It’s that time of year again! Red Nose Day is just around the corner. On March 29, people all over the world will be celebrating the joys of April Fools’ Day with a series of pranks, jokes, and celebrations.

This year’s iteration of Red Nose Day sees the celebrity charity organiser behind the scheme, Catherine Loewe, inviting the public to join the fight against child poverty by sending a massive smile to a child in need via social media.

Here are six ways you can get involved.

1. Post a picture of you and your partner, or your dog, on social media accompanied by the hashtag #RedNoseDay. You could also use the occasion to remind your followers why they love you in the first place.

2. Make a donation to a children’s charity of your choice via the official Red Nose Day website. You will see a list of all the registered charities that can be supporting, along with their contact details and social media accounts. Use this to find the perfect cause for your contribution.

3. Host a fundraising event for your favourite charity or cause. If you already have a network of friends and family who you could ask to help, this is the perfect opportunity to put their generosity to the test. Ask them to donate money or auction items off to raise money for a good cause. You could also try selling one of your assets, such as your car, boat, or even your house. 

4. Set up a temporary blog or website where you can put up a special offer for one day only. One option is to run a competition where participants can win some fantastic prizes, including holidays and sporting equipment, by making a donation to a children’s charity. Another way to engage with your audience is to create a special blog post designed to provoke a reaction. For example, you can write a love letter to your fans inviting them to make a donation in the name of the person you are feeling romantic towards. These types of posts often work best if you can get a trending topic ready to go as part of the campaign. The more you can do to attract attention to the day, the better. Be careful not to go too far though, as this could backfire if your followers start to question your motives.

5. Spread the word via social media. The best way to support a good cause is by sharing the details of what they are doing via social media. This will not only draw more people to their page, but it will also show your support by demonstrating that you were aware of their work and chose to contribute.

6. Organise a collection of smiling photos to display on social media. This year’s edition of Red Nose Day sees the celebrity charity organising group, 4Cernunnos, behind the scheme. This is an international group of celebrity fundraisers who want to see a smile on the face of every child in 2018.

The photos will display a red nose (hence the name), but you do not have to have a red nose to be in the collection. If you can create a themed group photo, where you wear something that represents child poverty, this could be a great way to show your support. Organising a themed event, such as a carnival or circus party, is another option. You could ask attendees to wear funny costumes and carry props, such as a tambourine or juggling balls. This could be a fun activity for children and adults alike.

So, will you be celebrating Red Nose Day this year?

There are tons of ways you can get involved, so find a way to support a good cause in the name of a celebrity you admire. Remember to have fun while you are at it!