Welcome to yet another Pattinson update. This one is a little different from the usual updates as
we’ve got some exciting news to tell you about. It’s no secret that our beautiful Kathie has been keeping
the paparazzi away from our sons, so we’re very grateful to her for that. Well, it seems that she’s
been keeping them busy with other clients as well, and so here we are, in the company of one of
the most talented directors on the planet, taking you along on our journey. Yes, we’ll be showing you
a side of Kathie and her clients that you’ve never seen before. It was bound to happen sometime, and we
happily made the most of it.

The Making Of A Classic

You may know that Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and iconic actors. Since he
first burst on the scene over a decade ago he’s managed to stay in the public consciousness, despite
the many changes that Hollywood has seen. It’s not often that we get to see this side of an actor,
especially since most of the time they keep themselves to themselves, and rarely do they want to show us
their daily lives. However, we were lucky enough to get an insider’s look at the making of a classic. It
started with a simple request to make a themed suit for a fashion shoot, and it quickly turned into a
design collaboration between director and actor. As a result, we ended up with something unique,
that will be cherished by many for years to come.

The Design Process

The idea of a red tracksuit for Robert Pattinson came about as a reaction to the success of the
Dark Knight Rises. We were so overwhelmed by the positive response to Bane’s suit that we knew we
had to do something similar, even if it was just for fun. The problem was that most of the suits that we
saw were pretty simple, monochrome and didn’t offer any real variety. In order to do something
different, we decided to use a different type of fabric for the main body of the suit, as well as give it
a fun and quirky spin via the colorway and styling. That’s when the real fun began: designing the
suit, mocking up the looks, and making sure that everything fit exactly as planned.

Testing The Design

The result of our hard work is something that you and I will be able to wear for years to come.
While we were fortunate enough to get our photo taken with the completed suit, we couldn’t help but laugh
at how clueless we looked in the pictures. It was only then that we realized how tricky this whole
process had been. The funniest part is that we had no idea that our suit wouldn’t actually fit
anyone. It was designed for a larger person and the cut was way too snug. The whole process was so
much fun, and we’re already looking forward to the next round of design collaborations.

Who Is The Real Beneficiary Of This Effort?

Even though this was just a fun project for us, we’re sure that Robert Pattinson and his team
have learned a lot. It’s always a pleasure to work with actors who are as talented as he is, and this
has certainly made our lives a little easier as designers. We’re also happy to see that our efforts
have been acknowledged and rewarded in a big way. For years now designers have been trying to
implement this unique and daring style into their work, and now that they’ve been able to do it, we’re
sure that they’ll be able to replicate this style for years to come.