Robert Pattinson is an English actor and singer. He rose to fame after starring in the Twilight series. Since then, he has starred in many Hollywood movies. He has recently wrapped filming on the next film in the franchise, Eclipse. In this article, we will discuss some of the insightful things that Robert Pattinson has said about Twilight and other related topics.

On the Genre of Twilight

Twilight was originally conceived as a “New Romancer”, a “young adult” novel that would cater to the female audience that the Twilight films were originally aimed at. However, the book was so successful that it managed to appeal to a larger audience, including young men and children. This was unexpected by many in the publishing industry, and it resulted in additional spin-offs and sequels (more on this below).

Pattinson had this to say about the “New Romancer” concept and the enduring popularity of Twilight:

“I think it’s just a question of time before everyone realises that the ‘Twilight’ books are just a load of fun. It’s actually a really clever literary device what Stephenie Meyer has done; it’s not like they’re trying to reinvent the wheel. People just want to read something that they will enjoy and which makes them feel a bit nostalgic for a more care-free time in their lives. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. It’s almost like she’s creating her own little genre. […] It’s funny, the film will probably have a bigger impact on young people than the books did, just because it’ll give them a better idea of what the character of Alice is really like. But in terms of influencing other people, I think the books are doing that already.”

Pattison is absolutely correct in stating that Twilight is indeed the originator of a sub-genre, and that multiple spin-offs and sequels have since followed in its footsteps. After Twilight, Pattinson went on to star in the Divergent series, which is the biggest film franchise in the world right now (2016). To learn more, check out this informative interview with Pattison on the Divergent films and their worldwide popularity.”

On Playing a Vampiric Character

Pattinson initially expressed reluctance to take on the role of a vampire in Twilight. However, once he did, he realized how much it helped his career, especially in terms of attracting a more mature audience. He elaborated:

“I didn’t want to play a vampire at first, because I thought I would just be typecast as that. I didn’t want to limit myself, you know? But I quickly learned how wrong that was. If anything, making that film probably ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. It gave me a chance to explore a side of myself that I hadn’t really shown before, and it helped me develop a really unique character. […] Since then, I’ve played a lot of different characters, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It all depends on the role, I guess. I mean, obviously I wouldn’t want to play the same character for the rest of my life, but I do genuinely enjoy playing different people.”

This is an interesting perspective from Pattinson. While he has not yet revealed whether or not he will reprise the role of Edward Cullen in future films, he has suggested that he will continue to play “bad guys”. In a recent interview with InStyle, he said the following about the future of the franchise:

“I think they will keep giving me great characters to play. I would love to play the protagonist in a story that’s really about me and my experiences growing up. That would be really interesting to do. So I think they’ll keep discovering new things about me that they can use to further the story.”

On The Importance Of Being Earnest In Modern Society

Pattinson is famous for his acting method, “Method Acting”, which is all the rage in Hollywood today. Essentially, Method Acting involves putting yourself in the character you are playing, and using your skills as an actor to make it look easy. For example, if you are playing a vampire, you will drink blood to nourish yourself. So, if you are ever faced with a situation where you have to go from human to vampire in one scene, it is advised that you engage in that scene as though your life depended on it.

Pattinson discusses this in more detail here:

“Being a vampire in a film is pretty easy. You either are or are not. There are no other options… When they asked me to do ‘Twilight’, there was a scene where I had to go from human to vampire in one go. So I did some research into vampirism, read some books, and went to see a real life vampire. It was incredible… I was absolutely terrified, and yet I had to act like I wasn’t. So the first thing I did when I got home was to lock myself in a room with a bunch of bottles of blood, and act like a vampire all night… I drank one of the bottles and played the part perfectly. Now being a vampire is something I take great pride in, and it really does change your life… It’s basically impossible to be yourself as a person and at the same time be the character you are playing. It requires a huge amount of focus, and a lot of preparation… When I first started acting, I would dread coming up with new ways to say things, because it would make me appear less like myself… Now I never think about that, because every time I open my mouth I am playing a different person, and so far everyone has liked what they have seen. It’s all about acting, and being yourself… Being authentic is something you have to find for yourself, and it cannot be taught. You just have to do it… The characters that I play are usually dark, complicated individuals, and I always enjoy playing them. That’s what makes me good at my job, I think…”

Pattinson is clearly one of the most sought-after young British actors today, and his future looks extremely promising. Many have speculated that he will continue to rise to the top of his profession, and one can certainly see why. He has a unique combination of beauty and brains, and he knows how to use both to the best advantage.