While some actors prefer to keep a low profile and avoid the limelight, Hollywood star Robert Pattinson is quite the opposite. He embraces his position as one of the most famous and attractive men in the world and goes above and beyond to promote himself and his business interests. And what a business interest he has! Aside from being an accomplished actor, he’s also the founder and CEO of his own production company, ​Pattinson Enterprises.

If you’re in London, you might have seen the English actor walking the streets with his famous guitar or riding a bike around the city. Or have you ever heard of ​Pattinson Ranch, his ​100-acre Los Angeles estate that has been the scene of countless celebrity parties and movie shoots? Regardless of whether you know his name or not, you’re bound to have heard of his beautiful and talented partner, ​Cara Delevingne, the Duchess of Derby. Together, they rule supreme over the fashion and social scene in London, and wherever they go, they attract plenty of attention. Now that they’re finally settling down and starting a family, perhaps the spotlight will finally begin to fade.

Pattinson’s Interest In Music

Music has been a constant in Pattinson’s life. Born and raised in London, he was surrounded by it. And even before he became famous, he was already an accomplished musician. In high school, he played the guitar in a band named After-Tea. After graduating, he formed another rock band with James Blake (son of the renowned musician and artist Michael) called The Dodgems. Together, they released an EP and a full-length album, and went on several tours of Europe and North America. And then came the big break. After appearing in a few minor roles, he was cast as the lead in the popular vampire series, Twilight. While the role itself was not that big, it was definitely a step up from his minor parts before that. He became an international superstar overnight and was nominated for several Oscars. Since then, he’s released countless singles and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, from Adele and Rihanna to Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

So it was only natural that after he became an international superstar, he began toying with the idea of making a documentary about his musical career. In 2012, he premiered his documentary, entitled Rocking: Life On The Road, which followed him as he toured the world playing live shows to promote his new album, Wish You Were Here. At the end of the year, he followed up the documentary with a second one, Going Back To London, which focused on his time living in his hometown. In it, he reminisces about his childhood and the people he grew up with and around him. In addition to his film work, he has also narrated albums, written music for films, and composed the soundtracks for several of his own movies. And who could forget about the most recent addition to his CV, Paddington, which is currently in theaters across the country? The movie, based on Enid Blyton’s famous Paddington series of children’s books, follows the adventures of a bear named Paddington and his unlikely friendship with a penguin named Mr. Curry.

The Man Behind The Curtain

Even before Twilight, Pattinson made waves in the film world. One of the first things you might remember about him is his appearance in a couple of scenes as a vampire in the film adaptation of Lethal Weapon. After that, he took a bit more of a back seat, appearing in smaller and smaller roles as the years went by. But he did not disappear completely from the limelight as he began to headline his own movies and landed some big-name roles. In 2012 alone, he starred in the superhero movie The Return of Captain Multitude, the biopic Edward II, and the thriller High School. He also directed, produced, and starred in the short film, Sucker Punch.

When it comes to direction, Pattinson is a bit of a mess. Despite his reputation as a heartthrob, he actually loves to direct and often volunteers to direct music videos for up-and-coming artists. One of his favorite films, The Artist, is about a legendary figure in the world of film — Miklos de Marlovitch, who spent most of his life hiding in isolation due to his fear of interacting with others. He adored the film so much that he convinced the director to let him play the lead role of Jean Dujardin. While Miklos’ character was not very social, Pattinson said he saw a lot of himself in the role. He even went so far as to ask for a part in the movie. The role was not meant to be about him but he said it fit him perfectly.

Pattinson’s cinematic debut was not very good. For a $2 million movie, he was paid a lot less than his usual salary. But that did not stop people from talking about it. The Return of Captain Multitude, which he also produced, was a critical and commercial failure but it did give him the opportunity to hone his production skills. He produced Sucker Punch, which became one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time. He also produced the upcoming British war film, Widow’s Peak, which follows the story of a bereaved woman struggling to adapt to post-war life. The movie stars Joan Allen, Robert Duvall, and an ensemble cast including Mark Addy, Andrew Connolly, and Liam Cunningham. It’s been a busy year for the English actor.

Pattinson’s Latest Projects And Upcoming Tours

While he’s busy developing and producing movies, he still makes time to promote himself. And what an effort it is! From solo shows in London and Paris to festivals in Australia and Japan, he always puts on a show for the paparazzi. During Autumn 2015, he will play eight shows in London and Scotland. He will also accompany Cara Delevingne on a world tour, which takes them to New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal by the end of the year. The Ladies Dior collection, La Cara Delevingne, inspired by Louis XIV’s love letters to Madame de Sade, will be presented at a special exhibition coinciding with the Sydney Opera House concert.

While in Sydney, they will also make an appearance at the Opera House for the premiere of Mark Rylance’s Bridge Over Barrow Stream. The appearance will be followed by a party at the Opera House for the world premiere of Rylance’s new movie, The Glorious Twilight.

And then there’s Qatar. It’s been a busy year since Pattinson’s last visit to the country. In September, he was honored with The Order of the British Empire at a glittering ceremony in London. In October, he was presented with the Order of Culture by the emir of Qatar, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Al-Than Bin Al-Saud. To quote the press release, “Bob’s performances in the film Sucker Punch won the hearts of the people of Qatar, and since that time he has become an honorary Qatari.”

So it’s clear that 2014 was a banner year for Pattinson. He continued to be recognized for his starring role in Sucker Punch and began to promote other upcoming projects as well. At this point, it seems only natural that he would continue to build on this momentum and further his musical career. In 2015, he will headline a series of shows in Europe and the UK and will join the likes of Adele, Drake, and Ariana Grande on tour.