It seems like an age ago since we first heard about the breakup of the once-great British-Irish act, the Kinks. Since then, Mick and his boys have had a lot of time to think about what they wanted out of life. They settled on family, which they pursued with renewed vigor, resulting in the birth of their first child, Léa, in October 2019. The family now spends most of their time at their home in England, which has expanded to include a pool and several other gardens.

After a somewhat scattered start to the decade, it was clear that Mick Jagger’s time had finally come. Not only did he score a number of hit singles in the 2010s, but also toured the world several times, with a series of residencies, culminating in a massive North American tour, running from May to July 2021.

Now, as he approaches his eighth decade, Mick Jagger seems to be fully committed to music once more. Following a few modest appearances, Jagger began a residency at London’s famous O2 Arena in October 2021 and will play there until July 2022. In addition, he has announced several UK and Ireland tours, with some interesting supports, including Imogen Heap, and U2’s Marcus Mumford, who will join him on stage for several songs.

Back to the Roots

While the Kinks were enjoying the fruits of their success, it was clear that something was amiss. For one thing, Ray and Dave were never far away from a bottle, with Dave in particular developing a drinking problem that would dog him the rest of his life. Indeed, Ray and Dave’s drinking problem would eventually result in their divorce in 1975. For another, though they had many hits, especially in the ‘60s, the Kinks never managed to break out of the UK Top 40, peaking at no. 41 with their 1967 hit, “You Really Got Me.” In contrast, their 1981 comeback single, “Come On Let’s Go,” which was featured on their 1981 album, “Give Me Your Best Shot,” barely made the top 40, peaking at no. 43.

A Different Life

During the Kinks’ ‘70s decline, Mick Jagger turned his hand to production work, producing albums for such artists as Freddie King and Aretha Franklin as well as taking on several minor acting roles, most notably in the movie “Performance.” In 2019, Jagger was seen sporting a diamond-studded pinkie ring and the question was raised as to whether or not he’d found the love of his life. While the couple did not deny that they were dating, they were careful to keep their relationship under wraps. This past June, the 80-year-old rocker popped the question and the lovely Eloise was more than happy to say yes. The wedding was incredibly personal in nature and took place at Jagger’s ancestral home in England, with close family and friend M. Jovovich in attendance.

A Decade Later

Following the Kinks’ dramatic flameout, Ray and Dave pursued solo careers, with Ray becoming a full-time musician and Dave founding a band, the Busboys, with guitarist and singer-songwriter Mikel Jollett. In the ‘90s, the group released several albums and had a minor hit with “I Won’t Let You Down,” which reached no. 10 in the UK Top 40 in 1995 and no. 6 in Australia. Most recently, the band has been performing live and releasing albums, including 2019’s “Homesick,” but neither Ray nor Dave have ever really found the fame and fortune they so desperately sought during their Kinks days.

A Reunion

The Kinks’ story doesn’t end here, however. In fact, in 2011, Ray and Dave officially put their differences aside and announced that they were going to get back together to do one last tour. Little did they know that this was going to be one of the most triumphant comebacks of all time. The pair went on an extensive tour of the UK and Europe in the summer and autumn of that year, culminating in a special celebration of their 50th anniversary at London’s Wembley Arena. The show, which was opened by Rod Stewart, marked a triumphant reunion for the band and the audience, many of whom had been holding out hope that the Kinks would one day get back together.

Back to the Future

The Kinks are back and better than ever. In 2019, the band released their 13th album, “Still Kickin,’” a collection of classic rock hits, and also announced that they would be playing several reunion shows around the world in the following year. The group’s leader, Ray Davies, has said that their comeback “feels like a full circle,” noting that they had originally planned to do a tour in 1966 but had to cancel it due to Dave’s alcoholism. With their recent comeback shows drawing large crowds, the Kinks seem to have finally found their feet again. So, if you’re a fan of the talented and iconic British band, you might want to get your tickets now.