Most people would agree that 2017 was a pretty eventful year. It was filled with ups and downs, but in the end, it all worked out for the best. While many of us are still basking in the glow of this year’s events, one of its highlights has been the celebrity romances that defined it. From Game of Thrones to The Night of, we were treated to something new and exciting pretty much every week. One such romance was that of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Their whirlwind courtship and impromptu wedding served as a microcosm of this year’s big headlines, and it was an iconic story that captivated the world. If you’re among the many who were swept away by this year’s celebrity romances, you’ll want to know the latest on Rob and Kristen’s relationship. There’s plenty to keep track of, so let’s get into it.

Rob And Kristen’s Romantic Proposal

It all started when Robert Pattinson posted a blurry photo of himself on Instagram in March. Coincidentally, Kristen Stewart also happened to be in the photo and her engagement ring was visible. The image was so blurry that it was impossible to tell what was going on, but it got the imagination of millions of romantics going. This was followed up by some very romantic tweets from Rob and Kristen, which only spurred on speculation. Then, a few weeks later, they had a romantic vacation to Italy in May, which only added to the intrigue. There’s no question that this year’s romantic trials and tribulations have been exciting to follow. Especially considering that it was largely orchestrated by the young couple themselves. It seems that the romance began when Stewart asked Pattinson to be her plus one at a New York Fashion Week party in 2016. Since then they’ve been linked nearly ever since and it’s not been difficult to keep up with all the developments.

A Year Of Happenstance

It’s no secret that good fortune often follows celebrity. Case in point: it was only a matter of time before Rob and Kristen’s romance was featured in a major motion picture. In November, they were cast in the upcoming adaptation of On the Road. This was the follow-up to Hell or High Water, which was released earlier in the year. The film is based on the 1949 book of the same name by Jack Kerouac, which was itself the basis for the 1957 classic. It’s safe to assume that Rob and Kristen’s road trip will capture the imagination of audiences once again.

Sober Living And Togetherness

While Rob and Kristen’s romance was the big story of 2017, it was far from the only one. The pair were responsible for some interesting pairings as well. In September, they hosted a wedding party for actor Benicio del Toro. The newlyweds posed for photos with the guests and Toro gave a toast to the bride and groom. Later that month they also welcomed a son, Asher Pope Stewart, into the world. This was followed by an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, where the couple opened up about their newfound family. We can’t help but wonder what the future holds for these young stars. Will they continue to shine or will their rising stock plunge? Only time will tell, but for now, their star is on the rise.

What’s Next?

Now that Rob and Kristen have concluded their engagement and wedding tours, it’s time for them to hit the road again—this time as a couple. They haven’t set a date for their second round of wedding festivities, but we can only assume that it will be sometime next year. This will be the first of many joint appearances that the couple will make. They will be promoting their upcoming film, The Nest, which hits theaters on January 18th. In the meantime, their fans will have to make do with their Instagram stories, which are as romantic as ever. It seems that the celebrity romance machine that is Rob and Kristen is already turning to making plans for the future. They’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2018.