It might not be the most common thing to do, but when you have a home as beautiful as Robert Pattinson’s, it’s worth considering a renovation. The English actor bought the iconic Queenslander house in Sydney and spent over AU$1 million renovating it, creating a cosy and comfortable abode where he and his partner can entertain guests, invite friends over for dinner, and even have romantic getaways with each other. Here’s an inside look at the renovations that transformed the property and its luxurious lifestyle.

The Most Iconic Home in Australia

The iconic Queenslander house in Sydney is one of the most recognisable buildings in Australia. It was designed by Scottish-born architect Walter Campbell and was officially opened for use as a private house in 1924. It was, however, famously used as the setting for the 1956 film Romeo and Juliet starring Robert Pattinson and Keisha Peacock, with the production company behind the movie giving it the title The Little Theatre in Piccadilly. The building has played host to many luminaries over the years including the Duchess of York, Lady Mountbatten, and even the Queen. It’s been featured on The Most Iconic Homes of Australia exhibition, which toured the nation in 2019 and was opened up to the public at the National Portrait Gallery.

After years of living a quiet life in the inner city, Pattinson was finally spotted on the streets of Sydney by a local photographer while out for a bike ride in the summer of 2018. The photographer, Laura Marshall, had previously been tipped off about the celebrity resident and snapped a few quick pictures before quickly realising she had actually captured the famous actor. Impressed, she pursued the opportunity to get a longer look and ultimately landed a few sweet pictures of the Hollywood A-lister. The pictures eventually made their way to a local paper who published them and soon after, agents began knocking at his door.

From Rags to Riches

Pattinson was initially offered the role of Marius in the Oscar-winning movie The Great Gatsby due to his previous work in the television miniseries Vanity Fair. He declined, however, as he was committed to filming scenes for his upcoming movie, Twilight in Canada. He did not end up taking on the role of Marius, but he did end up meeting Daisy, the love interest of the title character in The Great Gatsby, and they eventually started a relationship. The couple decided to wed in an extravagant ceremony in Italy in 2019, which was promptly followed by the premiere of their wedding video.

Romantic Renovations

Pattinson had originally planned to renovate the house for his parents, who now live in an aged care facility in the UK, and wanted to give it a romantic appeal. He enlisted the help of his personal designer and began working on the property in the autumn of 2018. The actor purchased numerous French and Italian furniture pieces, including a beautiful hand-made bed, a dressing table, and even a hair screen for the bathroom. The designer also created four individual rooms for the couple, including a master bedroom, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom.

The couple were determined to give the home a romantic appeal and worked with the interior designer for weeks on end, making numerous visits and requesting numerous changes to the plan. They also visited Italy, where they filmed a number of scenes for Twilight, to study the country’s rich art heritage and interiors.

Campbell Re-imagined

Amongst the changes that were made to the house were the reopening up of a number of rooms and the addition of a pool table and outdoor entertaining area. The master bedroom was also completely redecorated along with the en suite bathroom, which featured an Italian marble basin and shower. The interior designer also brought with her a selection of Italian furniture, including a chaise lounge and armchair, a four-poster bed, and even a breakfast table. The house now sleeps up to six and has a fully stocked kitchen equipped with every appliance and gadget imaginable.

Splashing Out

The couple splashed out handsomely on their new creation and, as a result, the renovation was completed in just over a year. The cost was not disclosed, but considering they have access to some of the world’s best restaurants through his work and she is a high-profile fashion influencer, it’s safe to assume the bills were considerable. Even so, they consider the transformation one of the proudest moments of their lives.

A Romantic Getaway

The couple regularly come back to their renovated home in the city, often entertaining friends and family with dinner parties and other social events. They also held an intimate and secluded wedding ceremony there in September 2019. The newlyweds locked the doors and invited just a few close friends and family members to witness the culmination of their love story. One of the beautiful features of the renovated house is the fact that it can accommodate two separate lounges, which means the room can be used for intimate gatherings, birthday parties, and other social events. The couple also have an outdoor shower so guests can wash off after exiting the swimming pool, which is adjacent to the property.

Keeping Fit

The actor also bought himself an exercise bike and has been cycling to work each day, rain or shine, for over a year now. He also swims every other day in the couple of pools adjacent to his home and makes occasional weekend getaways to the glorious coast of New South Wales. Keeping fit has become an important part of his daily routine as he looks to trim down for his next role, which will most likely be a period piece set in the 1960s. The star has had a busy year and was last seen in theaters playing the role of the legendary author William Shakespeare in the comedy-drama The Bard Walks Again. The 2020 movie The Great Waltini, in which he plays Paddington, the eccentric owner of a bagel shop, is now playing in cinemas across the country.

Enjoying Life

Pattinson took to social media to share the news of his upcoming wedding and shared several snaps from his renovation with his fans. He also made a video of himself splashing about in the pool at his newly renovated house with his wife-to-be. The video was met with positive feedback as he showed off the luxurious property and its enviable pool scene. It also showed off his happiness and joy at being able to share his news with his followers.

Robert Pattinson’s Queenslander Home

Sydney might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of luxury real estate. However, the English actor’s collection of mansions, which also includes a vacation property in Italy and a farm in Vermont, prove that he isn’t afraid to splurge on a beautiful home wherever he goes. Pattinson’s iconic residence in Sydney is one of the most recognisable buildings in Australia and attracted a great deal of publicity when it was purchased by the actor in 2018. He spent over AU$1 million renovating it and, as a result, created a cosy and comfortable abode where he and his partner can entertain guests, invite friends over for dinner, and even have romantic getaways with each other. Here’s an inside look at the renovations that transformed the property and its luxurious lifestyle.