One of the biggest stories of the year had to be the breakup of actor and singer Robert Pattinson and musician FKA Twigs. The two had been reportedly dating for more than a year, and the world was left wondering whether or not they would actually end up married. After much speculation, the two called it quits and revealed their separation via a joint statement issued through their representatives. The break-up was so big that it even made its way into Forbes’ list of the most influential celebrities of 2017.

While many were sad to see a partnership that produced such great works as the Twilight movies and a song that became a worldwide smash, many were also happy that the two had called off the engagement. After all, they were two very famous, very rich, and very good-looking individuals tied down to an institution that many consider to be dysfunctional. It’s no wonder why so many fans jumped on social media to wish the two good luck in their separation and even profess their love for both of them. That support was certainly noticed by the two men themselves, who took to social media to thank their fans for their kind words.

In a rare and much-needed interview, Pattinson revealed his true feelings about the viral trend and what it means to be on the receiving end of someone’s internet affection. Here, he opens up about his close friendship with his fans, what made him decide to call it quits with Twigs, and the positive impacts that fame and fortune had on his life. So, sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and get ready to cry (or laugh) your eyes out.

On Becoming Best Friends With His Facebook Followers

Pattinson first met his fans through a mutual friend. The acquaintance was a big fan of the Scottish actor, and the two started corresponding with each other through letters, which eventually turned into conversations over voice mail and social media. It was at this point that Pattinson began to really see the potential in connecting with his audience. He had already made the decision to pursue a solo career in 2017, and he knew that to be successful, he would need to appeal to a broad audience. The more he got to know his fans, the more he saw the value in keeping in touch with them and engaging with them on a personal level.

“The thing is, when you’re famous, everyone wants to be your friend, everyone wants to be your fan, and that’s great,” he said. “It means you’ve done something special…You’ve made a connection with someone, and you can’t make that connection with everyone. So it’s very flattering, but at the same time, very overwhelming.”

Pattinson continues, “I think the most important thing is just trying to be the best person that you can be and not let the pressures of being famous or successful get in the way of that. And if you can, have some fun. Have some adventures. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Why He’s Not Friends With Twigs

While Pattinson has always been accessible and kind to his fans, he admitted that it wasn’t easy to be friends with this particular musician. The two had first connected through a shared love of Harry Potter and had bonded over their shared disdain for most celebrity gossip. Later, they even collaborated on a song that paid homage to their friendship. Still, despite their obvious affection for each other, they never seriously considered the possibility of being romantically involved.

When asked if he’d ever had a girlfriend, Pattinson bluntly replies, “No. Never.” He does, however, speak highly of Twigs. “She’s an amazing person,” he said. “I think she’s one of the most talented and unique musicians in modern history, if not the greatest. So, yes, I think she’s an amazing person. It’s just, you know, not my type.”

In addition to his friendship with Twigs, Pattinson is also close friends with model and singer Daisy Lowe, with whom he has a child. He’s friendly with a number of other famous people as well, including David Beckham and Orlando Bloom. It’s no wonder why he’s called one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. But as much as he’d like to be a husband and father, he’s never going to let that happen. Why? Because he’s afraid that if he does, the people who he cares about will lose respect for him.