Robert Pattinson is an English actor and musician. He is known for his romantic roles in the Twilight film series and in David O. Russell’s The Fighter. He began his acting career in commercials before breaking into films in 2012. He has since starred in films such as David Lynch’s Dune and Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. The actor is set to star alongside Rebel Wilson in the comedy What Men Want, based on the BBC series, which premieres this month.

Robert Pattinson’s Beachy-Calypso-Day

The British actor has been spending a lot of time on the beach recently. In fact, he has been posting a lot of beach-front pics on his Instagram account. Most of the pics show the 31-year-old actor shirtless and enjoying a (seemingly) quintessential California day. Here are some of our favorite beachy-calypso-day pics of Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson In The Sand

SandWings is a beachy-themed bar and grill located in Marina del Rey, California. It is best known for its shark tanks and its live music venue, which is open until 4 a.m. on many nights. The bar offers a casual upscale atmosphere with modern American fare, including sandwiches, smoothies, and paninis. It also serves alcoholic beverages, including wine, champagne, and mixed drinks. For dessert, there are chocolate-dipped strawberries and other sweets available. Plus, of course, there are beachy desserts, like coconut and beach cake pancakes.

On June 22, 2018, several paparazzi photographed the actor outside of SandWings. One of the photos showed him standing next to a white Ferrari F12berlinetta, which had “RP” written on the side in black. An eyewitness told Us Weekly that Pattinson looked “happy as a clam,” adding that he was “laughing and joking with the staff.” Although he was shirtless, the collar on his polka dotted shirt was not visible, and his bare feet were on the line.

Robert Pattinson In The Shower

The “Twilight” actor was also seen washing his hair at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. On June 24, 2018, he posted an Instagram pic of himself in a hotel shower. “Hotel Shampoo,” he captioned the pic. He added in the comments that he uses the shampoo because “[It] makes [his] hair look like steel.” He also mentioned that he is a big fan of the product and often uses it when he is traveling abroad. He later removed the post, but not before it had already gone viral.

Robert Pattinson On A Gurney

On June 26, 2018, the English actor was spotted on a Los Angeles County gurney. He was wearing only a pair of black socks and black sneakers. The next day, he was again seen in the same outfit but with different socks and shoes. On June 28, he was seen with his arms folded and wearing a black tank top and jeans in the rain. The rain did not appear to be particularly heavy, but he looked cold nevertheless. He has not been seen outdoors in California since then. Perhaps he had a cold and was staying indoors to nurse it.

Robert Pattinson In A Tiki Bar

Last but not least, here’s an image of the English actor in a tiki bar, where he was spotted on August 3, 2018. He was wearing a black shirt with a patterned pattern on it, black jeans, and black shoes. On the day before, he had been sighted in Milan, Italy, where he had traveled for a music festival. While in the city, he was reportedly spotted kissing a woman in front of her ex-boyfriend. The next day, the couple appeared to reconcile their differences, and the kiss was caught on camera. Since then, the photo has gone viral, with fans praising Pattinson for his “chivalry” and “general awesomeness.” The gossip website TMZ reported that the couple is now engaged. This is likely why Pattinson has not been seen in Italy or any other place in Europe since then. However, he has been pictured in Beirut, Lebanon, which is also a stop on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of money laundering havens.

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