If there’s one thing we know about actor/singer/songwriter/designer/director Robert Pattinson, it’s that he loves his fashion accessories. Whether he’s wearing a baseball cap, a beanie, or even a crown, the 27-year-old British celebreality almost always has an accessory in tow.

And it seems like his collection is growing by the minute. Wanting to keep up with the style-setter, we’ve decided to curate a comprehensive wardrobe of his most iconic fashion pieces, from his debut in the 2005 movie The Innocent to his more recent projects such as the upcoming movie Velvet Buzzsaw and his role as Lord Vincent in the Netflix series The Witcher.

Here, we’ll run down the most unforgettable Robert Pattinson fashion moments and the designer collaborations that made them memorable.

The Jacket That Started It All

If there’s one piece of clothing that helped put Robert Pattinson on the map, it’s his trusty leather jacket. While the Brit may not always get the style tip he deserves, the jacket has proven to be one of the most iconic fashion pieces of his career.

The first time we see Robert Pattinson in the 2005 movie The Innocent he’s wearing a red leather jacket. The following year, the British actor would don the iconic garment again in the movie version of the musical Rent. Since then, the style has made multiple appearances in TV series, music videos, and other public appearances. Most notably, it was seen in Kenneth Branagh’s 2009 production of Hamlet. And let’s not forget about his performance in the 2018 movie The King.

In the 2005 movie The Innocent, Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of the British king Harold II is chilling. In one scene, Branagh’s villainous character wears a black leather jacket with white fur trimmed around the hood. The sharp contrast between the two colors made the garment stand out even more.

Whether you love or hate Branagh, it’s hard to deny the impact that the production had on popularizing the red and black combination, as well as on the career of its costar Robert Pattinson. Since then, the red and black leather jacket has been seen on or around the actors from Mike Leigh to Benedict Cumberbatch and is even said to have been worn by Leonardo DiCaprio. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to look like Leonardo DiCaprio?

The Classic Leather Jacket

If there’s one thing we know about Kenneth Branagh it’s that he has a great sense of humor. This is evident in his brilliant performance as the Bard in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. While the wicked Prospero might cause chaos and destruction, his sense of humor really shines through in his portrayal of a broken and lonely old man.

In one of the movie’s most iconic scenes, Branagh’s character takes the stage in a long black coat with a red lining. The contrast between the two colors is as striking as it is amusing.

The idea of an Oxford gown draped over a leather jacket is undeniably attractive, but unfortunately, this outfit wasn’t meant to be worn by anyone. The style was originally created for Shakespearean plays and has been used as a fashion silhouette ever since. It’s not surprising that Kenneth Branagh would want to experiment with the unique costume, considering his affinity for the theatrical style. But despite its popularity, the scene was probably the most polarizing of Branagh’s career.

The Baseball Cap

Speaking of Hollywood’s favorite designer, let’s talk about his distinctive, albeit slightly creepy, style. In 2007, Benedict Cumberbatch donned a baseball cap as part of his costume for the movie The Darjeeling Limited. While the fashion choice wasn’t that inspired, the effect was striking. With his high collar and billowing sleeves, the designer William Burberry made the otherwise plain cap look like a stylish statement.

The baseball cap would go on to become one of Cumberbatch’s most recognizable fashion looks, as he sported the accessory in a number of high-profile movies and TV shows such as The Hobbit, The Secret Service, and Sherlock.

The Beanie

One of the more recent fashion moments from Robert Pattinson involved his hatless head being caught in a sea of beanies. The British actor looked dashing as he sported his signature beanie hats in the 2019 movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The quirky headwear caught the attention of moviegoers and sparked an intense online trend, as fans wanted to copy the stylish pose. The craze even reached far away places like China and Russia, where people started calling Pattinson “the king of beanies.”

In one scene in the film, Patricia Arquette’s character gives Pattinson a playful punch in the arm and says “nice beanie.” The playful banter between the two is charming, but what’s most memorable about this moment is the hat-throwing starfish.

The “beanie king” quickly became a trending topic on social media platforms like Twitter, where users compared his style to that of an animated GIF. Since then, the hat has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the “Crocheted Marvel” trend, as fans have been rocking the chic look for years.

The Baseball Shoes

If you thought the beanie was the cutest fashion moment from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you’re in for a real treat. The scene that everyone’s talking about involves Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Robert Pattinson. Or at least, the latter two actors are the focus of the scene as we see them barefoot and dressed in their athletic wear, with the English actor sportingly throwing a set of baseball shoes at the camera. In the middle of acting out a fantasy involving a sport he clearly cares about, Pitt’s character stops to pick up the shoes, as if magnetically attracted to them. The scene is both adorable and iconic, inspiring countless imitations on TikTok, as well as fans of the three leads to sport this outfit again and again.

The shoes were worn by Pattinson in the movie adaptation of The Witches of Salem, and they’ve been seen on the actor since. A pair of black Vibrams FiveFingers shoes were even released in 2019 in collaboration with the designer. While we’re on the subject of fashion and sneakers, let’s not forget about that rare and special occasion when Pattinson matched his red jeans with white sneakers. The look is pure American Gigolo, as it was created by the legendary photographer Richard Avedon in the 1960s.

The Cheddar Box

The combination of a knotted beard and puffed sleeves made the 1920s look especially cool for Kenneth Branagh in the 2014 movie The Lost World. The English actor looked dashing as he sported a traditional British uniform of knotted tie, button-down shirt, and flamboyant scarf. What’s most memorable about this outfit is the contrast between the smooth fabric of the shirt and the rough texture of the scarf, which gives the ensemble a lived-in feel.

The contrast in scale between the two items is another striking feature of this look. While the scarf is large and colorful, the shirt is small and simple, creating an effect of rough and relaxed elegance. Despite its everyday appearance, this is an outfit that Branagh would never choose to wear in real life, as he’s far too proper and traditional a guy to sport something so “ungrammatical.” But we can dream, right?

The Grand Tour

A few years back, we got a glimpse of what might be the most fashionable of all time in the form of a tweet from Emma Watson. The British actress was promoting the launch of her fashion line in collaboration with the luxury goods company Burberry, which she called “The Emma Watson Burberry Collection.”

The collection features pieces that were inspired by the famed 1903-1924 journey around the world that became known as the “grand tour.” Watson’s original itinerary consisted of a 10-week trip that began in London and took in 15 countries across five continents. The grand tour is still remembered today for its opulent lifestyle and eclectic choice of destinations, making it one of the most fascinating stories in early 20th century adventure travel.

In the collection, fans of Emma Watson will find a number of original pieces that pay homage to this incredible journey. The collection draws not only on Watson, but also on her friend and collaborator Stella McCartney, who designed the pieces.

The pieces were made available for purchase on the Burberry website and have since become some of the most coveted items in the company’s history. Not even a year later, the pieces are already back in stock.