We are big fans of Robert Pattinson here at Loud and Proud, and are always excited to hear about his travels. We love getting an update on his adventures and finding out what attracts his attention along the way. It’s rare that a celebrity reveals so much about their private life, but that’s what makes them so interesting. We have compiled a list of some of his favorite pit stops in London – places that he visits regularly and enjoys and admires as much as we do.

Laurence Olivier Theatre

If you are a Robert Pattinson fan, then you’ll have to admit that he keeps pretty busy. Since the start of the year he’s visited the UK for five times, including stops in London. He always makes the most of his time, seeing as many shows and events as he can. He’s even managed to squeeze in a visit to the Laurence Olivier Theatre for a concert with Harry Styles. We don’t know how many more years the actor has left, but it would be a great shame if something happened to the great British theatre. It would be a great loss to the world of arts. Thankfully, he seems to value his mental and physical wellbeing, and continues to make health a priority. He exercises regularly, and also follows a healthy diet. We hope he continues to visit the UK and keeps his theater alive.

Lambeth Palace

The Lambeth Palace sits on Lambeth Palace Road just off the King’s Road. It was originally built in 1176 as a residence for the Archbishop of Canterbury. A lot has changed since then, with the addition of a huge garden. It is now a popular location for photographers, with its iconic white walls. One of the main sights inside is the Archbishop’s Garden. It features an impressive seven feet high fountain surrounded by tropical plants. It’s a great place for a relaxing or peaceful stroll during the day. At night, the garden is illuminated by the soft yellow lights, which cast a glow on the paths and benches that lie scattered around the area. It’s quite a serene and beautiful place to rest. We wonder if the actor ever finds time to just stroll around the garden and enjoy its beauty?

Primrose Hill

Located in the center of London, on the border with Hampstead, sits Primrose Hill. It was previously the site of the Primrose Hill Frog Hospital, which cared for the animals of Charles Darwin. In the 19th century it was a meeting point for the London intelligentsia. During that time it was also the location of the Royal College of Music and the Royal Horticultural Society. In the early 1900s, the area was described as “the largest open space in London, surrounded by villas and pleasant homes for the growing middle class.” It still retains a lot of that old atmosphere. In the Summer it is a popular place with tourists, with its lush green spaces, magnificent trees, and stone walls. In the Winter it’s a different story as it’s covered in snow and there aren’t really any open spaces to speak of. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the Winter, but in the Summer it’s a glorious celebration of life in the city.

Kew Gardens

One of Europe’s great botanical gardens, located just outside London in the village of Kew. It was first established in 1845, and today houses well over 8 million plants. Among the trees and shrubs that you’ll find there are some amazing orchids, as well as a magnificent banyan tree. The garden is open all year round and features many beautiful places to sit and rest, as well as a children’s playground. Kew Gardens is a great spot for a picnic, with its endless offerings of food and drink. You might want to bring a rug to sit on as it gets pretty chilly in the Botanical Gardens in the Winter. We hope the actor continues to enjoy this great place and that we get to enjoy his travels and adventures for a long time to come.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe, located just south of the River Thames in the London Borough of Wandsworth. The main attractions are the London Zoo and the London Aquarium, but there is also an IMAX cinema, restaurant, ice rink, and a bandstand. It’s a great place for a picnic, with many grassy areas and wooden structures for people to eat, drink, and breathe in the fresh air. At night, the park is illuminated by the bright lights that adorn the enclosures, making it look more like a scene from a movie rather than a real life location. If you’re in London and you’re looking for a quick getaway, then Battersea Park is a great choice. It also has a 24-hour pub, which would be great for Robert Pattinson as he’s looking for a place to unwind.


Another spot that the actor frequents is the small town of Kyneton in the UK. It was first settled in the 19th century and named after its eponymous park. The English actor Henry Irving – better known for his roles in Dontnod’s Life is Strange and Dark Waters – was born here in 1874. The town has a lot going for it, not least its cobbled streets and stone cottages. It also has a 12th-century church, which was built on the site of an earlier Saxon temple. It remains one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. A lot of the old charm is retained in the building, which now houses a museum dedicated to Irving’s life and works. Nearby you’ll find a market square with a war memorial, a 15th-century church, and the Elizabethan Bull Inn. A baroque church that was originally built in the 18th century can also be found here. It’s surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills, dotted with sheep and cattle. We wonder if the actor ever makes it a habit to visit this picturesque town?

Broomhill Park

Continuing our list of favorite pit stops in London, we come to Broomhill Park. It’s a great place for a picnic. Located in the London Borough of Kirkland, it was originally a potter’s field, though this was back in the 18th century. In 1762 a wealthy merchant by the name of William Broomhall bought the land and had a country house built on it. The park is named after him. You’ll find a bandstand, a children’s playground, a football pitch, a cricket pitch, a tennis court, a bowling green, and a nine-hole golf course. It also features many flower beds and benches for people to sit and relax. If you really want to get away from it all, then the country retreat that was once part of the park is for sale – perfect for a quiet vacation for two.

Crystal Palace Park

Last but not least on our list of favorite pit stops in London is Crystal Palace Park. It is located in the London Borough of Southwark and is one of the city’s largest parks. Its attractions include a boating lake, tropical plant garden, open-air theatre, bandstand, skate park, and football pitch. It was originally designed by the prolific American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead in 1881 for the exclusive use of King George IV. The palace, which was originally built for the 1884–1885 World’s Fair, served as the location for several movies, including the 1986 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It also featured in the 2015 romantic comedy Love, Patricia. In 2016, the park was selected as one of the New 7 Sights in London. This year has seen a new wave of museums and galleries set to open here, including the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the Design Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, then Crystal Palace Park is a good choice. A popular place for walks, joggers, and cyclists, it also retains some of its original features, such as King George’s Garden. It was originally meant to be a place for the royal family to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace during their time in London. The park remains a residence for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, while President Trump and his family are also regular visitors.

Hopefully, this article will give you a good idea of some of the places that Robert Pattinson visits regularly in London. It would be a great loss to travel abroad without enjoying the UK’s bountiful offerings of fantastic restaurants, theatres, and museums. If you’re a fan of the Dunkirk premiere and can’t wait for the second season, then why not visit some of these places and take a look around? We would love to hear from you, and don’t forget about the wonderful UK hospitality that awaits!