Just days after wrapping up his summer movie, The Batman, Robert Pattinson was spotted outside Buckingham Palace wearing a hat adorned in plated bands. Word quickly spread that the English actor was officially donning his outerwear collection Escoe, and it wasn’t long before style magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar decided to give the collection a once-over as well.

The fashion press had a lot to say about the hat and its similarity to H.M. Queen Victoria’s signature headwear. Vogue called it a “grand-daughter hat,” while Harper’s Bazaar said it was “the ultimate 21st century fair isle” hat. Pattinson’s hat wasn’t the only thing making waves, as the actor was also sporting a fully plated beard that was receiving a lot of attention from fans and the media. GQ, for example, dubbed him “The Sultan of Sleaze,” while Vogue referred to his beard as “a full body suit made out of gold.”

Pattinson’s style choices always garner a lot of media coverage, but the hat and beard combo is certainly a unique look for the actor. It’s safe to say he won’t be sporting those distinctive accessories anytime soon.

A Passion For Plated Jewellery

While the fashion world was abuzz over the hat and beard combo, the hat was only the beginning. In fact, one of the most memorable looks from the “Esco” collection involved a diamond-studded collar decorated in the British royal coat of arms. Vogue reported that the collar was inspired by the “pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” and is a “reimagining of the fleur de lis,” and its accompanying katana sword. It wasn’t just the collar that made the item of clothing stand out, as the outfit also included a fully plated gold watch and chain.

A Passion For Leather

Just as with the collar, the leather items in Pattinson’s Esco collection stand out as well. The English actor is most famous for his leading man looks in The Twilight Saga and its accompanying films. But it’s clear that he also has a great passion for leather and its various accessories. Vogue said the Englishman “loves a good leather jacket,” and in an interview with GQ, he revealed that he owns over 100 pairs of leather trousers. That kind of enthusiasm for leather is what inspired his unique capsule collection.

Classic Brit Shoe Love

If the collection’s unique styling didn’t tip you off that this was a British brand, the shoes should have. As noted by Vogue, the majority of the items in the shop were inspired by classic British brands such as John Lobb and brogues. It’s evident that Pattinson has a passion for all things British, and it wasn’t long before his other celebrity stylings began to take on a more British flavor as well.

An Enthusiasm For Stunning Colours

While we’re on the topic of shoes, it’s important to point out that they’re not the only items in the collection that stand out. For those who love a good wide-rimmed sun hat, there was the magnificent green sun hat with yellow highlights. The classic yellow, black, and white striped tartan shirt, along with tartan trousers, are also unique takes on classic British apparel items. It almost goes without saying that the fashion world has been eagerly awaiting Pattinson’s next style inspiration since his debut collection.

An Enthusiasm For Luxurious Hair OrNails

It wasn’t just his wardrobe that drew a lot of interest from the media. The actor’s hair and nail polish also received a lot of attention. Pattinson has been known to switch up his hair and nail polish quite often, so it comes as no great surprise that his stylings have inspired a capsule collection. Vogue said the English actor’s “hair and makeup styles are always incredible,” and in an interview with GQ, he confessed that he has a “hair phobia,” which probably explains why he changes his looks so frequently.

A Fashion Forward Actor

It’s clear that as an actor, Pattinson is always one step ahead of the fashion curve. Besides rocking unique jewellery and letherware items, he has also been known to sport futuristic fashions. In fact, he has a reputation for being one of the most fashion-forward actors in Hollywood. While he doesn’t usually opt for the most current styles, it’s clear that he knows how to keep up with the trends. It should come as no great surprise, then, that the fashion world has been eagerly awaiting his next style revelation. Let’s hope he decides to keep us guessing for a while longer.