He’s Been Quiet Since The Rumors Started

Since the rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson started circulating
three years ago, the actor has remained quiet about the whole matter. Even when the
Twilight films were released in theaters across the country and around the world, he
showed no public signs of being affected by the blockbuster fad that was sweeping
the country. And while we were all eagerly anticipating the release of the third
film in the series, On the Road, he kept quiet about not being in a hurry to
start shooting again. So it came as a big surprise when he decided to finally open up
about the whole phenomenon in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

While he had been relatively quiet about his personal life and the rumors
surrounding his relationship with Kristen, he decided to address the matter in
detail when questioned about the third Twilight film. When asked if he was happy
with the ending of the trilogy, he replied, “I’m in the middle of making a movie at
the moment, so I haven’t really thought about it. But I’m sure it’ll be great.” He
then explained that he had been waiting for the right time to talk about it and that
he hoped audiences would see it as more than just a cash-grabbing opportunity.

When asked if he would ever consider working with director Chris Weitz on
another project, he said, “I don’t know. He’s done such a great job with these
films, and I really enjoyed working with him. But, you know, I’ve been really
focused on my acting career lately.”

However, focusing on acting doesn’t mean that he has avoided the spotlight
completely. He has, in fact, participated in a number of humanitarian events
involving animals. He has also been steadily posting selfies on social media,
demonstrating his commitment to keeping in touch with his fans. While many stars
might have tried to fade into the woodwork after such an intense media blitz
following their breakup, he has remained accessible to his 2.3 million Twitter
followers and countless fans online.

He’s Grateful To The Fans Who Have Supported Him

While many stars might have tried to bury the hatchet immediately after
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson finally called it quits, he has chosen
otherwise. Besides using his newfound privacy to focus on his acting career, he has
also chosen to acknowledge their fans and the people who had supported him during
this time of his life. He posted a video to his Instagram account thanking the
people who had followed him throughout the process. He also encouraged his
followers to continue supporting him and the members of the “Twilight” cast even
though the series will come to an end with the final film, On the Road, due out
in theaters on May 20th.

And he isn’t the only one who has thanked their fans for sticking around during
this time of their lives. Several of the supporting “Twilight” cast members have
also posted videos to social media thanking their fans for sticking by their side
throughout the entire process. Robert Pattinson himself even admitted that he was
feeling a little anxious about the end of the series, but that he was also looking
forward to seeing the fans’ reaction to the final product.

His Favorite Scene Wasn’t In The Movies

While many stars might have been intimidated by the size of the “Twilight”
budget, especially since this is a PG-13 rating, Robert Pattinson had no such
regret. In fact, he was excited about the creative freedom the budget allowed
him. And while he adored the entire film, he especially enjoyed shooting the scene
where Bella (Kristen Stewart) finally gets to read S. Cullen (James Caan)’s
narrative poem, “To See More Of Heaven.”

Sage Stallone, the stepson of actor Sylvester Stallone, confirmed that the
“Twilight” budget was indeed bigger than most people thought it was. This is mainly
due to the fact that it included a few special effects that most major studios
wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Plus, they had to replace some of the less
fortunate stunt people with actors who were willing to take on the role
(surprisingly, they found their way into the acting world, as many “Twilight”
stunt people went on to have successful Hollywood careers).

However, he also admitted that it wasn’t easy to shoot. The size and scope of
the movie meant that the days normally started early and ended late. There were
days where they would only eat what they could produce, as they had to save money
for the special effects. Not to mention the number of takes that were normally
required to get the right shot. In the end, though, he was happy that he could give
fans a glimpse of what real life in a soap opera looks like.

While many stars might have been nervous about how the tabloids would react to
their relationship, he had no such concern. Instead, he was excited to finally be
able to do what he loves most, which is to act. While he had been relatively
private about his personal life and the rumors surrounding it, he was glad that he
could now focus on his acting career and be with the person he loved.