When it comes to celebrity and lifestyle, few names are as recognizable as Robert Pattinson’s. The 27-year-old British actor has been involved in a number of well-publicized incidents throughout his life. For example, he was arrested for assault back in 2012, and he’s been linked to countless women and girls – many of whom claim to be his professional and personal assistant’s daughters. What’s more, he’s been criticized in the past for his wild lifestyle. This includes several reports concerning his use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

Since it’s virtually impossible to verify the rumors and claims surrounding his personal life, it’s no surprise that people want to know exactly what is true and what is not. This is where we come in. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why Robert Pattinson refrained from taking steroids, including four legitimate reasons and one questionable one. Let’s take a look.

1. He Didn’t Need To

One of the major reasons why Robert Pattinson rejected steroids is that he felt he didn’t need them to succeed in his career. To that end, he reportedly told people close to him that he would rather focus on acting than look like a bodybuilder. In addition, he knew that steroids would only stunt his growth, making it harder to fit into his leading man roles. Finally, he felt that steroids would only further complicate his life, as he would have to deal with the unpredictability that comes with these substances. Ultimately, he wanted to prove to himself and to his fans that he was strong enough to avoid taking steroids, even if they were offered to him.

2. Achieving Ripped Abs Is Not The Only Goal

While Robert Pattinson may have been motivated to avoid steroids because he didn’t need them to succeed in his acting career, not every celebrity or professional athlete turns to doping to achieve their goals. Some people want to achieve a specific body shape or size, while others want to improve their performance – be it athletic or mental. In the case of Robert Pattinson, he reportedly wanted to achieve a more defined and athletic look. This is why he turned down several opportunities to take steroids, including an offer from a well-known sports team. What’s more, he didn’t just want to look like a bodybuilder. He wanted to feel like one as well. To do this, he decided to change what he ate and to work out more frequently, as well as improve his sleep patterns and relax his body. These changes would eventually result in him having the body of a Greek god. However, he still insists that he never would have taken steroids, even if they were offered to him.

3. Health Issues

Another major reason why Robert Pattinson rejected steroids was because of his health concerns. As we’ve established, the actor is not afraid to push his body to the limit and always aims to improve his physical appearance. Unfortunately, these efforts sometimes end in injuries. For example, he fell off a horseback riding accidently and broke his leg. This occurred in 2013 and forced him to take a break from filming. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and was back on set a few months later. However, the incident raised concerns about his health and how he would react to major injuries. His answer to this was to go the natural way. To that end, he started to eat clean food and to focus on workouts and exercise. After going through a tough patch, he eventually got back in shape and was eager to keep doing what he loves. Therefore, he decided to forgo drugs and substances, which he claims are harmful to your health in general.

4. Bodybuilding Is Only A Phase

Another factor that entered into Robert Pattinson’s decision to refuse steroids is that he viewed bodybuilding as a “phase”. To quote him directly, “I think I’ll try and focus more on acting. I don’t really need to add any more muscle. I’ll just focus on what I’ve got”. In other words, he didn’t want to get trapped in the cycle of bodybuilding, where you build up strength, lose a lot of weight and then do it all over again. Instead, he wanted to maintain a constant state of fitness and be able to continue doing what he loves. Ultimately, he viewed steroids and bodybuilding in general as a short-term fix, at best.

5. Doping Can Lead To Major Depression And Self-Doubt

Still another factor that motivated Robert Pattison to turn down steroids is that he was concerned about what would happen if he did take them. In particular, he was worried about the impact that these drugs would have on his mental health. As we’ve established, the actor is not your usual Hollywood movie star. He’s a headstrong person who doesn’t fear making difficult decisions. For example, he decided to break up with his girlfriend even though they’d been together for years and had three kids. Another major decision he made was to turn down several lucrative opportunities to star in films, instead choosing to focus on his craft. In addition, he decided to keep his private life private and shielded from the paparazzi. These are all qualities that were probably forged from personal experience – having been raised by prominent artists and having received an education that empowered him to think for himself. Unfortunately, all of this is probably why he became so attached to his girlfriend. When you add up all the factors, it’s not hard to see how he could’ve wound up taking steroids. Ultimately, he wanted to prove to himself and others that he was capable of making his own decisions and could be trusted to keep them. He also wanted to avoid ruining his mental health by taking a shortcut that could potentially lead to serious depression.

Did Robert Pattinson Refuse Steroids Because They Are Harmful?

Even though he saw bodybuilding as a “phase” and decided to avoid it due to his health concerns, Robert Pattinson is not opposed to participating in other types of sports. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. He was one of the original Varsity Volleyball players at Oxford – a sport he still follows and supports. However, he doesn’t need to take up volleyball to feel satisfied. His favorite activity is running. He also loves biking and has completed several marathons. Ultimately, he’s an active person who enjoys participating in a number of different sports and feels that they all contribute to making him a healthier and a happier person. What’s more, he encourages others to be active and to enjoy the benefits that sports have to offer.

Why Does Robert Pattinson’s Choosing To Refuse Steroids Matter?

Ultimately, Robert Pattison’s decision to refuse steroids and his quest for having a healthy lifestyle matter, not just because he made the choice but also because others are benefiting from it. The actor has a very active social media presence on sites like Twitter and Instagram, where he promotes both himself and the environment that he is helping to create. To bring this full circle, he often uses his own life as an example of how being fit and active can improve his mental and physical health. In addition, he supports several charities that are working to improve the lives of underprivileged children. All of this adds up to a pretty noble character, and we’re proud to see and to be a part of any change for the better.