Actor Robert Pattinson has been making headlines all over the world for his beautiful girlfriend, FKA Twigs. The couple are very much in love and live a highly glamorous lifestyle. They often make appearances together at glamorous events and seem to have a bright future ahead of them.

But, as is so often the case with these sorts of celebrity duos, there is a darker side to their relationship that many people are only beginning to suspect. While Twigs is busy jetting around the world as a fashion designer and singer, Pattinson has been using his celebrity to indulge in some questionable (at best) behavior. This includes but is not limited to;

Pattinson’s Controversial Posts On Social Media

Many of his social media posts have caused controversy and stirred up quite the debate. Some people love his candidness and his willingness to bare all. But, others feel that he is doing this for attention. Let’s take a look at some of his more outrageous and/or controversial posts.

The Photo Album “Backdraft”

In November 2017, the 31-year-old posted a photo album on his Tumblr page containing several provocative shots of himself. The album is titled Backdraft and features a variety of suggestive poses as well as a couple of fully nude scenes. In one picture, he covers his erect penis with one hand and holds a cigarette with the other. In another, he is lying in bed with his arm behind his head as a fully dressed woman leans over him giving him a peck on the cheek.

Many users took exception to this new “self-awareness” campaign from Pattinson and commented that his fans should not expect him to be sensible or keep his opinions to himself. One wrote;

“There is enough stigma already around men who have sex with men. Why do we need to see more of it on social media? I think it’s ridiculous. What does he expect? He’s a public figure and everyone knows what he does for a living. He’s choosing to be a part of the problem rather than the solution.” -Anonymous

A Photo Of Pattinson Nude On Instagram

The English actor took the opportunity to be provocative yet again in September 2018 when he posted a nude picture of himself on Instagram. A photo showing him standing in front of a mirror naked except for a pair of sunglasses has been making the rounds on social media and has already racked up over 150 likes. But, people are still talking about this image, arguing over whether or not he is actually in the nude.

One user commented;

“I think he is. However, I don’t think he is quite as confident as he seems. I think he’s trying to grab more attention because he’s feeling a little insecure as a result of all the talk about FKA Twigs. He doesn’t seem to want to admit that he’s not in control of his body like other men his age. Therefore, he’s trying to prove that he can look just as good as the next person. I think he feels that having sex changes your body and taking your clothes off makes you appear less masculine. So he’s turning up the heat to try and compensate for what he perceives as a deficiency in that department. It’s a vicious cycle really.” -@_sheshorty_

Pattinson In His Twigs Video

Speaking of deficiencies, in his latest music video for “Papi Chulo,” the English actor plays a guitar while donning a flamboyant wigs made of Twigs’ hair. This isn’t the first time he’s featured in a music video. In fact, he’s been popping up in several of her videos. Most recently, Twigs shared a video for the song “Bad Fairy Tale” on her Instagram account and in that clip he appears wearing a leopard-print jumpsuit with an open-mouthed emoji painted on his face. While many fans are in awe of his commitment to fashion and beauty, this hasn’t stopped people from criticizing Pattinson. One user wrote;

“I don’t know if you can call this man charming. This man is the definition of ‘trouble.’ He seems to always be looking for the next thing to cause a scene or some sort of commotion. He has no filter and it often upsets me when I see him post because it’s like he wants to rub my face in all of this.” -@_valchikov_

Pattinson And Twigs Strolling Hand-in-Hand

The English actor and the Scottish singer have been a couple since 2014 and they make a gorgeous couple. When they’re not jetting off to luxury destinations or attending glamorous parties, they’re often spotted hand-in-hand, seemingly enjoying each other’s company.

But, it’s important to remember that they are individuals and their relationship does come with its share of challenges. In an effort to promote their upcoming joint tour, “The Outlaw King: Brand New Music,” they took the opportunity to speak about these challenges in an interview with Variety. When asked about the stigma surrounding same-sex relationships, Twigs responded, “I think it’s really sad that people still see it as a threat or something to be scared of. It’s 2017 and there are more options than ever before. People shouldn’t be limited by the stereotypes placed on them by society.” The interviewer then followed up by asking the 34-year-old about the pressures that come with being the face of a major relationship, to which she replied, “There’s a lot of pressure. Especially because people associate me with Robert and he’s very famous. His status doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s difficult sometimes to be on my own. We’re used to being chased by the paparazzi. It’s not a great feeling to have someone snapping photos of you when you don’t want them to.” Despite these challenges, Twigs and Pattinson remain committed to each other and they’ve chosen to stand together despite the pressures that come with such a high-profile relationship.