind Attracting and Training a Dog

The key to training a dog to have sex with you is understanding what drives them. Just like with other animals, most dogs’ sexual behaviors are instinctive. However, they can also be modified by socialization and conditioning.

Like humans, dogs are most attracted to the opposite sex and will often display aggressive and sexual behaviors towards them. This is why it’s crucial to socialize your dog around females from the start. You should also make sure that your dog has not been exposed to any sexual or aggressive behaviors before you begin training.

The most effective way to make your dog behave in a more domesticated manner is through reward and punishment. To begin with, you should reward your dog for good behavior and punish them for bad behaviors. When they begin to understand the rules, they will adapt their behavior to please you. If you want to further modify their sexual behaviors, you can use positive reinforcement to gradually reduce the levels of aggression and sexual arousal they display towards females, while also increasing the amount of time they spend performing sexual acts with you.

Dressing Your Dog In Women’s Clothing

Dressing your dog in women’s clothing is one way of making them act more feminine and interested in sex with you. Women’s undergarments can be safely used as props to entice your dog into having sex with you. In addition to undergarments, you can use women’s dresses, skirts, and other types of clothing to further condition your dog to enjoy close bodily contact. Ensure that these clothes are either loose-fitting or have big pockets and wide open spaces to allow for easy access to your hands if necessary. You should also make sure to keep these outfits simple and easy to remove if your dog begins to overuse them or becomes a little too aggressive as a result of the conditioning process.

Use Anal Glide

Anal glide is a medical-grade lubricant for rectal examinations for dogs and cats. It is colorless, tasteless, and non-compressible, and is especially designed for use in veterinary medicine. It is a perfect match for the inside of a dog or cat’s anus. In the same way that humans and other animals use lubricants to reduce friction and pain during sexual activity, dogs and cats can reduce the likelihood of discomfort during anal penetration with the use of anal glide.

Let Your Dog Semen In

Another method of training your dog to have sex with you is to let them semen in. This is the fluid that is released by a male during sexual activity. Semen contains nutrients that are vital for sustaining a dog’s life and is also a natural fertilizer. You can get semen from other dogs through artificial insemination or collect it yourself by masturbating and ensuring that you harvest enough cum for your pet. Dogs that are old enough will likely produce more semen than younger ones, so you can begin conditioning your dog to have sex with you at an early age.

Use Anal Plastics

Just like with other animals, most dogs will enjoy performing oral sex on humans. However, this behavior can be easily coerced into submission through positive reinforcement and punishing them with a quick bite if they refuse to comply. To prevent your dog from becoming too dependent on human hands, you can use anal plastics to give them an artificial hand to perform oral sex with. You should use these devices on a regular basis to keep your dog entertained and ensure that they continue to perform oral sex on command. Just make sure to be careful not to overuse them or they may develop a dependency on the plastics and not on you as their master. Additionally, ensure that you lubricate the plastics with plenty of water-based lubricant before putting them in your dog’s anal region. This way, you can be certain that they are comfortable and do not contain any harmful substances.

Use Dildos And Vibrators

Dildos and vibrators are perfect tools for adding an extra element of fun into your dog’s sexual encounters. This is especially useful if you want to teach them to have sex with you and will sometimes be accompanied by electrostimulation. Just remember that if you use these tools on a regular basis, your dog’s natural lubrication will be diminished and they may develop a dependency on the devices. You can also use dildos with various sizes to stimulate different parts of your dog’s bodies. Make sure to clean these items well after use to prevent the transmission of diseases.

Make Your Dog A Household Name

If you want your dog to behave in a submissive manner, you should make sure that they are familiar with their name being invoked. To begin with, you should call your dog by their name whenever you address them. You can also take this one step further by giving them a pedigreed name. The more you know their name, the easier it will be for them to obey you. Additionally, you can use the name of a famous person or famous pet to refer to your dog when you want them to behave in a particular manner. When you say the name of the person or animal they are associated with, they will likely jump to obey you. Just remember that if you use the name of a person or animal they are not familiar with, they may become disoriented or fearful.

Ultimately, whether or not it’s okay for a dog to sleep with their owner depends on your relationship with the animal and whether or not they enjoy close physical contact. However, if you want your dog to behave in a more submissive manner, the above methods may be suitable for conditioning them to have sex with you. Just remember to socialize them around females from an early age and do not overuse any of the above tools or methods. Doing so may cause your dog to become dependent on them and may also damage their health.