Robert Pattinson is one of the most photographed men in the world. The British singer-songwriter and actor graces magazine covers globally and has been dubbed the “Sexy Prince of Wales” by the British press. He’s even been nicknamed “The King of Good Taste” for his exquisite aesthetic sensibility and for inspiring fans to pursue a life of luxury.

As one of the most famous living polka dots, Pattinson is accustomed to receiving fan mail about his frequent travels to Poland. (The photo above was taken in Warsaw in April 2019; it’s one of many such scenes he’s graced since the country’s independence in 2018.) So it should come as no great surprise that he’s recently made the move to settle down in Europe’s most beautiful country and that he’s purchased a palatial 6-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom manor-house in the country’s prime real estate district.

The fact that Pattinson is moving there for tax reasons is of little consequence. The man whose face is on thousands of magazine covers and whose fortune is estimated at around $30 million a year doesn’t need to be subjected to British taxes. Plus, he’ll be able to afford the best of everything in Poland. There’s also the fact that the country’s culture and cuisine have long inspired him.

Pattinson’s Choice Of Accommodation

Pattinson has purchased a historic manor-house in Warsaw’s Praga district, a sought-after area within the Polish capital. According to Polish media, he paid $16.95 million for the property, dubbed the “Pattinson Palace.” (Architecture buffs might note that the building’s design hues into the Art Deco style, with its sharp lines and geometric shapes.)

This is not the first luxury property purchase for the actor. In 2017, he purchased a mansion in London’s affluent Battersea district for a stunning £12.75 million. And in 2016, he spent an outrageous £14.85 million on a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom villa in the Tuscan town of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

What A Luxury Life

While in Italy, the 35-year-old’s annual salary is said to be around £27 million, making him one of the highest paid actors in the world. It seems that Pattinson has only gotten wealthier since starring in Twilight where his character buys a mansion, later revealing that he’s spent most of his money on expensive dinners and gifts for his friends. He’s also been known to cook elaborate meals for his dinner guests, serving up delights such as lobster, caviar and champagne.

Pattinson’s fame has also opened up lucrative sponsorship deals, with advertsoring companies flocking to fund his lifestyle. In early 2020, he signed a deal with a South Korean smartphone company, acquiring a fleet of smart devices for use in his everyday life. (A representative for the actor told ELLE that this was a “one-off deal,” without elaborating further. Pattinson has also collaborated with a fragrance brand on a limited-edition perfume.)

And let’s not forget, we all know how much Bella and Edward love their “vacation home” in Forks, Washington. (The city’s slogan is, in fact, “vacation home for millions.”) So it should come as no great surprise that one of the most photographed men in the world would choose to live surrounded by the natural beauty of the North American wilderness. (The picture above was taken in Forks in June 2019. Don’t bother looking for the photographer: There’s only one.)

Polka Dots And Prince Charming

Pattinson’s numerous romantic affairs have given rise to theories that the bachelor has a hidden wife and family somewhere in Europe. (Rumor has it that his current squeeze, Marilou Danbury, is from Morocco. Her father is French, her mother, a Spanish woman. Rumor also has it that Pattinson and Danbury are set to wed in the coming days. A palace insider told People that the ceremony will “include representatives from both families and a private celebration for the couple’s close friends and celebrities they have invited.”)

Pattinson has yet to comment on these rumors. However, in November 2018, he did confirm to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph that he is in fact, “married and faithful.” He also dispelled the notion that his wealth has anything to do with his ability to resist temptation, citing his upbringing and family as factors. (Pattinson was orphaned at a young age and was raised by his wealthy grandparents, Lord and Lady Montagu. He attended Eton College and later studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh. While at university, he founded the Good Taste Club, a dining society that serves classic dishes with a modern twist. (Yes, that’s where he gets his exquisite taste from.)

A Stunning Venue For An Affair

Despite all of this, it’s still not known where or with whom Pattinson is spending his time. It seems that he’s keeping this particular secret. (A palace insider told People, “We don’t know anything about location, but we’re sure that he’ll choose Europe’s most romantic cities to enjoy his new bachelor lifestyle.” A representative for the actor added, “We’re delighted to see a photo of his purchase and hope that it gives people an idea of the quality of the accommodation and the location. We don’t want to spoil the surprise of the beautiful venue and the romantic getaway that Mr. Pattinson has in mind.”)

These mystery properties are not the only interesting facets of Pattinson’s private life. We also know that he enjoys spending time with his animals. In early 2020, he purchased a six-acre farm in North London with a $2 million pond. (The actor previously spent a year renovating the 3,800-square-foot property and stocked it with a menagerie of animals. He also started a pet-sitting business on the side, called Animal Photography London. In one instance, he responded to a call for help from a woman who had locked her dog in an oven after it had escaped from its collar while at a birthday party.)

Pattinson also spends a lot of time playing music. He bought a $16,000 keyboard, which he uses to write songs and play music from his studio in London. (He was spotted carrying his trusty keyboard on a recent London street.) And in December 2019, it was reported that the musical prodigy had recently signed with Kobalt Music Group, an international music label owned by Sony Music. The agency’s CEO, Steve Machat, said that the deal would see the artist manage and control his own artistic output and also work with international A-list producers.

No doubt, we’ll never know the full extent of Pattinson’s romantic escapades or the luxurious lifestyle that he leads. But one thing is for sure: For many years to come, he’ll continue to charm and enrapture audiences around the world with his good looks and charm.