We all know that acting is a full-time job, but it seems like Robert Pattinson has managed to balance his acting career with his personal life. The actor recently celebrated his 36th birthday in style, with a big party in London. He had many famous guests, including Harry Styles, who performed for the birthday boy. Styles tweeted about the special night, and even included a photo with his hands wrapped around a beer, suggesting that this is what the party was all about.

If you’re curious about the life of the famous Robert Pattinson, then don’t forget to check out his real Twitter account. We’re going to give you 10 interesting facts about his account. Keep reading if this interests you.

1. He Tweets In Between Takes.

The actor usually tweets between takes, or during breaks while on set. This is because there’s rarely any time left for the characters in the movies he’s acting in. So, in order to stay connected with his fans, he has to tweet. In one of the movies he’s currently acting in, he tweeted during a fight scene. During filming, he would often have to do battle with a different character, and since combat scenes always come first, he had to make a snap decision on which one to tweet and which one to ignore. He even stated that he’s learned to “just go with it” when something happens and he has to react quickly.

2. He Tweets In Character.

Even when he’s not tweeting in character, the man knows how to keep the conversation going. While on a break from filming, he took to Twitter to ask his followers a question about acting. He got into character as Romeo and tweeted back and forth with fans. This is one of the best examples of the actor using his Twitter account because it shows the world that he’s not really that different from the characters he plays on-screen. Even if he had to learn how to tweet while in character, it seems like he wouldn’t have any problems following through.

3. He Tweets In Character, But Is Nervous Around Others.

There are a lot of times when the actor will tweet in character, even when he’s not in character. This is because he feels more comfortable in character, and when he’s not acting, he feels a little nervous around people he doesn’t know. This is understandable, but he has to learn to trust his followers more and let his guard down.

In one of the Twilight movies, he even tweeted about his nerves before a premiere. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common issue for celebrities, especially when it comes to social media. They have so much access to people who want to talk to them about anything, and since they’re not comfortable around many people, they revert to type and only respond with what they want to say. This is why it’s important to find ways to relax and enjoy your life, even when you’re on set or between films. You can’t let your guard down all the time, otherwise you’ll lose your mind.

4. He Has A Private Copilot.

If you thought that the actor’s Twitter account was interesting, then you’ll want to check out his private accounts. He has two private copilots on Twitter, one for film sets and the other for when he’s just relaxing at home. These are full-time pilots who help him navigate wherever he happens to be flying. They also help bring his equipment and gear wherever he goes, so he never has to worry about finding a place to park or storing his bikes. With two pilots helping him, he can have all of this taken care of, so he never has to worry about transportation or finding a place to stay. This alone makes the account worth checking out.

5. He Tweets In Bold, All-CAPS.

The actor usually tweets in all caps, and it seems like this is done for emphasis. When people want to respond to him, they do so in all caps, too. This can become a problem when several people are responding at the same time, because it can be difficult to follow all of the caps-locking. He’s also learned to use the ‘.’ character, which makes all of his tweets appear bold. This is how he likes it, so it’s another reason to follow his advice and keep tweeting in all caps.

6. He Had To Have Surgery To Fit In The Gold Rolex.

There were rumors that the actor had to have surgery in order to fit in the golden watch he was wearing in the recent Spiderman movie. This is not true, but he does have a lot of jewellery, and he had to have a few surgical procedures in order to wear some of the pieces. He had to have a procedure to fit in the golden Rolex, and another procedure to fit in the necklace he was wearing. The most recent procedure was to have his ear pierced in order to wear the diamond stud. It’s interesting how celebrities, even ones as famous as Robert Pattinson, have to continue going under the knife to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is one example of how plastic surgery continues to be a mainstay in celebrities’ lives, even as they age.

7. His Twitter Account Was Originally Deactivated.

The actor’s Twitter account was originally suspended by Twitter for posting ‘inappropriate content.’ According to TMZ, this is because he tweeted a photo of himself holding a bottle of tequila with the caption, “I like to think of it as ‘medically necessary’”. This was a direct reference to the Robert Pattinson meme, which gained viral popularity in 2018. The actor allegedly said that he didn’t even know how the photo was going to end up on Twitter, but he still feels that it was a mistake to let his account be activated in the first place.

8. He Keeps All Of His Twitter Followers To Himself.

The actor keeps all of his Twitter followers to himself, only following a small number of people. He’s probably learned from past mistakes, and he knows how much drama and attention his Twitter account can bring. So, he decides who he wants to follow, and he doesn’t follow anyone back. This means that no one except for a small circle of people knows exactly how many followers he has. When a new account follower reaches out to him to say hi or offer advice, he usually just ignores them.

This also means that his Twitter account is a great place to follow if you want to keep your personal information private. He doesn’t use his Twitter account to promote any brand or product, and he doesn’t reveal too much personal information about himself. If he wants to tweet about something controversial or funny, he’ll usually find a way to do so without the pressure of having to answer to anyone but his followers.

9. He Uses Hashtags For Entertainment Purposes.

Even if the actor doesn’t intend on using hashtags in his tweets, they usually end up being featured anyway. Often times, he’ll just type a little something and one or two hashtags will appear as suggestions. This is how he got into trouble with Twitter in the first place – he was doing this intentionally, but it was still considered inappropriate content.

At first, he was told that he needed to add more substance to his tweets if he wanted to keep his account, but now he gets to enjoy the entertainment value of trending topics and popular keywords. He gets a kick out of seeing his name or photo show up in the suggestions, especially when related to something funny or controversial.

10. He Is Obsessed With Flying.

The final fact about Robert Pattinson’s real Twitter account is that he is obsessed with flying. He will often tweet about how he can’t stop thinking about flying, and he even followed an organization called the One World Trust, who help people with disabilities fly. This is perhaps a side of the actor that his followers didn’t know existed, but he has to be one of the most interesting people on Twitter just because of this obsession.