Welcome to the official blog of PuzzleFactory, the company behind the popular Puzzle Box collection. Over the years the collection has expanded and now includes a variety of games for the whole family to enjoy. It’s time for an update!

Puzzler creator Robert Pattinson shares some exciting news about the next generation of Puzzle Boxes.

What’s New With The New Squiggle Puzzles?

It’s been five years since the last major revision of the Puzzle Box collection, and that was mostly due to changing consumer demands. It doesn’t mean the collection has remained stagnant, far from it, the design team at PuzzleFactory have been hard at work updating, expanding, and refining the product to better suit the needs of today’s generation of gamers.

The result is the new Squiggle puzzles.

If you’ve never heard of a Squiggle puzzle, that’s probably because they don’t belong to a category. The design team at PuzzleFactory have taken the best parts of the original Puzzle Box and combined them with some all-new innovations. Let’s take a look at what makes these puzzles so special.

Combination Lock

The Combination Lock is perhaps the biggest innovation in the whole of the new Squiggle puzzles. If you’ve ever tried to open a puzzle box only to find the lock is stuck, then you’ll know how frustrating this can be. With a Combination Lock, this problem is a thing of the past. Simply set the dial to the number of puzzles you have, or would like to try out, and click the button to lock the lid. All of your efforts will be rewarded when you open the box to discover all the pieces have fallen inside. This makes removing the box from the box a whole lot easier and less frustrating. Most importantly, children and others with dexterity issues can now enjoy puzzles without fear of breaking a sweat when trying to open them.

Removable Pieces

When the lock is engaged, pressing down on the lid will cause a symbol to light up under the box. This symbol indicates to the user which puzzle pieces are connected to the lid and which ones can be removed. The ability to customize the puzzle by removing pieces that are no longer needed is very exciting for the design team. Creating a puzzle with multiple levels is all the rage these days, and this feature makes it a whole lot easier for children to practice their math skills while having fun with the puzzle. The symbol will also help users who have autism or other social skill impairments identify which pieces to remove to create a more accessible puzzle. It’s a stroke of genius really, and something every puzzle fan should try out.

Sterilizable Lids

The material used to make the lids for the new Squiggle puzzles is a great example of how the design team at PuzzleFactory continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. It’s not just a case of using a different material, but crafting the box to make it more tamable. The lids are incredibly tough, yet lightweight, and have the added bonus of being sterilizable, which makes them ideal for use in medical facilities. The materials used to craft these lids are a blend of silk and metal, which together make for an incredible combination. It’s a win-win situation really, the health industry can enjoy beautiful puzzles while patients can have peace of mind in knowing the lids can be sterilized.

Sliding Puzzle Piece Locks

The Sliding Puzzle Piece Locks, like the Combination Lock, are another brilliant innovation from the folks at PuzzleFactory. These locks have two important functions, they keep the lid of the puzzle box secured while also allowing for the easy removal of puzzle pieces as needed. When using the Sliding Puzzle Piece Locks, the first thing you’ll notice is how much quieter the lid makes when it’s closed compared to the originals. This is thanks to the dual locking system, when combined with the removable pieces, adding more locks doesn’t make much noise at all. It’s like adding a second layer of security without tripping over yourself in the process.

Improved Articulation

The last thing anyone wants is a puzzle that’s hard to put together because of poor fit or unclear connections. These problems result in too much wiggling and turning when putting the puzzle together, and eventually lead to frustration and maybe even tears. To prevent this, the design team at PuzzleFactory have added more articulation to the pieces, resulting in less wobble and noise when the box is opened and closed. The result is a truly polished product that will appeal to fans of all ages and skill levels.

What About The Pricing?

The pricing for the new Squiggle puzzles is comparable to the originals, with individual packs of five containing five pieces each sold for £12.49. The complete set of ten will be sold for £24.99. As with all of PuzzleFactory’s products, these prices are subject to change without notice.

We’re really happy to see the design team at PuzzleFactory continue to innovate and upgrade their best-selling product line. These new Squiggle puzzles will delight fans of all ages while also providing a more accessible gameplay experience for the whole family. We can’t wait to see what else the team at PuzzleFactory has in store for us.