In the most recent installment of the Twilight Saga, we get to see a whole lot more of the British actor Robert Pattinson. This time, instead of playing the role of Edward Cullen, he takes on the role of an opera singer named Robert Fairweather. While still in character, he plays the piano – an instrument he has shown a talent for playing in the past. The short film follows the singer as he practices his music and interacts with patrons at a bar. The short film is an extension of Pattinson’s “Twilight Piano” short film which was released back in 2013. This short film follows more of the same concept but with a jazz theme running throughout. The British actor has stated that he wants to explore different styles of music and have fun with it. The film follows the same storyline as the Twilight Saga with the main difference being that it is a short film. The film also continues the trend of putting a twist on popular songs by replacing the lyrics with pop culture references. The short film was directed by David Cronenberg who also directed the actor in the 2013 movie Maps to the Stars. The short film stars Robert Pattinson and premieres on November 4th on Netflix.

The Short Film’s Genre

While Twilight fans will undoubtedly love seeing more of Robert Pattinson, music lovers will enjoy the fact that he plays the piano and sings in this short film. The short film follows the same general storyline as the rest of the Twilight Saga but it presents an opportunity to see the British actor in other situations. This time, we get to see him practicing his singing in a bar, talking with patrons, and playing the piano for a room of people. The short film has been described as part musical, part dramatic, and part comedy by reviewers. It fits nicely into the emerging trend of Netflix original short films. As mentioned before, this is part of the actor’s venture into different styles of music and it is a challenge he has taken on with relish.

New York Is the Setting

While the majority of the Twilight films have been shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, the short film takes place in New York City. In fact, it is mostly shot in and around Grand Central Station in Manhattan. The city is a hub for trains, ferries, and buses, giving the impression that the main character, Robert Fairweather, is a part of a larger than life world. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Manhattan is where the character decides to settle down and start a family. As the plot suggests, Robert Fairweather is a famous opera singer in New York City and he has traveled to Vancouver to give a recital. While there, he meets and quickly falls in love with an aspiring musician. The aspiring musician, played by Victoria’s Secret model Victoria Beckham, accompanies Robert Fairweather to his Vancouver concert. Afterward, she accompanies him to his hotel where they have sex. The next day, the couple attends a wedding together despite having only met a day before. The short film is set for release November 4th on Netflix.

The production designer for the Twilight Saga movies, Joe Alletto, has revealed that the British actor’s character is meant to reflect the style of British eccentricity that originated in the 1920s. He has stated that, thanks to the growing popularity of the franchise, they have been able to expand their art collection and bring in some more high-end pieces to help bring the character of Robert Fairweather to life. The production designer has also stated that they have tried to keep the sets as true to their original design as possible, not changing a thing from the original films. One of the pieces of art that has been acquired is a wall text by Quentin Crisp which Alletto describes as “one of the first volumes to truly capture the imagination of filmmakers and fans alike.”