It’s always exciting when famous movie stars come up with new projects. Sometimes, these projects can be great; other times, they can be complete flops. You never know how a celebrity project will turn out, but you always hope for the best.

So when it comes to Robert Pattinson, we get a little bit of both. While his Mad Max: Fury Road project was relatively well-received, it wasn’t his best work. Nevertheless, it was an interesting effort, and one that got him on the map as a leading man.

Then there’s the Twilight Saga. For those who haven’t heard, Robert Pattinson played the role of Edward Cullen in the vampire franchise. While the films weren’t exactly blockbusters, they did OK at the box office, and helped establish Robert as a leading man.

Regardless, the real standout for me as a movie fan came right after the first Twilight film. It boasted some of the most iconic visuals of the decade, and helped launch a thousand memes. The movie is, without a doubt, my favorite among the Twilight Saga. It was also one of Robert’s better projects. I won’t lie; I shed a tear or two during the movie. It would be great to see more of Robert’s work, especially after all this time, after all these years. So let’s take a look back at one of the most interesting Hollywood stories of recent years.

A Prince Among Stereotypes

I always like it when famous movie stars do their research into the characters they play. In the case of Robert Pattinson, it wasn’t just about playing a vampire. It was also about playing a character that is often associated with several stereotypes. Let’s take a look at these stereotypes, and how Robert breaks them.

  • Tomboy
  • Vampire
  • Eccentric
  • Outsider

Tomboy: For those who don’t know, Robert Pattinson’s character in the Twilight Saga is a bit of a playboy. He has a flirty attitude towards women, and frequently teases Bella about becoming his girlfriend. In the films, he constantly breaks the fourth wall, and talks to the audience as if they’re all his friends. This makes for some comedic relief in a movie full of sad moments.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Robert didn’t just research the part; he committed to an entirely different personality, and embraced it. As a result, he ends up breaking a few of the stereotypes above. While he does flirt with Bella in the first Twilight film, he also shows a sensitive side. For example, in the third film, he witnesses his friend Jacob’s transformation into a werewolf, and is visibly affected. As someone who is half-tomboy and half-vampire, Robert breaks the “tomboy” stereotype by being sensitive, and by breaking the “vampire” stereotype, because he never feeds on innocent humans. On top of that, he’s also openly affectionate towards women. And last but not least, he is not an outsider, but someone who belongs. He finds his place in the world, and does his best to fit in despite his unusual circumstances.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

One of the things that makes The Twilight Saga so great is that it breaks the fourth wall, and invites the viewer into the story. This is most notably seen in the scene where the main characters watch TV together. In an interview, Robert said that he wanted to bring a sense of intimacy to the film, by having his character and Bella’s character eat dinner together, and discuss favorite shows. This sort of thing isn’t really done in films anymore; in fact, it’s almost unheard of. But that’s exactly what Robert did. It was amazing to see such a successful and well-known movie franchise introduce something so novel and refreshing to the cinematic world.

The Reluctant Succumbant

Another defining trait of Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen is his reluctance to act. Or, more accurately, his reluctance to be seen acting. While the series is full of funny scenes, the fact that the main character spends most of his time brooding, and daydreaming makes for some interesting character development. But it’s also made for some memorable scenes. Here’s one that stands out.

In the first film, as the hand-me-down novel Twilight is being shown to Bella, she points out that it’s not what’s inside that counts, but how you look at it, and advises Edward to open up a little bit, and show his true colors. So he does. In an early scene, he’s seen dancing with a girl, and though he hides it well, we know he’s doing it just to make Bella jealous. Later in the movie, he’s seen in a bar, where, much to Bella’s delight, he does his best to woo a woman; he slaps one on the ass, and even gives her a peck on the lips, though of course he doesn’t quite meet her eye. This is the character that Bella falls in love with, and it’s an incredible transformation. From a prissy, bookish boy, to a guy who is confident, happy, and engaged with the world around him. This is a scene that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Though many will point out that this is just a scene that was meant to make Bella jealous, it’s clear that Robert has changed, and that this is the real him. Even in the last film, where he’s supposed to be dating a girl, he still keeps up the charade of not wanting to act. So it’s not like he’s pretending; he really doesn’t want to, and it’s wonderful to see a character development opportunity going to waste. Perhaps this is why the films have never made it to DVD; they weren’t meant to be watched, but to be interacted with. To be engaged with, and inspired by.

An Opportunity To Develop

For those who have had the opportunity to watch the Twilight Saga firsthand, you’ll know that it offers some incredible development. Aside from the fact that it explores the human condition in a way that is both unique and moving, the films also give the audience the chance to see characters they might not normally get to know so well. For example, in the third film, we get to see a glimpse of Edward’s past, and get to know a character who is often very timid and quiet, yet also has a good side. It’s clear that this is a guy who has been through a lot, yet still has a lot to offer. The same goes for the other characters, like Jacob and Bella’s parents, who the audience gets to see in a whole new light. It’s clear that these people have a lot to offer, even if it’s just in the way they interact with Bella.

Overall, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson has a lot to offer. Not just as an actor, but as a person. In an interview, he said that he is a much happier person now than he was when he was filming the Twilight Saga, and that it’s all due to his work on the movies. Though the series might not be for everyone, if you’re looking for a way to end your day, or looking for someone to discuss the books with, than the Twilight Saga is definitely worth a watch.