It’s been almost 10 years since Prince Harry and Prince William first met at a birthday party for Prince George in London and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, the two princes have become firm friends and have spent a lot of time together. Although they often train for their prestigious military duties, they have managed to carve out a little extra time to spend with each other.

A Friendship that’s Lasted Decades

It was nearly 20 years ago that Prince William and Prince Harry spent their first long gap of unoccupied time together. In that time, they have not only become firm friends but have also forged a bond that is as strong as it is unique.

It is safe to say that Prince Harry and Prince William have influenced each other in a positive way. They have been a constant source of support for one another, especially during the times that have seen them both at the forefront of their respective royal households. This year is the 20th anniversary of the start of their friendship and it seems only fitting that they should be spending some time together to celebrate.

The two princes have managed to stay close even after spending so much time apart. As members of the British royal family, they have always had the opportunity to be in each other’s company. It’s safe to say that they have not only grown together but have also blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

A Bond that’s Only Stronger With Age

Even during their school days, Prince Harry and Prince William shared a special bond, not least because they both hailed from the privileged world of the English upper classes. It was clear from an early age that the two were going to be best friends and when the time came for them to enter the military, they did so with a shared understanding that they were going to be serving together.

They have gone on to serve their country proudly and have each made significant contributions. Since 2006, Prince William has been leading the charge in the fight against climate change, particularly as the patron of the Blue Planet Society. In that time, he has met with numerous world leaders to make sure that they are on board with his mission to phase out fossil fuels by next year.

Prince Harry has also played an active role in the climate change fight and has established a charitable foundation that he co-founded with his wife, Meghan, to donate funds and expertise towards the conservation and restoration of endangered species.

Despite their very different public profiles, both princes have always stood by each other. When Meghan was criticized for being too close to Harry, he defended her and said that he and his wife were both proud to stand by Harry. And when the Duchess of Cambridge was criticized for her fashion choices, it was Prince Harry that stepped in to defend his sister-in-law.

In the last few years, their relationship has become even more intertwined. Over the years, both have become more comfortable with their public duties, stepping out together more often than not. In fact, the last few years have seen them spend more time together than apart. The bond between them is unbreakable.

Serving on the Frontline of Public Duty

For decades, Prince Harry and Prince William have been on the frontlines of public duty, serving their country and their royal family loyally. They have each made significant contributions to society, particularly in the wake of the pandemic that put a stop to most of their public engagements. But, even prior to the pandemic, they had made arrangements to ensure that they could continue to carry out their important public roles.

Even After the Pandemic, Their Friendship Endures

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Prince Harry and Prince William were determined to continue with their public engagements. It was only a matter of time before the pair were spotted canoodling in public yet again. After all, it seems that no matter what, two friends just want to be together.

The two princes have continued to work hard, carrying out their public duties as before. They have been steadfast in their determination to serve their country and their friendship has not wavered.

It was nearly a year ago to the day that Prince William was joined by his brother, Prince Harry, at a public engagement. The brothers have spent a lot of time apart since then, with Prince Harry stepping out on numerous solo walks while Prince William has been working hard to reestablish his fitness. But, they have never been closer and it seems that, as time has gone on, their bond has deepened.

A Royal BFFsip

Over the years, Prince Harry and Prince William have become firm friends. They have shared a special bond from an early age and have gone on to serve their country together. They are both aware of their public duties and have each made significant contributions to society. More and more, we are seeing a shift in the way the British royal family interacts with the public. While many members of the royal family now conduct their engagements via social media, the princes have continued to step out into the streets to engage with the public. In the last few years, they have made numerous appearances together, traveling the world and meeting some of the most influential figures in society. They continue to work tirelessly to serve their country and their friendship remains as strong as ever.