No other movie stars are as hotly-desired as Robert Pattinson. The British actor first came to our attention with his role as Edward Cullen in the highly-acclaimed Twilight film series. He went on to appear in countless other blockbusters, including Robin Hood, The Lost Symbol,and most recently, The Losers. Now that he’s officially become a full-fledged movie star, it’s time for us to find out what his fans can expect from his new film, premiering August 23rd in theaters across the country.

A Dramatic Turn

Although Pattinson is no stranger to blockbuster films, he’s never really been considered a serious dramatic actor. For his latest feature, Pattinson has dramatically altered his acting style. Gone are the playful, comedic, and occasionally absurdist moments that helped him to become so famous. Now, he wants to show the world a different side of himself.

Pattinson opens up about the change in an interview with Vogue. “I just wanted to become a more mature actor,” he says. “And I think I’ve managed to do that. With this movie, I wanted to take myself seriously as an actor and see if I could really put myself in these characters and tell these stories.”

According to the actor, he spent about a year and a half “immersing myself in the world” of gambling before stepping into one of the roles for which he is well-known. Although Pattinson has always been interested in the subject matter of his films, he never really had to prepare much for his parts. This time around, he claims that he spent a lot of time reading books on the topic and even met with some casino executives to learn more about the subject matter.

Many fans will be pleased to see Pattinson tackle such a dramatic role. The actor has been wanting to expand his horizons for quite some time now, and this could finally be the role that enables him to do so. We’ll have to wait and see if Pattinson’s transformation is truly for the better.

A Film Retrospective

Robert Pattinson is often hailed as one of the most influential artists of our time. His unique blend of Hollywood glamour and traditional British manners have made him a worldwide sensation. It would appear that his influence extends far beyond artistic, as he’s managed to change the face of Hollywood as we know it. Now that his career as an actor is seemingly complete, it’s time for us to take a step back and see just how much he’s accomplished.

To celebrate his extraordinary career, Pattinson has assembled a fantastic filmography that spans over twenty years of work. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his professional career, Pattinson is set to release a retrospective of his films. The year 2022 will see the debut of a new film titled, Outcry, and it will be the culmination of years of anticipation from his fans. Fans of Robinson Crusoe can rest assured that the story will be adapted for the big screen, and it will be quite possibly the director’s most ambitious project to date.

One of Pattinson’s more recent movies, The Lost Symbol, is set in New York City and is based on the bestselling novel, The Lost Symbol. The adaptation follows the same story and even features some of the same characters. It features a great team including Robin Wright (Mrs. Malloy in The Gallows) and Toby Jones (Dale in A Star Is Born) as well as a supporting cast that includes Scoot McNairy (Arrested Development), Danny Huston (The Witches of East Oxford), and James Cromwell (Logan).

Pattinson’s next project is the adaptation of the cult-favorite Victorian novel, Vanity Fair. The film stars an all-star cast that includes Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith, James Norton, and Osmond Fisher. The film, set for release on October 23rd, is the follow-up to 2015’s critically-acclaimed The Theory of Beauty. Although Vanity Fair has been available for pre-order for some time now, it was only recently that fans learned of its significance in Pattinson’s movieography. Most importantly, it will be the actor’s second collaboration with Gucci’s design house and it will mark one of the most important collaborations of his career.

A Growing Pains

In 2019, it was revealed that Robin Wright had written a tell-all book about her time on set with Robert Pattinson titled, It’s Only a Game. The book, which was co-authored with Zoe Graham, details the intense preparation that went into playing the part of Mrs. Malloy in the adaptation of The Gallows. As the film’s production grew increasingly strained, the actress describes how she and the other women on set would help Pattinson relieve his creative and professional stress. That same year, news broke of a strained relationship between Robin Wright and Pattinson, which resulted in her leaving the production. It’s only a Game, which was published in September of this year, serves as an important window into the tensions that have always existed between the two.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that one of Hollywood’s most influential and desired leading men should team up with one of its most prominent and decorated actress. While it’s no secret that the media has relentlessly pursued and publically scrutinized their relationship, it appears that the pair have managed to maintain a professional and friendly respect for one another. This is not to say that they don’t experience their fair share of drama and tension; they clearly do, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that it’s been even more intense in the years since their initial collaboration. One of the best parts of It’s Only a Game, however, is that it offers an insight into their working process. Knowing that they started their professional relationship with a film as a way to escape from the tabloid fray, it’s fascinating to see just how far their careers have taken them and how much they have accomplished together. They may no longer be hiding in plain sight, but this book will ensure that they never truly disappear from the public eye.