Most Likely To Play A Parent

One of the most anticipated films of 2021 is Warner Brothers’ The Kidmonsters. The movie is an adaptation of the popular French series Les Petits Monstres and will star Robert Pattinson. Although there are no details about his role just yet, we can assume that he will play a parent.

This is not the first time that the 26-year-old actor portrayed a parent. He has previously starred in the British movie Beautiful Creatures, in which he played a father who adopts two children who turn out to be monsters. In addition to these movies, Robert also acted in the upcoming comedy series The Stand Up Troll and will be seen alongside his Twilight co-stars in the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Favourite Roles To Play

While many people are looking forward to seeing him play a parent in a few months, it seems that the actor is not exactly enamoured with the idea of being seen as a baby daddy. In an interview with The Sunday Times, he jokingly stated that he wanted to play “the most terrifying character [he] could think of” and further revealed that he was not interested in the child actor business: “I won’t have my own kids—if I’m lucky—until I’m 40. Kids grow out of clothes faster than you can buy them.”

The list of roles that he finds most attractive consists of characters that he can play for “several hours”. These include Han Solo in The Rise of Skywalker, which will be the final installment of the Skywalker saga, and Max Rockatansky in the movie adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. In case you’re wondering, Rockatansky is the lead character in the book series. He is a con man who gets caught up in the intrigue of the Second World War.

Most Likely To Star In A Drama

In his acting career, Robert has mostly shied away from playing the part of a father, with the exception of his performance in 2015’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. This is largely due to his previous roles in the dramas High School and Suburban Mayhem. While these films were successful, they barely made it past the box office gauntlet. It is therefore likely that Warner Brothers will steer clear of a drama-themed role for Robert in the near future.

Favourite Dramas And Mini-series To Star In

Although he has played a father in the past, it seems that Robert has no desire to become a full-time dad. Consequently, we can rule out the possibility of him playing a starring role in a miniseries or a drama about being a father. If nothing else, he has stated that he doesn’t have time to commit to another project.

Nevertheless, it would be a bit of a surprise if he doesn’t play a part in at least one drama or miniseries. The truth is that he is a talented actor who has proved himself time and time again. He has played various roles in a variety of dramatic series, earning him the nickname “The King of the Dramas”. These include:

  • Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga (2012-2014)
  • Leonard Lake in Penny Dreadful (2014-2018)
  • John Watson in Sherlock (2014)
  • Cyrus Gold in Preacher (2016-present)
  • Logan Huntzberger in The Stand (2020)

Most Likely To Play A Villain

There is one role that most people seem to want to see Robert Pattinson play: villain. After appearing in 2017’s The Dark Tower, he will next be seen as the eponymous character in the upcoming Ava DuVernay-directed movie The King of the Cage. This is the first installment of a planned trilogy and will once again put Robert in the role of a villain. If he accepts the role, it would mark a major departure from his previous parts, as well as the parts that he has expressed an interest in playing in the future.

It is clear that Warner Brothers is interested in capitalizing on the popular appeal of The Twilight Saga. The studio has already begun production on The Kidmonsters, and it is likely that they will continue to make movies and series based on Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy novels. In fact, it is highly possible that they will adapt all of her books into films and TV shows. This could potentially mean big things for Robert, as he would then be able to offer a wide range of roles to choose from. In addition to playing a parent, he could also play a villain in a trilogy, a mob boss, a warlord, or a superhero.

Most Likely To Play A Comic Book Character

Comic books have experienced a bit of a revival in the last few years, and this has led to more roles being offered to actors. In fact, it seems that Robert Pattinson is looking to play more characters that come from the pages of a comic book. He has previously stated that he would like to play “someone really evil [who] wears a lot of black” and that he has been offered various comic book roles: “There was a little bit of a run on the super-villains at the moment, so [I signed] on for something sinister. But it would have been more fun to play a goofy superhero.”

Favourite Action Movies

It is clear that Robert enjoys action movies, and it seems that his favorite movie genre is adventure, followed by comedy. While we can’t pinpoint which movies he enjoys most, we can assume that his choice is influenced by the part that he plays. If we compare his interests to his previous roles, it is clear that he has shifted away from drama and towards action, adventure, and comedy.

Favourite Comedy Movies

While Robert has said that he enjoys drama, it seems that he finds the lighter side of human nature more interesting. His favorite comedy films include:

  • Father of the Bride (1991)
  • The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Airheads (2010)
  • My Dinner With Andre (1981)
  • The Graduate (1967)
  • Silly Cowgirl (1965)

These are all classics and highlight Robert’s comedic talent. However, it is clear that he enjoys playing off of other characters, as much as he enjoys playing himself. In his interview with The Sunday Times, he jokingly stated that if he had to choose between playing villains or comedy characters, he would choose the latter.

Which Villains Do You Want To See Robert Pattinson Play?

While we can’t say for sure, it seems that Warner Brothers is interested in portraying Robert as a villain in the near future. This is not a new development; in fact, the studio already began production on The King of the Cage, which will be released on December 4, 2021.

If you are looking for some ideas, here are some villains that you could see Robert play:

  • The Joker (1989)
  • Ironman (2013)
  • Mr. Freeze (1990)
  • Harley Quinn (2015)
  • Lex Luther (1978)
  • Jor-El (Sonic the Hedgehog, 2019)

These are all interesting villains, and it would be a shame to see such talented actors play these parts. Nevertheless, it seems that Warner Brothers is looking to cash in on the popularity of the Twilight Saga. This could mean that we will see more movies and TV shows based on Stephenie Meyer’s works in the future.